CD / Pretty Hate Machine
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
pretty hate machineArgentina edition, significant color variation on discCD848 358-21989ArgentinaB
pretty hate machineAU first pressing.CD7567-91834-21989AustraliaC
pretty hate machineAU second pressing.CDIND 9183421989AustraliaD
pretty hate machineAustrian release. Disc paint similar to black-sided UK release.CD2613141989AustriaB
pretty hate machineBrazil edition. Unusual disc paint.CD042284835821989BrazilB
pretty hate machineCanadian re-release. Nothing logo appears, no TVTCD069490374-21989CanadaC
pretty hate machineCanadian re-release with Nothing and TVT logos.CD069490374-21989CanadaD
pretty hate machineCanadian BMG release. Full-color disc paint.CD069490374-2 (D 128951)1989CanadaD
pretty hate machineCanadian CRC release.CDTVCD-26101989CanadaB
pretty hate machineCanadian CRC release, no `made in Canada` text on back.CDTVCD-26101989CanadaB
pretty hate machineCanadian first pressing.CDTVTD-26101989CanadaC
pretty hate machineChinese edition, authenticity questionable.CDK-4601989ChinaNA
pretty hate machineUnauthorized item, believed origin FranceCDCID 848 358-21989FranceNA
pretty hate machineJapanese first pressing, black/red/blue obiCDAMCY-3451989JapanC
pretty hate machineJapanese promo version of first-pressing.CDAMCY-3451989JapanA
pretty hate machineJapanese second pressing, white/white obiCDMVCP-171989JapanD
pretty hate machineJapanese fourth release, white/black obiCDUICY-61591989JapanC
pretty hate machineRussian release, believed to be official.CD1989RussiaB
pretty hate machineSwitzerland edition.CD2613141989SwitzerlandC
pretty hate machineTaiwan edition, with obi-strip.CDINTD 918341989TaiwanC
pretty hate machineUK release. Disc paint, blue sides. BIEM/MCPS text on disc.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomD
pretty hate machineUK release, black disc paint sides, no Made in France text on disc.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomD
pretty hate machineUK release. Disc paint, blue sides. BIEM/STEMRA text on disc.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomB
pretty hate machineUS first pressing. Address on back matches address on disc.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesD
pretty hate machineUS first pressing, in longbox packaging.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesB
pretty hate machineUS release with unusual more-info insert.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesC
pretty hate machineUS CRC edition, CRC printed on disc.CDTVTD 26101989United StatesD
pretty hate machineUS CRC edition, variations on back insert and disc.CDTVTD 26101989United StatesC
pretty hate machineArgentina edition. Full color translucent disc paint.CD848 358-21989ArgentinaE
pretty hate machineJapanese third release. blue/white obiCDUICY-24811989JapanC
pretty hate machineUK release. Full-color disc paint, pink/black center with blue edges.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomD
pretty hate machineUK release. Full-color disc paint, pink/blue center with black sides.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomD
pretty hate machineUS first pressing. Address on back does not match address on disc.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesD
pretty hate machineUS first pressing with `Printed in Canada` logos on packaging.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesD
pretty hate machineUS CRC edition, no CRC text on disc.CDTVTD 26101989United StatesD
pretty hate machineUK Reissue Misprint; Disk art has a pink and black (instead of pink and blue)CDCID 9973 848 358-21996United KingdomC
pretty hate machineUS Rykodisc re-issue, promo edition.CDRCD 108362006United StatesC
pretty hate machineUS Rykodisc 2006 re-release.CDRCD 108362006United StatesD
pretty hate machineTaiwan issue of PHM remaster. Identical to US version, with TW obi.CD275 677-32010TaiwanD
pretty hate machineUS edition, 2010 remaster. Labeled Halo 02R.CDB0015099-022010United StatesE
pretty hate machineUS remaster promo, with contract details on front.CDB0015099-022010United StatesB
pretty hate machineUS re-release from 2011, very similar to original TVT version.CDB0015767-022011United StatesE
pretty hate machineUS reissue by Craft RecordingsCDB0015099-022018United StatesB
CD / Broken
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
brokenAustralian first pressing, in digipakCD75679221321992AustraliaB
brokenAustralian re-release, different booklet and back insert details.CDIND9221321992AustraliaD
brokenAustralian re-release. Text variation and different stickerCDIND9221321992AustraliaC
brokenBrazil edition in jewelcase. Unique disc artworkCD731451414721992BrazilB
brokenCanadian first digipak pressing, 99-tracks.CD92213-21992CanadaB
brokenCanadian re-release.CDINTBD-922131992CanadaD
brokenCanadian CRC release.CDINTD 922131992CanadaC
brokenGerman edition, in jewelcase. Generic label-centric artwork.CD74321 12044 21992GermanyC
brokenJapanese first pressing, EastWest logos on obi, digipak and discCDAMCY-4751992JapanC
brokenJapanese first pressing, promo edition.CDAMCY-4751992JapanA
brokenKorean edition, in jewel case with modified artworkCDINTD-92213 BMGMD-45121992KoreaB
brokenMexican imported item. US second pressing with country-specific stickerCDINTD-922131992MexicoC
brokenSouth African jewelcase edition.CDCDINT(WF)4141992South AfricaA
brokenTaiwan release with red-orange large obi.CDINTD 922131992TaiwanC
brokenTurkish release.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992TurkeyC
brokenUK second release. Disc artwork varies from standard issue.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomD
brokenUK second pressing with `Made In France` text on CD.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomD
brokenUS first pressing of 99-track version, text differences on digipak andCD7 92213-21992United StatesD
brokenUS 99-track version (without 3-inch disc) in sealed longbox.CD7 92213-21992United StatesB
brokenUS first pressing with 3 inch disc, in longbox packageCD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG first pressing with digipak printing errorsCD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS CRC release.CDA2 922131992United StatesD
brokenUS CRC re-release, different detail on disc.CDINTD 922131992United StatesD
brokenUS second pressing, sealed.CDINTD-922131992United StatesE
brokenUS second pressing.CDINTD-922131992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG second pressing.CDINTD-92213 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG third pressing.CDINTD-92213 (D100145)1992United StatesC
happiness in slaveryUS one-track promoCDPRCD 47951992United StatesB
happiness in slaveryUS two-track Happiness in Slavery promoCDPRCD 48271992United StatesB
physicalUS `Physical` single-track promo-release.CDPRCD 48911992United StatesA
wishUS one-track promo. Full-color disc paintCDPRCD 4893-21992United StatesA
brokenJapanese promo edition of re-release.CDMVCP-200011992JapanB
brokenAustralian re-release, in jewelcaseCDIND9221321992AustraliaD
brokenJapanese re-release.CDMVCP-200011992JapanD
brokenUK third release. Matte finish on disc.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomD
brokenUS first pressing of 99-track version.CD7 92213-21992United StatesD
brokenUS first pressing with 3-inch disc.CD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG edition, 99-track first pressing.CD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG edition, first pressing with minor text differences.CD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUK first pressing, promo-stickered with release date.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomB
brokenJapanese first pressing. MMG logos on obi, digipak, and disc.CDAMCY-4751992JapanC
CD / Fixed
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
deadly sinUK combination pack includes Sin and Fixed.CDNI1151992United KingdomB
fixedAustralian first pressing.CD75679609321992AustraliaB
fixedCanadian second pressing.CD06949609321992CanadaC
fixedCanadian first pressing.CD96093-21992CanadaB
fixedJapanese first pressing. MMG logo on obi, digipak, and discCDAMCY-5251992JapanC
fixedJapanese promo edition of first pressing.CDAMCY-5251992JapanA
fixedJapanese re-release, promo edition.CDMVCP-200021992JapanB
