titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
brokenAustralian first pressing, in digipakCD75679221321992AustraliaB
brokenAustralian re-release, different booklet and back insert details.CDIND9221321992AustraliaD
brokenAustralian re-release. Text variation and different stickerCDIND9221321992AustraliaC
brokenBrazil edition in jewelcase. Unique disc artworkCD731451414721992BrazilB
brokenCanadian first digipak pressing, 99-tracks.CD92213-21992CanadaB
brokenCanadian re-release.CDINTBD-922131992CanadaD
brokenCanadian CRC release.CDINTD 922131992CanadaC
brokenGerman edition, in jewelcase. Generic label-centric artwork.CD74321 12044 21992GermanyC
brokenJapanese first pressing, EastWest logos on obi, digipak and discCDAMCY-4751992JapanC
brokenJapanese first pressing, promo edition.CDAMCY-4751992JapanA
brokenKorean edition, in jewel case with modified artworkCDINTD-92213 BMGMD-45121992KoreaB
brokenMexican imported item. US second pressing with country-specific stickerCDINTD-922131992MexicoC
brokenSouth African jewelcase edition.CDCDINT(WF)4141992South AfricaA
brokenTaiwan release with red-orange large obi.CDINTD 922131992TaiwanC
brokenTurkish release.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992TurkeyC
brokenUK second release. Disc artwork varies from standard issue.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomD
brokenUK second pressing with `Made In France` text on CD.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomD
brokenUS first pressing of 99-track version, text differences on digipak andCD7 92213-21992United StatesD
brokenUS 99-track version (without 3-inch disc) in sealed longbox.CD7 92213-21992United StatesB
brokenUS first pressing with 3 inch disc, in longbox packageCD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG first pressing with digipak printing errorsCD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS CRC release.CDA2 922131992United StatesD
brokenUS CRC re-release, different detail on disc.CDINTD 922131992United StatesD
brokenUS second pressing, sealed.CDINTD-922131992United StatesE
brokenUS second pressing.CDINTD-922131992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG second pressing.CDINTD-92213 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG third pressing.CDINTD-92213 (D100145)1992United StatesC
brokenCanadian first pressing, black cassette.cass79 221341992CanadaB
brokenCanadian re-release, clear cassette.cassINTMC-922131992CanadaB
brokenHolland edition. Similar to UK, Made in Holland appears on shellcassICM 8004 514 147-41992HollandC
brokenIndonesian clear cassettecass7 92213-4 W26091992IndonesiaB
brokenIndonesian edition. No UPC codecassHA 2126 7 92213-41992IndonesiaC
brokenThailand clear cassettecass7 92213-41992ThailandB
brokenThailand issue white cassette.cass7 92213-41992ThailandC
brokenUkranian release, questionable authenticity.cass7 92213-41992UkraineNA
brokenUK cassette, promo stamp on cassette shellcassICM 8004 514 147-41992United KingdomA
brokenUK cassette editioncassICM 8004 514 147-41992United KingdomC
brokenUS cassette edition, holepunch through insert. Sealed.cass0 7567-92213-4 61992United StatesC
brokenUS clear cassette, TVT logos removed from shell.cass7 92213-41992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG white cassette. No TVT logo on cassette shell.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG white cassette, TVT logos on cassette shell.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG clear cassette.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS CRC release, clear cassette.cassA4 922131992United StatesC
brokenSecond US release, black cassette.cassINTC-922131992United StatesD
brokenFrench testpressing from echantillion.vinyl 12ILPM 80041992FranceA
brokenUK promo vinyl, includes information sheetvinyl 1212 IS 552 DJ1992United KingdomB
brokenUK 12-inch acetate from Townhouse Records.vinyl 12ILPM 80041992United KingdomS
brokenUK 12-inch vinyl with slipmat and NIN-label 7-inch.vinyl 12ILPM 8004 514 147-11992United KingdomA
brokenUS vinyl promo editionvinyl 12DMD 19031992United StatesC
brokenTestpressing edition of US promo vinylvinyl 12DMD 19031992United StatesA
happiness in slaveryUS one-track promoCDPRCD 47951992United StatesB
happiness in slaveryUS two-track Happiness in Slavery promoCDPRCD 48271992United StatesB
physicalUS `Physical` single-track promo-release.CDPRCD 48911992United StatesA
physical/suckUK testpressing for 7 inch to accompany UK Broken.vinyl 12IS 5521992United KingdomS
wishUS one-track promo. Full-color disc paintCDPRCD 4893-21992United StatesA
brokenJapanese promo edition of re-release.CDMVCP-200011992JapanB
physical/suckPhysical/Suck 7" UK Test Pressingvinyl 7IS 5221992United KingdomA
brokenAustralian re-release, in jewelcaseCDIND9221321992AustraliaD
brokenJapanese re-release.CDMVCP-200011992JapanD
brokenUK third release. Matte finish on disc.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomD
brokenUS first pressing of 99-track version.CD7 92213-21992United StatesD
brokenUS first pressing with 3-inch disc.CD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG edition, 99-track first pressing.CD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG edition, first pressing with minor text differences.CD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenCanadian cassette second pressing, clear cassettecass79 22134 CR1992CanadaD
brokenUS first pressing, clear cassette.cass7 92213-41992United StatesD
brokenBrazil issue single vinyl, all eight tracks.vinyl 12756792213-1 670.83111992BrazilC
brokenBrazil promo issue single vinyl, all eight tracksvinyl 12756792213-1 670.83111992BrazilA
brokenUK 12 inch vinyl with accompanying 7 inch NIN-label vinyl.vinyl 12ILPM 8004 514 147-11992United KingdomC
brokenUK 12 inch vinyl with accompanying 7 inch silver-label vinyl.vinyl 12ILPM 8004 514 147-11992United KingdomC
happiness in slaveryUS promo vinyl contains PK Slavery Mix, exclusive to this release.vinyl 12DMD 19411992United StatesC
physical/suckFrench 7-inch, normally found accompanying UK Broken 12-inch.vinyl 7IS 552 864 498-71992FranceB
physical/suckUK 7-inch, normally found accompanying UK Broken 12-inch.vinyl 7IS 552 864 498-71992United KingdomC
wishUS promo vinyl, same content both sides.vinyl 12DMD 19471992United StatesA
wishUK vinyl promo, one-sidedvinyl 7IS 552 DJ1992United KingdomB
brokenUK first pressing, promo-stickered with release date.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomB
spoken cassette1992 Interview with Trent ReznorcassHELP CAS 31992United KingdomA
happiness in slaveryHappiness in Slavery "X-Rated" promo videoVHSnone1992United StatesA
brokenJapanese first pressing. MMG logos on obi, digipak, and disc.CDAMCY-4751992JapanC
broken (video)Professional-quality DVD, appeared on The Pirate Bay in 2006.DVDhalo 5 dvd1993United StatesE
broken2017 Definitive Edition 12 inch + 7 Inchvinyl 12halo 52017United StatesE