bandnine inch nails
titlethe fragile
package5 inch CD x2 in custom digipak with Japanese insert and obi-strip. Sticker on outer wrap, front of digipak.
track listing
a1.Somewhat Damaged04:31
a2.The Day the World Went Away04:33
a3.The Frail01:54
a4.The Wretched05:25
a5.We`re In This Together07:16
a6.The Fragile04:35
a7.Just Like You Imagined03:49
a8.Even Deeper05:47
a10.No, You Don`t03:35
a11.La Mer04:37
a12.The Great Below05:17
b1.The Way Out Is Through04:17
b2.Into the Void04:49
b3.Where Is Everybody?05:40
b4.The Mark Has Been Made05:15
b6.Starfuckers, Inc.05:00
b8.I`m Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally04:13
b9.The Big Come Down04:12
b10.Underneath It All02:46
b10.Ripe (With Decay)06:34
catalog numberMVCT 30001~2
upc4 988067 039507
labelInterscope / Universal Victor Japan / nothing 1999
countryJapan Japan
release dateSept. 22, 1999
added to catalogMay 26, 2009

Japanese first pressing. No Interscope logo, sticker on digipak front.

rarity classD
InterscopeUniversal Victor Japannothing