fixedKorean edition, clear jewelcase.CDINTD 96093 BMGMD-45131992KoreaC
fixedRussian release, no real origin detail.CDB01031992RussiaNA
fixedTaiwan edition with obi strip.CDINTD 960931992TaiwanC
fixedTaiwan edition, different obi strip and different detail on item.CDINTD 960931992TaiwanB
fixedTaiwan second pressing. Item is French digipak, not AU jewelcaseCDINTD 960931992TaiwanD
fixedTurkish release, consists of UK edition, Turkish stickers on outer wraCDIMCD 8005 514 321-21992TurkeyC
fixedUK edition, promo-stickeredCDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992United KingdomA
fixedUK digipak edition.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992United KingdomE
fixedUK edition with Ferret & Spanner promo sticker.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992United KingdomA
fixedUS first pressing, sealed and stickered.CD96093-21992United StatesB
fixedAU re-release, in jewel caseCDIND9609321992AustraliaD
fixedFrench version with `MCPS` text on disc.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992FranceD
fixedFrench version with `STEMRA` text on disc.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992FranceD
fixedFrench version with distortion on front cover art.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992FranceD
fixedGerman version, in jewel caseCD74321 12633 21992GermanyC
fixedJapanese re-release.CDMVCP-200021992JapanD
fixedUS re-releaseCD06949609321992United StatesE
fixedUS limited first pressingCD96093-21992United StatesC
fixedJapanese first pressing. MMG on obi and disc, EastWest on digipakCDAMCY-5251992JapanC
fixedJapanese first pressing. EastWest on obi, digipak, and discCDAMCY-5251992JapanC
CD / March of the Pigs
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
march of the pigsAustralian release, cardsleeve packagingCD65449593821994AustraliaB
march of the pigsCanadian first pressingCDCD 959381994CanadaB
march of the pigsCanadian re-releaseCDINTDM-959381994CanadaD
march of the pigsFrench promo release.CD43501994FranceB
march of the pigsGerman four-track CD single.CD74321 19442 21994GermanyB
march of the pigsUK part 1, double-size promo-stickered digipak.CDCID 592 / 854 001-21994United KingdomB
march of the pigsUK two-disc set. Disc color identical to promo set.CDCID 592 / 854 001-21994United KingdomC
march of the pigsUK part 1, stickered with Ferret & Spanner detail. Promo text on disc.CDCID 592 / 854 001-21994United KingdomA
march of the pigsUK promo edition from Radio Clyde library.CDCID 592 / 854 001-21994United KingdomC
march of the pigsUK part 1, double-size digipak with insert. BIEM/STEMRA on discCDCID 592 854 001-21994United KingdomD
march of the pigsUK part one with discolored spine. Disc marked BIEM/STEMRACDCID 592 854 001-21994United KingdomD
march of the pigsUK part 2, grey lettering paint on discCDCIDX 592 854 003-21994United KingdomD
march of the pigsUK part 2, slimline jewelcase. Unusual paint variation on disc.CDCIDX 592 854 003-21994United KingdomA
march of the pigsUK part-two in slimline jewelcase, promo edition.CDCIDX 592 854 003-21994United KingdomB
march of the pigsUK part-two in slimline jewelcase, unique paint error.CDCIDX 592 854 003-21994United KingdomA
march of the pigsUS re-releaseCDINTDM-959381994United StatesE
march of the pigsUS six-track promo releaseCDPRCD 5519-21994United StatesC
march of the pigsUS limited first pressing, jewel caseCD7 95938-21994United StatesD
march of the pigsUK part 1, double-size digipak. BIEM/MCPS on discCDCID 592 854 001-21994United KingdomD
march of the pigsUK part 1, sealed. UPC style assumes disc marked BIEM/MCPS.CDCID 592 854 001-21994United KingdomD
march of the pigsUK part 2, no lettering paintCDCIDX 592 854 003-21994United KingdomC
CD / The Downward Spiral
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
the downward spiralAustralian first pressing.CD654492346-21994AustraliaC
the downward spiralAustralian second pressing.CDIND9234621994AustraliaD
the downward spiralCanadian CRC release.CDA2 923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralCanadian first-pressing.CDCD 923461994CanadaB
the downward spiralCanadian re-release.CDINTSD-923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralCanadian CRC re-release.CDINTSD-923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralCanadian third CRC release.CDINTSD-923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralColumbia edition. Regular-sized jewelcase, no slipcover.CD7314522126-21994ColumbiaC
the downward spiralGerman release. Very similar to UK release.CD74321 19348 21994GermanyB
the downward spiralJapanese first pressingCDAMCY-6741994JapanC
the downward spiralJapanese fifth release.CDUICS-90821994JapanD
the downward spiralJapanese third release.CDUICY-24821994JapanD
the downward spiralJapanese fourth release. SealedCDUICY-61601994JapanD
the downward spiralJapanese sixth release.CDUICY-916681994JapanD
the downward spiralKorean first pressing. Mono white disc paint similar to US edition.CD92346-21994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release. Discolored side panel. Disc paint full-color brown.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release, side panels colored correctly.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release, no bar code. Side panels colored correctly.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release. Code of SRCD-5349 printed on disc.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralMalaysian edition in standard-size jewelcase, no slipcase.CD7654492346-21994MalaysiaC
the downward spiralSouth African release in jewelcaseCDSTARCD 64981994South AfricaC
the downward spiralTaiwan edition with large obi-stripCDINTD 923461994TaiwanC
the downward spiralUK first pressing. MCPS text on disc.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomD
the downward spiralUK re-release. Catalog/UPC identical to original pressing.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomD
the downward spiralUK first pressing, STEMRA text on disc. Spine text in greyCDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomD
the downward spiralUK promotional edition, sticker on back and promo text on disc.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomC
the downward spiralUS re-release. Atlantic records logo no longer appears on slipcase.CDINTD-923461994United StatesE
the downward spiralUS CRC edition.CDINTD-923461994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS promo issued by the William Morris Agency.CDnone1994United StatesA
the downward spiralGerman pressing. Reveresed color disc from original pressing.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994GermanyA
the downward spiralJapanese promo of The Downward SpiralCDAMCY-6741994JapanB
the downward spiralJapanese re-release.CDMVCP-181994JapanD
the downward spiralUS first pressing.. Sticker missing from outer cardsleeveCD92346-21994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS first pressing. Sticker on outer cardsleeveCD92346-21994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS BMG re-release. Catalog number INTD-92346 appears on disc.CD92346-2 (D102767)1994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS BMG first pressing.CD92346-2 (D102767)1994United StatesD
CD / Closer To God
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
closely fixedUK combination pack includes Fixed and part 1 of Closer.CDNI1051994United KingdomB
closerFrench promo in white cardsleeve with black print.CD18721994FranceB
closerUK part 1, black disc, double-size digipack. MCPS text on disc.CDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomD
closerUK part 1, black disc, discolored edge on double-size digipakCDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomC
closerUK part 1, white disc, double-size digipakCDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomS
closerUK part 1, promo-stickered.CDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomC
closerUK part 1 with STEMRA text on disc, different digipak text on plasticCDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomD
closerUS two-track promo, second pressing.CDINT5P-60681994United StatesC
closerUS first pressing, 2-track Closer promoCDPRCD 5636-21994United StatesC
closer to godAustralian first pressing.CD65449590521994AustraliaC
closer to godGerman four-track release in slimline jewelcaseCD74321 21105 21994GermanyA
