bandnine inch nails
titlefurther down the spiral
package5 inch CD in clear jewelcase with white tray, front insert only.
catalog numbernone
label 1995
countryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
added to catalogApril 2, 2010

From the owner: The CDR is a gold layer cdr, very heavy and thick, with totally abnormal data specs. It has no media code embedded, its burn speeds are only 8x or 16x (makes sense with the era of release) but most of all its max size is .56 gigs, or 570 megabytes. So this is a custom made archival grade gold layer cdr. As chop em out is renowned for their mastering skills, especially simon, it can be assumed that like townhouse covered mastering for some uk vinyl releases chop em out did audio transfers/quality control for cd and cassette pressings for the uk plants. Not as much promos as mastering testpressings.

discogs ref4703486
rarity classA