titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
brokenUS cassette edition, holepunch through insert. Sealed.cass0 7567-92213-4 61992United StatesC
brokenUK promo vinyl, includes information sheetvinyl 1212 IS 552 DJ1992United KingdomB
brokenUS first pressing of 99-track version.CD7 92213-21992United StatesD
brokenUS first pressing with 3-inch disc.CD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenUS first pressing of 99-track version, text differences on digipak andCD7 92213-21992United StatesD
brokenUS 99-track version (without 3-inch disc) in sealed longbox.CD7 92213-21992United StatesB
brokenUS first pressing with 3 inch disc, in longbox packageCD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG edition, 99-track first pressing.CD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG edition, first pressing with minor text differences.CD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG first pressing with digipak printing errorsCD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS first pressing, clear cassette.cass7 92213-41992United StatesD
brokenUkranian release, questionable authenticity.cass7 92213-41992UkraineNA
brokenThailand clear cassettecass7 92213-41992ThailandB
brokenUS clear cassette, TVT logos removed from shell.cass7 92213-41992United StatesD
brokenThailand issue white cassette.cass7 92213-41992ThailandC
brokenUS BMG white cassette. No TVT logo on cassette shell.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG white cassette, TVT logos on cassette shell.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG clear cassette.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenIndonesian clear cassettecass7 92213-4 W26091992IndonesiaB
brokenBrazil edition in jewelcase. Unique disc artworkCD731451414721992BrazilB
brokenGerman edition, in jewelcase. Generic label-centric artwork.CD74321 12044 21992GermanyC
brokenBrazil issue single vinyl, all eight tracks.vinyl 12756792213-1 670.83111992BrazilC
brokenBrazil promo issue single vinyl, all eight tracksvinyl 12756792213-1 670.83111992BrazilA
brokenAustralian first pressing, in digipakCD75679221321992AustraliaB
brokenCanadian first pressing, black cassette.cass79 221341992CanadaB
brokenCanadian cassette second pressing, clear cassettecass79 22134 CR1992CanadaD
brokenCanadian first digipak pressing, 99-tracks.CD92213-21992CanadaB
brokenUS CRC release.CDA2 922131992United StatesD
brokenUS CRC release, clear cassette.cassA4 922131992United StatesC
brokenJapanese first pressing. MMG logos on obi, digipak, and disc.CDAMCY-4751992JapanC
brokenJapanese first pressing, EastWest logos on obi, digipak and discCDAMCY-4751992JapanC
brokenJapanese first pressing, promo edition.CDAMCY-4751992JapanA
brokenSouth African jewelcase edition.CDCDINT(WF)4141992South AfricaA
brokenUS vinyl promo editionvinyl 12DMD 19031992United StatesC
brokenTestpressing edition of US promo vinylvinyl 12DMD 19031992United StatesA
happiness in slaveryUS promo vinyl contains PK Slavery Mix, exclusive to this release.vinyl 12DMD 19411992United StatesC
wishUS promo vinyl, same content both sides.vinyl 12DMD 19471992United StatesA
brokenIndonesian edition. No UPC codecassHA 2126 7 92213-41992IndonesiaC
spoken cassette1992 Interview with Trent ReznorcassHELP CAS 31992United KingdomA
brokenHolland edition. Similar to UK, Made in Holland appears on shellcassICM 8004 514 147-41992HollandC
brokenUK cassette, promo stamp on cassette shellcassICM 8004 514 147-41992United KingdomA
brokenUK cassette editioncassICM 8004 514 147-41992United KingdomC
brokenFrench testpressing from echantillion.vinyl 12ILPM 80041992FranceA
brokenUK 12-inch acetate from Townhouse Records.vinyl 12ILPM 80041992United KingdomS
brokenUK 12 inch vinyl with accompanying 7 inch NIN-label vinyl.vinyl 12ILPM 8004 514 147-11992United KingdomC
brokenUK 12 inch vinyl with accompanying 7 inch silver-label vinyl.vinyl 12ILPM 8004 514 147-11992United KingdomC
brokenUK 12-inch vinyl with slipmat and NIN-label 7-inch.vinyl 12ILPM 8004 514 147-11992United KingdomA
brokenUK second release. Disc artwork varies from standard issue.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomD
brokenUK third release. Matte finish on disc.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomD
brokenTurkish release.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992TurkeyC
brokenUK second pressing with `Made In France` text on CD.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomD
brokenUK first pressing, promo-stickered with release date.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992United KingdomB
brokenAustralian re-release, in jewelcaseCDIND9221321992AustraliaD
brokenAustralian re-release, different booklet and back insert details.CDIND9221321992AustraliaD
brokenAustralian re-release. Text variation and different stickerCDIND9221321992AustraliaC
brokenCanadian re-release.CDINTBD-922131992CanadaD
brokenSecond US release, black cassette.cassINTC-922131992United StatesD
brokenTaiwan release with red-orange large obi.CDINTD 922131992TaiwanC
brokenUS CRC re-release, different detail on disc.CDINTD 922131992United StatesD
brokenCanadian CRC release.CDINTD 922131992CanadaC
brokenUS second pressing, sealed.CDINTD-922131992United StatesE
brokenUS second pressing.CDINTD-922131992United StatesD
brokenMexican imported item. US second pressing with country-specific stickerCDINTD-922131992MexicoC
brokenUS BMG second pressing.CDINTD-92213 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG third pressing.CDINTD-92213 (D100145)1992United StatesC
brokenKorean edition, in jewel case with modified artworkCDINTD-92213 BMGMD-45121992KoreaB
brokenCanadian re-release, clear cassette.cassINTMC-922131992CanadaB
physical/suckPhysical/Suck 7" UK Test Pressingvinyl 7IS 5221992United KingdomA
physical/suckUK testpressing for 7 inch to accompany UK Broken.vinyl 12IS 5521992United KingdomS
physical/suckUK 7-inch, normally found accompanying UK Broken 12-inch.vinyl 7IS 552 864 498-71992United KingdomC
physical/suckFrench 7-inch, normally found accompanying UK Broken 12-inch.vinyl 7IS 552 864 498-71992FranceB
wishUK vinyl promo, one-sidedvinyl 7IS 552 DJ1992United KingdomB
brokenJapanese re-release.CDMVCP-200011992JapanD
brokenJapanese promo edition of re-release.CDMVCP-200011992JapanB
happiness in slaveryUS one-track promoCDPRCD 47951992United StatesB
happiness in slaveryUS two-track Happiness in Slavery promoCDPRCD 48271992United StatesB
physicalUS `Physical` single-track promo-release.CDPRCD 48911992United StatesA
wishUS one-track promo. Full-color disc paintCDPRCD 4893-21992United StatesA
broken2017 Definitive Edition 12 inch + 7 Inchvinyl 12halo 52017United StatesE
broken (video)Professional-quality DVD, appeared on The Pirate Bay in 2006.DVDhalo 5 dvd1993United StatesE
happiness in slaveryHappiness in Slavery "X-Rated" promo videoVHSnone1992United StatesA