closer to godSouth African nine-track cardsleeve releaseCDATSD-11994South AfricaS
closer to godUK part 2, slimline jewel caseCDCIDX 596 854 061-21994United KingdomD
closer to godUK part 2, white-disc versionCDCIDX 596 854 061-21994United KingdomD
closer to godUK part 2, STEMRA text on disc.CDCIDX 596 854 061-21994United KingdomD
closer to godUS re-release. SealedCD06949590521994United StatesE
closer to godUS first pressing with discolored spineCD95905-21994United StatesC
closer to godUS nine-track promoCDPRCD 5664-21994United StatesC
closer to godUS first pressing, jewel caseCD95905-21994United StatesD
closer to godUS first pressing, jewel case, no parental-advisory stickerCD95905-21994United StatesD
closer to godCanadian edition.CD06949590521995CanadaC
closer to godUS re-release.CD06949590521995United StatesE
CD / Further Down the Spiral
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
piggyContains two versions of piggy and one hurt. labeled Halo 10CDPRCD 59231994United StatesB
further down the spiralAustralian second edition, detail type difference on back.CDIND 9581121995AustraliaD
further down the spiralCanadian CRC release. Atlantic logo present.CDA2 958111995CanadaA
further down the spiralCanadian first pressing, in jewelcase.CDCD 958111995CanadaC
further down the spiralCanadian re-release. MCA label appears on back.CDINTDM-958111995CanadaD
further down the spiralCanadian CRC re-release.CDINTSD 958111995CanadaA
further down the spiralGerman edition, stickered.CDIMCD 8041 / 524 125-21995GermanyD
further down the spiralPromo edition of Japanese re-release.CDMVCP-200031995JapanC
further down the spiralRussian release, believed to be official.CD524 125-91995RussiaB
further down the spiralTaiwan first release with full-size obi-strip.CDINTD 958111995TaiwanC
further down the spiralTaiwan second release. Item itself is US re-release.CDINTD 958111995TaiwanC
further down the spiralUK edition, digipak, labeled Halo 10v2. BIEM/STEMRA on disc.CDIMCD 8041 524 125-21995United KingdomD
further down the spiralUK edition, `nothing` logo blacked out on back of digipak.CDIMCD 8041 524 125-21995United KingdomB
further down the spiralUK edition with patch, `nothing` logo blacked out on back of digipak.CDIMCD 8041 524 125-21995United KingdomB
further down the spiralUK mastering CDR from Chop-em-out.CDnone1995United KingdomA
further down the spiralUS first pressing, entire item has a severe blue tintCD95811-21995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS first pressing, discolored spineCD95811-21995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS first pressing, sealed.CD95811-21995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS second pressing. Atlantic Records logos removed from back panel.CDINTDM-958111995United StatesE
further down the spiralUS CRC edition. Atlantic logo removed from back panel.CDINTDM-958111995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS second pressing, promo-stickered and sealed.CDINTDM-958111995United StatesC
further down the spiralUS second pressing. Discolored spine.CDINTDM-958111995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS BMG first pressing with discolored spine.CDINTDM-95811 (D 114836)1995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS BMG second pressing.CDINTDM-95811 (D 114836)1995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS BMG first pressing.CDINTDM-95811 (D 114836)1995United StatesD
hurtContains six versions of Hurt. Labeled Halo 10CDPRCD 61791995United StatesB
further down the spiralAustralian first pressingCD65449581121995AustraliaD
further down the spiralAustralian second edition. All artwork much darker than other editionsCDIND 9581121995AustraliaD
further down the spiralGerman-issue black metal tin with digipack inside + pinsCDIMCD 8041 524 125-21995GermanyC
further down the spiralJapanese re-release. Content identical to EU (V2) release.CDMVCP-200031995JapanE
further down the spiralUK edition, digipak, labeled Halo 10v2. BIEM/MCPS on disc.CDIMCD 8041 524 125-21995United KingdomD
further down the spiralUS first pressing.CD95811-21995United StatesD
further down the spiralPromo version of Japanese first pressing. Yellow triangle on obiCDAMCY-8611995JapanB
further down the spiralJapanese first pressing. Yellow triangle on back of obi-strip.CDAMCY-8611995JapanD
further down the spiralJapanese first pressing. No yellow triangle on back of obi-strip.CDAMCY-8611995JapanD
3cd origineauxFrench 3-CD package of Broken, Fixed and FDTS.CD530 310 62007FranceC
CD / Things Falling Apart
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
into the voidRelease exclusive to AU; official item but no halo numberCD497 244-21999AustraliaC
into the voidTwo-track US release with radio edit. Art identical to WITT #2CDINT5P-67541999United StatesB
into the voidGerman one-track promo edition. Catalog number etched on discCD00095 50965 763 012000GermanyA
starsuckers, inc.German promo edition in cardsleeve.CDnone2000GermanyA
starsuckers, inc.Three-track US promo with unique artworkCDINTR-10079-22000United StatesC
starsuckers, inc.Three-track US promo with unique artwork. Printing error on discCDINTR-10079-22000United StatesA
things falling apartAustralian edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490 744-22000AustraliaD
things falling apartCanadian release. Titles on back uncensored.CD06949074422000CanadaD
things falling apartEU edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490 744-22000European UnionD
things falling apartFrench edition, consists of EU package with French-language sticker.CD490 744-22000FranceD
things falling apartJapanese re-release. SealedCDUICY 61632000JapanE
things falling apartKorean issue. Titles uncensored on back panel.CDDS 8151 / 490 744-22000KoreaD
things falling apartMalaysian issue with origin sticker on front. Censored titles on back.CD490 744-22000MalaysiaD
things falling apartMalaysian edition. EU edition with import stickers.CD490 744-22000MalaysiaD
things falling apartUK release, with Island 2009 sticker on front of case.CDCID 8102 490 744-22000United KingdomD
things falling apartUK edition.CDCID 8102/490 744-22000United KingdomD
things falling apartUK promo with insert.CDnone2000United KingdomC
things falling apartUS release, promo stickered and punched.CD6949074422000United StatesD
things falling apartUS promo-punched edition with sticker on case.CD6949074422000United StatesD
things falling apartUS advance promo edition with no artwork.CDnone2000United StatesB
things falling apartArgentina edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490744-22000ArgentinaD
things falling apartJapanese first pressing.CDUICS-10082000JapanD
things falling apartJapanese first pressing, promo version.CDUICS-10082000JapanC
things falling apartTaiwan edition. Large obi-strip wrapped around US edition.CD490 744-22000TaiwanD
things falling apartUS release. Titles censored on back panel.CD6949074422000United StatesE
things falling apartUS release, sealed + stickered. Titles censored on back panel.CD6949074422000United StatesE
CD / And All That Could Have Been
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
and all that could have been snippetsCanadian promo includes previews of 25 tracks.CDUMCF-4635-22001CanadaA
and all that could have beenEU single-disc digipak editionCD493 185-22002European UnionD
and all that could have beenEU edition, sealed and stickered.CD493 185-22002European UnionD
and all that could have beenGerman single-disc promo edition, no artwork.CDnone2002GermanyA
and all that could have beenJapanese deluxe edition, promo version.CDUICS-9004/52002JapanB
and all that could have beenJapanese second pressing.CDUICY-902232002JapanD
and all that could have beenKorean issue, believed to be official.CDDS 8319 / 493 185-22002KoreaB
and all that could have beenPoland issue AATCHB deluxe set.CD493 186-22002PolandC
and all that could have beenRussian official release, sealed.CD493 185-92002RussiaE
and all that could have beenRussian unauthorized item, grey disc and grey artworkCDnone2002RussiaNA
and all that could have beenSouth African single-disc edition.CDSSTARCD 6697 1762002South AfricaB
and all that could have beenTaiwan edition, includes obi-strip.CD493 185-22002TaiwanC
and all that could have beenThailand promo issue.CD493 185-22002ThailandC
