titleside trax
package5 inch CD in green-tinted case with outer cardsleeve.
track listing
1.Man Should Surrender — Pailhead03:40
2.Anthem — Pailhead04:45
3.Don`t Stand in Line — Pailhead03:47
4.Ballad — Pailhead03:52
5.I Will Refuse — Pailhead04:17
6.No Bunny — Pailhead04:59
7.Apathy — 1000 Homo DJs04:33
8.Better Ways — 1000 Homo DJs05:22
9.Supernaut — 1000 Homo DJs06:35
10.Hey Asshole — 1000 Homo DJs08:06
11.Rubber Glove Seduction — PTP05:23
12.Favorite Things — PTP04:28
13.Show Me Your Spine — PTP04:57
14.No Name No Slogan (Hypo Luxa/Hermes Pan) — Acid Horse05:54
15.No Name No Slogan (Cabaret Voltaire) — Acid Horse09:04
catalog numberRCD 10690
upc0 14431 06902 4
labelRykodisc 2004
countryUnited States United States

Collection of Ministry sideprojects includes Supernaut.

rarity classE