titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
onlyAustralian two-track promo.CDnone2005AustraliaB
onlyEU black-disc version, three tracks plus video.CD6024988375732005European UnionE
onlyEU two-track promo in slimline case. Full-color disc paint.CDNINCDP22005European UnionC
onlyEU one-track promo in slimline case. Full-color disc paint.CDNINCDP22005European UnionC
onlyPolish country-specific-stickered release. Item is EU black 4-track.CD0602498375732005PolandC
onlyPolish two-track promo in slimline case with no insertCDNone2005PolandB
onlyUK 3-track with promotional stickers and informationCDCID903/988 376-02005United KingdomC
onlyUK one-track promo edition.CDnone2005United KingdomC
onlyUK one-track promo edition with different disc detail and stickersCDnone2005United KingdomC
onlyUK one-track promo with Island Records info stickers on back.CDnone2005United KingdomC
onlyUS two-track promo release; standard track and radio editCDINTR-11468-22005United StatesC
onlyUS one-track promo release, radio edit onlyCDINTR-11468-22005United StatesC
onlyCounterfeit copy of ELP/Richard X remix promo. AvoidCDcounterfeit2005United StatesNA
onlyMark on sticker indicates promotional item, apparentlyvinyl 12B0005465-112005United StatesD
onlyStandard US 12-inch single releasevinyl 12B0005465-112005United StatesD
onlyone-sided Only vinyl promovinyl 99IS903 DJ2005United KingdomC
only remixesFive-track promo CD; three tracks exclusive to this releaseCDnone2005United StatesA
onlyEU grey disc version, three tracks plus video.CD6024988375732005European UnionC
onlyEU grey disc version, sealedCD6024988375732005European UnionC
onlyEU black disc version, sealedCD6024988375732005European UnionE
onlyUK 3-track version, two-color disc paint.CDCID903/988 376-02005United KingdomD
onlyEU DVD single versionDVDCIDV903/988 376-12005United KingdomC
only9 inch UK vinyl, sealed by importer and stored in WT storage box.vinyl 99IS903/988 376-22005United KingdomD
only9 inch UK vinyl singlevinyl 99IS903/988 376-22005United KingdomD