and all that could have beenThailand issue.CD493 185-22002ThailandC
and all that could have beenUK promo set for AATCHB deluxe edition.CDnone2002United KingdomB
and all that could have beenUS promo edition, sealed. Bar code mark under shrinkwrap.CD06949318522002United StatesC
and all that could have beenUS BMG edition.CD0694931852 (D142181)2002United StatesD
and all that could have beenUS 16-track promo with full color artworkCDINTF-10673-22002United StatesB
and all that could have beenUS 5-track promo versionCDINTR-10675-22002United StatesD
and all that could have beenUS 5-track edition with promotional sticker.CDINTR-10675-22002United StatesD
and all that could have beenUS promo issued by the William Morris Agency.CDnone2002United StatesA
and all that could have beenAU standard single-disc versionCD49318522002AustraliaD
and all that could have beenRepackaged US edition with Canadian hype stickerCD06949318522002CanadaD
and all that could have beenEU two-disc edition with fabric slipcaseCD493 186-22002European UnionC
and all that could have beenJapanese first pressing.CDUICS-10292002JapanD
and all that could have beenUS standard single-disc versionCD06949318522002United StatesE
and all that could have beenUS 2-disc deluxe editionCD06949318622002United StatesD
stillSecond disc of standard packageCD06949318422002United StatesE
and all that could have beenJapanese deluxe edition.CDUICS-9004/52002JapanD
CD / The Hand That Feeds
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
the hand that feedsAustralian full-color promo with picture of TR on discCDNone2005AustraliaB
the hand that feedsEU single-track slimline promo.CDNINCDP12005European UnionC
the hand that feedsEU single-track slimline promo with German text and different URLCDNINCDP12005European UnionC
the hand that feedsFrench promotional single-track cardsleeve edition.CD10699 LC 003092005FranceB
the hand that feedsFrench promo edition. Media believed to be CD-R.CDnone2005FranceB
the hand that feedsHungary-issue four-track digipak.CD6024988150452005HungaryC
the hand that feedsMexican issue 1-track promo, cardsleeve packagingCDCDP 2016272005MexicoC
the hand that feedsPolish country-specific-stickered release. Item is EU 4-track.CD6024988150452005PolandC
the hand that feedsPolish country-specific stickered release. Item is EU cardsleeve.CD6024988150522005PolandC
the hand that feedsPolish single-track promo in slimline case with no insert.CDNone2005PolandA
the hand that feedsUK edition, promo-stickered.CDCID888/988 166-72005United KingdomC
the hand that feedsUK single-track slimline promoCDCIDDJ8882005United KingdomD
the hand that feedsUS issue 1-track promo of LP versionCDINTR-11381-22005United StatesC
the hand that feedsContains four THTF mixes by DFA, three exclusive to this releaseCDnone2005United StatesA
the hand that feedsThe Hand That Feeds Promo CD (Numbered, Watermarked)CDnone2005United StatesB
the hand that feedsEU 4-track versionCD6024988150452005European UnionD
the hand that feedstwo-track transparent edge cardsleeveCD6024988150522005European UnionD
the hand that feedssealed, two-track transparent edge cardsleeveCD6024988150522005European UnionD
the hand that feedsUK CD versionCDCID888/988 166-72005United KingdomD
CD / With Teeth
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
nin samplerUS WT 5-track sampler, watermarked and numberedCDnone2005United StatesA
with teethArgentina promo-stamed edition.CD98814392005ArgentinaB
with teethAustralian edition, green disc paint.CD98814392005AustraliaD
with teethAustralian edition, black disc paint.CD98814392005AustraliaD
with teethBrazil edition. Includes `Home`CD602498814392005BrazilB
with teethCanadian editionCDB0004553022005CanadaD
with teethColumbian edition.CD988 143 92005ColumbiaB
with teethEU edition. Sticker on outer wrap. Black disc. Includes HomeCD06024988143902005European UnionD
with teethEU edition. Disc is dark green.CD06024988143902005European UnionD
with teethHong Kong edition, includes Home.CD06024988143902005Hong KongB
with teethIndonesian CD release.CD06024988143902005IndonesiaC
with teethJapanese promo edition.CDUICS-10952005JapanC
with teethJapanese second release.CDUICY-916692005JapanD
with teethKorean second pressing.CDDS9032 / 988 143-92005KoreaD
with teethMalaysian second edition. Disc tray still on TR`s face.CD98814392005MalaysiaD
with teethPhilippines edition. Very glossy package; odd font on disc.CD0602498814392005PhilippinesB
with teethRussian release with info sticker on backCD26005662005RussiaD
with teethRussian edition with detail differences.CD26005662005RussiaD
with teethRussian edition with Rolling Stone obi-strip.CD26005662005RussiaB
with teethThailand issue. Digipak disc tray in correct location.CD988 143-92005ThailandD
with teethThailand promo edition. Text on inner disc ring; tray on TR`s face.CD988 143-92005ThailandB
with teethTurkish release.CD06024988143902005TurkeyC
with teethUkraine unauthorized edition.CD06024988143902005UkraineNA
with teethUkraine edition from Moon Records.CDMR-1196-22005UkraineC
with teethUK standard release.CDCID 8155 / 988 144 02005United KingdomD
with teethUK edition with Special Edition sticker on front and more-info insert.CDCID 8155 / 988 144-02005United KingdomD
with teethUS BMG release, black disc.CDB0004553-02 (D 161536)2005United StatesC
with teethJapanese first pressing.CDUICS-10952005JapanD
with teethJapanese promo edition of single-disc releaseCDUICS-10952005JapanC
with teethSimilar to US version, but glossy packagingCD98814392005ArgentinaD
with teethMost likely fake, but a very nicely done fake.CDHX 08672005ChinaNA
with teethKorean issue, believed to be official.CDDS9032 / 988 143-92005KoreaC
with teethMalasyian edition, digipak disc tray positioned over TR`s face.CD98814392005MalaysiaC
with teethMexican edition, very glossy packaging. Includes `Home`CD98814392005MexicoC
with teethTaiwan issue, very glossy packaging.CD06024988143902005TaiwanD
with teethThailand issue. Digipak disc tray placed over TR`s face.CD988 143-92005ThailandC
with teethStandard US CD releaseCDB0004553-022005United StatesE
with teethJapanese third release.CDUICO-96992005JapanD
the downward spiral + with teethArgentina pairing of TDS and WT, 2008 date.CD53260802008ArgentinaD
the downward spiral + with teethEU pairing of TDS and WT.CD06007532608072010European UnionE
the downward spiral + with teethIndonesia pairing of TDS and WT.CD532 608-02010IndonesiaD
the downward spiral + with teethMalaysia pairing of TDS and WT.CD06007532608072010MalaysiaD
the downward spiral + with teethTaiwan pairing of TDS and WT.CD06007532608072010TaiwanE
CD / Year Zero
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
year zeroAustralian edition. Back panel missing from this particular item.CD17324232007AustraliaD
year zeroCanadian version with inverted sticker placement.CDB0008764-022007CanadaC
year zeroChinese unauthorized item. Elaborate package with many errors.CDXR-15312007ChinaNA
year zeroEU edition.CD518959699512007European UnionE
year zeroEU edition, cover misfolded. Sealed.CD518959699512007European UnionB
year zeroFrench edition with language-specific sticker on outer wrapCD518959699512007FranceC
year zeroJapanese promo edition.CDUICS-11352007JapanD
year zeroJapanese promo in slimline jewelcase with info insertCDnone2007JapanC
year zeroMalaysian edition. EU edition with import stickers.CD518959699512007MalaysiaC
year zeroUnauthorized Russian edition.CD518959699512007RussiaNA
year zeroUS BMG edition. Disc is not thermochrome. No sticker on front.CDB0008764-02 (D171283)2007United StatesC
year zeroUS promo edition, watermarked and labeled.CDnone2007United StatesS
year zero samplerFour-track watermarked sampler.CDnone2007United StatesA
year zeroCanadian edition, very similar to US edition.CDB0008764-022007CanadaE
year zeroEU/UK standard edition. SealedCD518959699362007European UnionE
year zeroEU/UK standard edition. Cover misfolded. SealedCD518959699362007European UnionC
year zeroJapanese edition.CDUICS-11352007JapanE
year zeroJapanese promo version, sealed.CDUICS-11352007JapanD
year zeroOfficial Russian-issue edition.CD4605026011432007RussiaE
year zeroTaiwan issue, very glossy packaging.CD518959699512007TaiwanD
year zeroUS standard CD release. `year zero` text missing from CDCDB0008764-022007United StatesB
year zeroSealed US standard CD releaseCDB0008764-022007United StatesE
year zeroHot Topic exclusive edition includes limited edition patch.CDB0008764-022007United StatesC
year zeroHot Topic exclusive edition includes limited edition patch. SealedCDB0008764-022007United StatesC
year zeroMisprint of standard US edition. Rear panel glued upside-down.CDB0008764-022007United StatesB
year zeroUS standard release, promo-stickeredCDB0008764-022007United StatesC
year zeroBest Buy edition includes free interview download.CDB0008921-02 (B0008764-02)2007United StatesD
year zeroUkraine edition. Disc is not thermochrome.CD518959699512007UkraineD
year zeroUkraine Promo edition. Disc is not thermochrome.CDLC064062007UkraineC
CD / Unauthorized
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
nine inch nailspurest feelingUnofficial item. Demo reel recorded at the Right Track, ClevelandCDEagle 0021988GermanyNA
nine inch nailspurest feelingUnofficial item, different label. Demo reel from 1988CDHAWK0261988ItalyNA
nine inch nailsmissiletwisterUnauthorized recording from Melbourne FL 1990/07/01.CDTOR 0201990United StatesNA
nine inch nailsshow up or throw upUnauthorized recording from 1988/10/31 and 1991/08/01.CDHURR0101991United StatesNA
nine inch nailsslavesUnauthorized recording from New Orleans, 1991/07/12.CDHAWK0031991ItalyNA
nine inch nailstime to suckUnauthorized recordings from 1990 and 1991.CDMTM 0261991United StatesNA
nine inch nailsdemos and remixesUnauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes, etc.CDBMCD131992United StatesNA
nine inch nailsdemos and remixesUnauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes. Swindle Records version.CDBMCD131992United StatesNA
nine inch nailsdemos and remixesUnauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes, etc. Disc variation.CDBMCD131992United StatesNA
nine inch nailssuckUnauthorized item contains two tracks.CDhalo 001992CanadaNA
nine inch nailssolid gold hellUnauthorized recordings from 1991.CDCM0121993ItalyNA
nine inch nailscoming down fastUnauthorized recording from Atlanta, 1994.CDKTS3031994ItalyNA
nine inch nailsdisturbedUnauthorized release, contains telephone interviews.CDdist0011994United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsfamiliar stingUnauthorized recording from Seattle 1994/04/19CDak0421994United StatesNA
nine inch nailshanging like jesus on this crossUnauthorized recording from Pittsburgh 1994/11/28CDbooth 003/0041994United StatesNA
nine inch nailshellboundUnauthorized recording of the Woodstock 94 performance.CDBMCD241994United StatesNA
nine inch nailshole in your headUnauthorized recording, Hollywood Palace 1994/04/27.CDHR 5918-41994ItalyNA
nine inch nailsmud pigsUnauthorized Woodstock recording.CDLLRCD 2471994GermanyNA
nine inch nailsnails in my headUnauthorized recording from 1994/11/04.CDFlashback 02.95.02541994United StatesNA
nine inch nailsnothing is nextUnauthorized recording from Woodstock 1994.CDmeteor fm 11051994GermanyNA
nine inch nailsreznor sharpUnauthorized issue of the Woodstock 1994 performance.CDHR 5977-91994ItalyNA
nine inch nailschildren of the nightUnauthorized recording of the 1995/10/08 show with D. Bowie.CDKTS 4981995United StatesNA
nine inch nailsfilthy fuckin` pigsUnauthorized recording from 1995/10/8, Raleigh NC.CDBLZD1171995United StatesNA
nine inch nailsglamour deathUnauthorized recording from 1995/09/16.CDnone1995United StatesNA
nine inch nailshammar hardUnauthorized recording from Dallas TX 1990/06/26CDHR6018-31995GermanyNA
nine inch nailsinterviewUnauthorized release, contains recorded interviews.CDCBAK40691995United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsremixedQuestionable authenticity - german pressing of a remix collection.CDDPRO 01853-991995GermanyNA
nine inch nailswelcome to the hatemachineUnauthorized release includes Purest Feeling demos.CDNMF 0228-41995United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsyou can`t stop usUnauthorized recording from Atlanta 1995/10/09CDYCSU-4361995ArgentinaNA
nine inch nailsblue liesUnauthorized recording from Toronto, 1995/09/20CDMOONRAKER 0741996CanadaNA
nine inch nailsrusty nailsUnauthorized beatmatched remix disc. Different artwork version.CDBMCD 401997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 1Unofficial item. Beatmatched remixCDBMCD 401997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 2Unofficial item. Beatmatched remix; one track of unknown originCDBMCD 471997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 2Unofficial continuous-mix disc. Content identical to other BMCD 47.CDBMCD 471997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 2Unauthorized mix, alternate packaging and artwork.CDnone1997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 3Unofficial mega-mix collection of random official releases.CDRN 031997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsultra rare traxUnauthorized collection of b-sides, singles, etc.CDNIN 0011997United StatesNA
nine inch nailscrucifixionUnauthorized recording contains Purest Feeling plus other tracks.CDnone1999United StatesNA
nine inch nailsmaximum nine inch nailsUnauthorized interview disc.CDABCD 0261999United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsdamagedUnauthorized boxset contains all three versions of WITT.CDnone2000United StatesNA
nine inch nailsfragile sydneyUnauthorized live recordings from Austria, Glastonbury UK and AUCDW.B. 034/0352001AustraliaNA
nine inch nailsthe perfect drugUkraine unauthorized compilation of TDS/TF era material.CDnone2001UkraineNA
nine inch nailsultra rare trax vol.2Unauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes, etc.CDNIN 0022001United StatesNA
nine inch nailsjack`s wasted lifeUnauthorized mix combined with soundbytes from Fight Club.CDnone2002ItalyNA
nine inch nailsmp3 collectionUnauthorized Russian collection of albums in MP3 format.CDnone2005RussiaNA
nine inch nailsgreatest hitsUnauthorized Russian production of a greatest hits compilation.CD16389-1/22008RussiaNA
nine inch nailslive at universal cityUnauthorized recording from Universal City CA, 2005/12/10.CDCD-0808012842008United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsthe best ofUkraine unauthorized greatest-hits collection.CDnone2008UkraineNA
CD / Items With Official Tracks
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
compilationcertain damage volume 22Compilation disc from CMJ includes Down In It.CDCMJ CD-0221989United StatesC
compilationmca cd sampler #14Canadian compilation from 8/90 includes HLAHCDMCAD-90551990CanadaC
compilationsound decisionsCompilation disc includes HLAH (Slate) mix.CDA 220911990United StatesD
compilationhitmakersCompilation from 1990 includes HLAH.CDnone1990United StatesC
compilationlollapaloozaincludes Head Like a HoleCDPRO-CD-49261991United StatesC
compilationvolume twoUK music magazine + CD compilation.CDV2CD1991United KingdomD
compilationyou get what you deserve: a tvt samplerCanadian comp includes Sin and HLAH (Copper)CDTVTD-90871991CanadaB
compilationhot wired monstertruxGerman compilation disc includes `Wish`CD9548-31811-21993GermanyD
compilationisland:a universal languageContains `Wish.`CDPRCD-6777-21993United StatesD
compilationoperation liberationFrench compilation disc includes MOTP (clean version)CDhors commerce 43511994FranceC
compilationpromo invendavelBrazillian compilation CD includes Closer.CDCDP16941994BrazilC
compilationtip sheet issue #57UK sampler includes Closer.CDnone1994United KingdomC
soundtrackwoodstock 94Contains NIN performance of Happiness in SlaveryCD31454 0289 2 IN011994United StatesD
soundtrackwoodstock 94US promo edition, sealed with hole-punchCD31454 0289 2 IN011994United StatesC
compilationcut backJapanese compilation includes March of the Pigs.CDAMCY-7591994JapanC
compilationwoodstock 94Japanese promo edition.CDPOCM 1100/11994JapanB
compilationexplicit musicUK Compilation includes Burn.CDSAM 15081995United KingdomC
compilationobdurateAU release. Contains `March Of The Pigs` liveCD95483328521995AustraliaC
id softwarequakeUK Sega Saturn version, NIN audioCDMK81066-501996United KingdomD
id softwarequakeUS `shareware` edition, digipak only.CD04-11636DP1996United StatesD
id softwarequakeUS retail PC version, in jewelcase.CD04-117951996United StatesD
id softwarequakeUS Macintosh edition contains all NIN-created audioCD63011996United StatesD
id softwarequakeUS Sega Saturn version, contains NIN audioCD810661996United StatesD
id softwarequakeUS shareware digipak, slight detail differences on back.CDnone1996United StatesD
compilationretrospective 2includes "burn"CDMCAM 021996United KingdomD
id softwarequakeUS retail box version, contains retail digipak.CD04-121001997United StatesD
compilationthe art of darknessCanadian compilation includes `closer`CDUMSD 810861998CanadaE
compilationthe oliver stone connectionCompilation disc includes Burn.CDHIPD2-401141998United StatesD
compilationtriple j hottest 100 volume 5Compilation disc includes The Perfect DrugCD7243 4 96048 2 71998AustraliaD
compilationsanctuary: 26 gothic anthemsJapanese compilation contains The Perfect Drug.CDMVCE-30031-21998JapanD
compilationautumn samplerUK sampler includes The Day The World Went Away.CDUNICD31999United KingdomC
compilationget u on, vol 98Japanese compilation disc includes TDTWWA.CDICD-2501999JapanC
compilationget u on, vol 99Japanese compilation disc includes TDTWWACDICD-2531999JapanC
compilationindustrial strength machine musicUS compilation disc. Contains live version of `Gave Up` exclusive to tCDR2 759331999United StatesD
compilationbig day out 2000two-disc compilation of Big Day Out 2000 performancesCDBDO2000CD2000AustraliaD
compilationget u on, vol 103Japanese compliation includes We`re In This TogetherCDICD-2632000JapanC
compilationmanchester unitedUK compilation disc includes Just Like You Imagined.CDVTCD 350 7243 8 49888 2 12000United KingdomD
compilationmanchester unitedUK promo edition contains Just Like You Imagined.CDVTCD3502000United KingdomD
compilationmotor music october 2000Motor Music compilation includes remix of StarfuckersCDnone2000GermanyC
compilationuniversal 2000includes We`re In This Together (Radio Edit)CDUNI20002000United KingdomB
compilationwea 2001 volume threeUS three-disc set includes Deep.CDWEA/3-012001United StatesC
compilationgolddisc 4415Compilation from distribution house includes Hurt x2.CD44152001United StatesD
compilationnu rock traxx volume 27US compilation includes Deep.CDNRT0010272001United StatesD
compilationuniversal music cd sampler 2001 no. 1Chinese sampler includes Slipping AwayCDY2001-12001ChinaD
compilationmotor music promo-cd januar 2002German label promo includes live TDTWWA version, from Still.CDnone2002GermanyC
compilationplay dMexican compilation includes two NIN tracks.CDCDP 02005-22002MexicoD
meat beat manifestopro.fileIncludes MBM remix of Closer.CDBML50072002United StatesD
compilationuniversal music cd sampler 2002 no. 3Chinese sampler includes Head Like a HoleCDY2002-32002ChinaD
aphex twin26 mixes for cashContains two RDJ remixes of NIN tracksCD8010610102252004United KingdomE
compilation115US compilation includes The Hand That Feeds.CDnone2005United StatesD
compilationinterscope geffen a/m quality compilationUS two-CD promo set includes `Only` as the lead track.CDnone2005United StatesD
compilationisland records sampler summer 05UK compilation disc includes EDIETS.CDSUMMER05CD2005United KingdomC
compilationumvd now playing may/june 2005Compilation disc includes THTF.CDUMVDNPL5052005United StatesD
the suicide girlsblack heart retrospectiveUS compilation includes `The Wretched.`CD86722-22005United StatesD
compilationchartbreakersUS radio promo compilation includes THTFCDCRW-85122005United StatesC
compilationisland records kerrang awards 2005includesCDKERRANGCD12005European UnionC
compilationjerry bruckheimer bad boys hockey 2005Promotional CD for a pro/am hockey tournament. Contains THTFCDnone2005United StatesC
compilationkerrang! best of 2005Compilation disc includes The Hand That FeedsCDnone2005United KingdomD
compilationpromo only // alternative club august 05Compilation includes THTF DFA mix.CDnone2005United StatesD
compilationpromo only // alternative club may 05Compilation includes THTF Photek Straight Mix.CDnone2005United StatesD
compilationpromo only // alternative club october 05Compilation includes Only Richard X remix.CDnone2005United StatesD
gamesharkpsp media managerUS package includes Collected DVD.CDnone2005United StatesC
compilationrockzone 4Spanish compilation includes THTF.CDnone2005SpainC
compilationuniversal international rock big 4Japanese sampler contains OnlyCDnone2005JapanD
compilationuniversal new release september 05Universal compilation includes Only video and audioCDnone2005ThailandD
compilationblacktop guerillasCanadian compilation includes EDIETS + Only videoCDUMCF-05626-22006United StatesD
compilationmi hombre es troubleMixtape-type compilation includes Right Where It BelongsCDnone2006United StatesC
compilationthe dfa remixes, chapter twoEU promo edition includes DFA THTF remix.CDDFAEMIDJ 2160CD2006European UnionD
dfathe dfa remixes, chapter twoUS promo edition, eight tracks. Includes DFA THTF remix.CDnone2006United StatesD
dfathe dfa remixes, chapter twoIncludes DFA remix of "The Hand That Feeds"CD094637122822/ASW 712282006United StatesE
compilationnarm 2007 samplerUS compilation includes Survivalism.CDUNARM-HIT072007United StatesD
compilationlanzamientos abril 2007Mexican comiplation includes Survivalism.CDCDP 2019362007MexicoD
compilationpromo only // alternative club august 07Compilation includes Capital G Phones 666 RPM mixCDnone2007United StatesD
compilationuniversal new release may 2007Thailand compilation includes Survivalism.CDnone2007ThailandD
telefon tel avivremixes compiledContains TTA remix of Even DeeperCDHEFTY0612007United StatesE
compilationd-side 47European promo includes `Discipline`CDDSICD00472008European UnionD
compilationhostess sampler july - august 08Japanese promo sampler includes Echoplex.CDnone2008JapanD
compilationhostess sampler may - june 08Japanese promo sampler includes DisciplineCDnone2008JapanD
compilationhostess sampler november - december 08Japanese promo sampler includes DisciplineCDnone2008JapanD
compilationplaylist your wayUniversal Music Hits CD (never released)CDB000000-022008United StatesS
compilation(ahk-toong bay-bi) coveredCollection of U2 covers,NIN ver of Zoo StationCDnone2011United KingdomD
deadmau5while(1<2)US release includes remixes of Survivalism and Ice Age.CDB0020884022014United StatesD
CD / Remixes
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
megadethforeclosure of a dreamIncludes TR`s 9:50 extended gristle mix (extended) symphony 9:50CD07243 8802982 71992European UnionD
compilationfreakshowcontains TR remix of Stone Cold CrazyCDPRCD-10190-21992United StatesC
queenstone cold crazyUS promo release, includes Stone Cold Crazy remix by TR.CDPRCD-10193-21992United StatesC
megadethsweating bullets #1Includes TR`s Symphony of Destruction (gristle mix edit 3:49)CD7243 8 80506 2 31992United KingdomD
megadethsweating bullets #2Includes TR`s Symphony of Destruction (extended gristle mix 9:50)CD7243 8 80507 2 21992United KingdomD
megadethsymphony of destructionIncludes both 9:50 gristle mix and 3:49 gristle edit mix.CDCDCLDJ 6781992United StatesD
kmfdmangstEU edition includes all tracks from the LIGHT single including TR remixCDRR 8987 21993European UnionD
curvemissing link epUS four-track promo includes TR remix.CDDPRO-141161993United StatesC
curveblackerthreetrackerTR production credit on "Missing Link"CDanxcd421993United KingdomD
curveblackerthreetrackertwoContains "Screaming Bird Mix" of "Missing Link" by TR.CDanxcds421993United KingdomD
kmfdmlightUS remix disc includes NIN remix of `Light`CDTVT 87121994United StatesD
david bowiethe hearts filthy lessonGerman shaped CD, contains Alt Mix by TRCD74321 31807 21995GermanyC
david bowiethe hearts filthy lessoncontainsCD7243 8 38518 2 91995United StatesD
david bowiethe hearts filthy lessoncontains "Alt Mix" by Reznor, Ogilvie with VrennaCDDPRO-110051995United StatesD
david bowiethe hearts filthy lessonJP single with obi. Includes Alt Mix by TRCDBVCA88061995JapanD
david bowiei`m afraid of americansUS CD release.CD7243 8 38618 2 81997United StatesD
david bowiei`m afraid of americansUS four-track promo edition.CDDPRO-127491997United StatesD
12 roundspleasant smellRemixes by TR and "the nothing collective." Hole punch in barcodeCDINTDM-950231998United StatesD
puff daddy and the familyvictory remixesEU edition includes NIN remix as track 2.CD74321 56459 21998European UnionD
puff daddy and the familyvictory remixesNine Inch Nails Remix version of Victory included as track 2.CD78612-79164-21998United StatesD
puff daddy and the familyvictory rock remixradio edit and instrumental version of Victory NIN RemixCDBBPCD-91581998United StatesD
killing jokewardance: the remixesContains `NIN Remix` but believed to be just Charlie ClouserCDBFLCD 321998United KingdomC
butthole surferswooden song epUS promo release includesCDDPRO 792991998United StatesC
david bowieseven #1UK part one of `Seven` set. No actual TR content on this part.CD7243 8 96928 2 22000United KingdomD
david bowieseven #2UK part two of `Seven` set. Includes NIN remix of Americans, videoCD7243 8 96928 0 82000United KingdomD
david bowieseven #3UK part three of `Seven` set. No actual TR content on this part.CD7243 8 96929 2 12000United KingdomD
n.e.r.d.lapdance (radio edit)Lapdance promo includes TR-produced radio editCDnone2001United StatesD
n.e.r.d.lapdance trent reznor remixSingle track promo includes uncensored Lapdance remixCDnone2001United StatesS
compilationspin thisContains TR`s remix ofCD7243 8 11447 2 52001United StatesD
peter gabrielgrowing upcontains "Trent Reznor Remix" version of Growing UpCD07243 5 47148 2 52003European UnionC
david bowieearthling (remastered)US BMG edition.CDCK 92098 (D152538)2004United StatesD
david bowieearthling (remastered)includes V1 mix ofCDCK920982004United StatesE
david bowieearthlingJapanese deluxe edition includes two NIN remixes of Americans.CDMHCP-1342-32004JapanD
david bowieexcerpts from outsideJapanese deluxe edition includes Hearts Filthy Lesson remix.CDMHCP 1340-12004JapanD
u2sometimes you cant make it on your ownJapanese CD release. Includes Vertigo remix by TRCDUICI-50192005JapanC
kmfdmextra, volume 2US release, volume two. Includes TR`s Fat Back dub version of LIGHT.CDMET5572008United StatesD
u2artificial horizonUS remix disc includes TR`s remix of Vertigo.CDu2.com52010United StatesD
telepathedestroyerUS promo edition, accompanied by press sheet.CDnone2012United StatesC
CD / Contributions
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
the innocentlivin` in the streetPre-NIN band credits Trent Reznor with keyboards.CD731001985United StatesC
compilationexhibit c: ohio`s undercurrentCleveland compilation disc includes TR contributionCD104244-C1988United StatesB
compilationkiller blowTR presence on track by hot tin roofCDJCP666B1988United StatesA
exotic birdsequalibriumuncredited production. or somethingCDD2709551990United StatesD
1000 homo djssupernautEU edition with copyright date of 1992. Purple artwork.CDCDDVN5M1990FranceD
1000 homo djssupernautTR vocals on Supernaut (distorted)CDTVT 81331990United StatesD
revolting cocksbeers, steers + queers (remixes)TR credited as "additional cock."CDWAXCDS 91491991CanadaD
crunch-o-maticcaution do not playTR credited for `additional data`.CD848 139 21991United StatesD
machines of loving graceburn like brilliant trashCredits indicate item wasCDMR0036-21992United StatesD
tori amosunder the pinkUS edition, TR vocals on Past the Mission.CD82567-21994United StatesD
compilationblackboxUS standard version. TR vocals on Supernaut (clean)CDTVT 7727-21994United StatesD
compilationblackbox (limited edition)Limited `metal box` version includes TR on SupernautCDnone1994United StatesC
compilationblackbox promoUS promo version. TR vocals on Supernaut (clean)CDTVT 7226-2P1994United StatesC
marilyn mansonget your gunnContains "Mother Inferior Got Ger Gunn" remix by TRCDINTDM-959021994United StatesD
tribute to black sabbathnativity in blackTR vocals on Supernaut (distorted)CDCK 663351994United StatesD
marilyn mansonportrait of an american familyUkraine edition.CD492 344-9 IND923441994UkraineD
marilyn mansonportrait of an american familyTR listed as Executive ProducerCDINTD-923441994United StatesD
tori amosunder the pinkUS BMG edition. Includes TR vocals on Past the MissionCD82567-21994United StatesD
marilyn mansonlunchboxDown In The Park produced by TR, other stuff by ClouserCDINTDM-958061995United StatesD
prickprickTR production & engineering on four tracksCD92395-21995United StatesD
marilyn mansonsmells like childrenProduced by Trent ReznorCDINTD-926411995United StatesD
marilyn mansonsweet dreamsAustralian four-track CD includes TR production.CDIND 955041995AustraliaD
prickprickUS Promo CDCD92395-21995United StatesC
marilyn mansonantichrist superstarAU edition.CDINTD-900861996AustraliaD
marilyn mansonantichrist superstarUkraine edition.CD490 086-21996UkraineD
marilyn mansonantichrist superstarUS release, produced by TR.CDINTD-900861996United StatesE
marilyn mansonthe beautiful peopleUS two-track promo produced by TR.CDINT5P-60521996United StatesD
panterathe great southern trendkillvocals recorded at Nothing Studios; believe uncredited productionCD61908-21996United StatesE
marilyn mansontourniquetCD 2 of two-part UK single. Produced by TRCDINDX-955521997United KingdomD
winkherehearBlack Bomb credited TR asCDCK 678501998United StatesD
twoi am a pigUS one-track promo edition.CDINT5P-62901998United StatesD
compilationnothing changesCollection of artists from Nothing Records. No actual TR contentCDINT5P-64501998United StatesC
twovoyeursexecutive producer: Trent ReznorCDINTD-901551998United StatesD
twovoyeursPromo version of US commercial release.CDINTD-901551998United StatesD
david bowiesevenEU six-track includes video for I`m Afraid of Americans.CD7243 8 96931 0 22000European UnionD
ministrygreatest fitsIncludes Supernaut.CD9-48115-22001United StatesE
pigfacethe best of pigfaceUS edition includes TR vocals on Suck.CDINV2012001United StatesD
compilationside traxCollection of Ministry sideprojects includes Supernaut.CDRCD 106902004United StatesE
zack de la rochawe want it allEU single contains We Want It All, produced by TR.CDSAMPCS 14505 12004European UnionD
zack de la rochawe want it allEU single contains We Want It All, produced by TR.CDSAMPCS 14505 12004European UnionD
a perfect circleemotiveTR authoring credit on `Passive`. Limited holographic cover edition.CD7243 8 66687 2 12004United StatesD
a perfect circleemotiveUS standard release includes TR writing credit on Passive.CD7243 8 66687 2 12004United StatesE
jakalopeit dreamsTR credited with production and songwriting on several tracksCDORNG006CD2004CanadaD
a perfect circlepassiveTwo-track promo of track co-authored by TR.CD7087 6 19082 2 02004United StatesD
jakalopepretty lifeCanadian single-track promo CD.CDnone2004CanadaD
pigfacegub/spoonbreakfast/welcomeUS reissue, contains TR vocals on two versions of SuckCDUIN11142005United StatesE
jakalopeit dreamsJapanese promo edition, includes country-specific booklet.CDPCCY 017412005JapanD
jakalopeborn4Japanese version with two extra tracks.CDPCCY 017822006JapanD
el-pi`ll sleep when you`re deadUS watermarked promo release.CDnone2006United StatesB
queens of the stone ageera vulgarisJP edition includes TR contribution on title track.CDUICS-11412007JapanE
queens of the stone ageera vulgaris (tour edition)Malaysian `tour edition` includes TR appearance on title track.CD518960586022007MalaysiaD
el-pflyentologyUK six-track promo.CDDJX136UK2007United KingdomC
el-pflyentologyUK six-track promo, different sticker.CDDJX136UK2007United KingdomC
el-pflyentology epContains four versions of Flyentology.CDnone2007United StatesC
el-pflyentology radio singleUS promo contains two radio edits of Flyentology.CDDJX135cdp2007United StatesC
el-pthe overly dramatic truth / smithereensUK six-track promo includes a Flyentology remix.CDnone2007United KingdomC
el-pi`ll sleep when you`re deadTR and Atticus Ross appear on "Flyentology"CDdjx137cd2007United StatesE
jubileein with the out crowdUS 4-track EP, TR drum programming on track #2.CDBH 0272008United StatesD
ministrycover-upUS release includes (once again) Supernaut.CD020286117122008United StatesE
saul williamsthe inevitable rise and liberation of niggy tardust!US physical release. Produced by TR.CDFL-09062008United StatesE
puscifer`c` is for... e.p.Puscifer EP includes TR writing credit on `Potions`CDnone2010United StatesD
robbie robertsonhow to become clairvoyantUS edition includes ambience from TR on `Madame X`CDFTN 178212011United StatesE
soundtrackcall of duty: black ops iiRussian CDs included with local COD:BO2 package.CD33349491R22012RussiaB
queens of the stone agelike clockworkUS edition includes TR contributions on two tracks.CDOLE-1040-22013United StatesE
filterthe sun comes out tonightUS edition with TR quote on sticker.CD60150-13350-22013United StatesE
tobaccohot wet & sassyUS CD ReleaseCDN/A2020United StatesE
CD / Films and Soundtracks
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
soundtrackthe young americansFrench edition includes Gave Up remix by CoilCD74321 16533 21993FranceD
soundtrackthe young americansUK edition includes Gave Up remix by Coil.CDCID 8019 518 472-21993United KingdomD
nine inch nailsburnSingle-track promo in jewelcase with back insertCDPRCD58681994United StatesB
soundtracknatural born killersAustralian edition.CD65449246021994AustraliaD
soundtracknatural born killersCanadian version. Inside of booklet b/w instead of color.CDCD 924601994CanadaD
soundtracknatural born killersCanadian re-release.CDINTD-924601994CanadaD
soundtracknatural born killersEU BMG edition, minor variances.CDIND 924601994European UnionD
soundtracknatural born killersEU edition. Unlike US edition, disc is white.CDIND 92460 492 460-21994European UnionD
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese first pressing, promo editionCDAMCY-7711994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese first pressing.CDAMCY-7711994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese second release.CDMVCP-151994JapanE
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese second release, promo edition.CDMVCP-151994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersTaiwan edition. Item itself is the standard EU edition.CDIND 924601994TaiwanC
soundtracknatural born killersUS promo edition.CD92460-21994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersUS BMG first pressing.CD92460-2 (D105994)1994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersUS BMG second pressing.CD92460-2 (D105994)1994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersUS second pressing, sealed.CDINTD-924601994United StatesE
soundtracknatural born killersUS In-Store Play Sampler (Promo)CDPRCD 58951994United StatesB
soundtrackselections from natural born killersUS four-track promotional release.CDPRCD-59001994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowAustralian edition.CD75678251921994AustraliaD
soundtrackthe crowCanadian version. Includes Dead SoulsCDCD 825191994CanadaD
soundtrackthe crowGerman edition with sticker on front of jewelcase.CD7567-82519-2 CA 8511994GermanyD
soundtrackthe crowJapanese edition, includes Dead Souls.CDAMCY-7221994JapanD
soundtrackthe crowUS promo edition, promo text on insert and disc.CD82519-21994United StatesC
soundtrackthe crowUS edition, sealed and stickered.CD82519-21994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowUS BMG edition. Contains Dead SoulsCD82519-2 (D 103173)1994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowUS release. Contains Dead SoulsCD82519-21994United StatesE
soundtracknatural born killersGerman CD release, with unique insert.CD6544-92460-21994GermanyD
soundtracknatural born killersUS first pressing. Contains Burn, productionCD92460-21994United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayCanadian release, unusual barcode and catalog numberCDCINTD 900901996CanadaD
compilationlost highwayCanadian edition.CDINTSD-900901996CanadaD
soundtracklost highwayEU edition.CDIND-900901996European UnionD
soundtracklost highwayJapanese retail version.CDMVCP 441996JapanD
soundtracklost highwayJapanese promo release with book and obi.CDMVCP 44 (INTD-90090)1996JapanC
soundtracklost highwayKorean CD edition.CDINTD-90090 BMGMD-44331996KoreaC
soundtracklost highwayRussian edition of the Lost Highway soundtrack.CD490 090-91996RussiaC
soundtracklost highwayTaiwan edition with large obi-strip.CDINTD 900901996TaiwanC
soundtracklost highwayUS CRC edition.CDINTD-900901996United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayUS stickered, hole-punched promo edition.CDINTD-900901996United StatesC
soundtracklost highwayUS promo edition, cut through barcode. SealedCDINTD-900901996United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayUS BMG re-release.CDINTD-90090 (D116956)1996United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayUS edition.CDINTD-900901996United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayUS BMG edition.CDINTD-90090 (D116956)1996United StatesD
soundtrackworld travelerTR piano on score work; produced at Nothing Studios.CD9616-22000United StatesD
soundtrackdeepSingapore two-track promo distributed by Burger King.CDPRCD-16372001SingaporeA
nine inch nailsdeepTaiwan promo cardsleeve.CDnone2001TaiwanA
soundtrackdeepUS promo release. Contains "Deep" and "Deep" radio edit.CDPRCD 1637-22001United StatesC
soundtracktomb raiderAustralian edition includes second disc with game demos.CD75596268522001AustraliaD
soundtracktomb raiderCanadian version. Includes DeepCDCD 626652001CanadaD
soundtracktomb raiderFrench edition with stickered front.CD75596266922001FranceD
soundtracktomb raiderGerman edition, sealed.CD75596266922001GermanyD
soundtracktomb raiderJapanese promo editionCDAMCY-72662001JapanC
soundtracktomb raiderJapanese edition with normal obi-strip.CDAMCY-72662001JapanD
soundtracktomb raiderSingapore edition. Includes free voucher for Burger King.CD62669-22001SingaporeC
soundtracktomb raiderSouth African release with black tray, unique disc art.CDEKCD 63042001South AfricaB
soundtracktomb raiderTaiwan edition. Warner logos on slipcase, Electra logos on itemCD7559-62669-22001TaiwanC
soundtracktomb raiderTaiwan three-track promo, elaborate packaging.CDnone2001TaiwanC
soundtracktomb raiderUS release.CD62665-22001United StatesD
soundtracktomb raiderUS release with promotional text on both insert and disc.CD62665-22001United StatesC
compilationtomb raider 6 track radio samplerGerman sampler includes Deep.CDPROP052312001GermanyC
soundtracktomb raiderJapanese edition.CDAMCY-72662001JapanE
soundtrackfarenheit 9/11TR credited with production on ZDLR track.CDEK 935182004United StatesD
soundtrackdoomGerman edition.CDVSD 67022005GermanyD
clint manselldoomContains Clint Mansell`s remix of You Know What You Are?CD302 066 702 22005United StatesE
soundtracktetsuo the bullet manJapanese soundtrack includes NIN theme trackCDSICP 27172010JapanE
soundtracktetsuo complete boxJapanese collection of music from Tetsuo films.CDSICP2903~52010JapanD
soundtracksound cityAU edition.CD887654499222013AustraliaD
soundtracksound cityUS soundtrack includes TR perfromance on `Mantra.`CD88765-44992-22013United StatesE
CD / Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
trent reznor and atticus rossthe social networkUS CD edition.CDnull 012010United StatesE
karen o with trent reznor and atticus rossimmigrant songUK single-track promo.CDnone2011United KingdomD
trent reznor and atticus rossthe girl with the dragon tattooUS 3CD retail edition.CDNULL 0022011United StatesE
trent reznor and atticus rossthe girl with the dragon tattoo (for your consideration)FYC (For Your Consideration) US promo CD contains film score for Oscar consideration.CDnone2011United StatesC
trent reznor and atticus rossthe social network (for your consideration)FYC (For Your Consideration) US promo CD contains film score, distributed for Oscar considerationCDnone2011United StatesC
trent reznor and atticus rossgone girl (for your consideration)FYC (For Your Consideration) US Promo CD for Best Original ScoreCDTSI CA ST-10172082014United StatesA
trent reznor and atticus rossgone girlUS CD ReleaseCDnone2014United StatesE
trent reznor and atticus rossmank (for your consideration)FYC (For Your Consideration) US Promo CD for Best Original Score; White CoverCDnone2020United StatesA
trent reznor and atticus rossmank (for your consideration)FYC (For Your Consideration) US Promo CD for Original Song (If Only You Cold) Save MeCDnone2020United StatesC
trent reznor and atticus rossmank (for your consideration)FYC (For Your Consideration) US Promo CD for Best Original ScoreCDnone2020United StatesC
trent reznor and atticus rosssoulAustralian CD ReleaseCD87424252020AustraliaE
trent reznor and atticus rosssoulEU CD releaseCDNull 122020European UnionD
trent reznor and atticus rosssoul / soulful worldJapanese CD version (Includes all tracks by TR/AR and Jon Batiste)CDUWCD-1096 / Null 122020JapanE
trent reznor and atticus rosssoulFYC (For Your Consideration) promo for Soul Original ScoreCDnone2021United StatesS