artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
megadethforeclosure of a dreamIncludes TR`s 9:50 extended gristle mix (extended) symphony 9:50CD07243 8802982 71992European UnionD
compilationfreakshowcontains TR remix of Stone Cold CrazyCDPRCD-10190-21992United StatesC
queenstone cold crazyUS promo release, includes Stone Cold Crazy remix by TR.CDPRCD-10193-21992United StatesC
megadethsweating bullets #1Includes TR`s Symphony of Destruction (gristle mix edit 3:49)CD7243 8 80506 2 31992United KingdomD
megadethsweating bullets #2Includes TR`s Symphony of Destruction (extended gristle mix 9:50)CD7243 8 80507 2 21992United KingdomD
megadethsymphony of destructionIncludes both 9:50 gristle mix and 3:49 gristle edit mix.CDCDCLDJ 6781992United StatesD
megadethsymphony of destructionUS cassette single, includes TR`s gristle mixcass4KM 0777 7 44886 4 81992United StatesC
megadethsymphony of destructionUS 12-inch promo includes both the full and edited Gristle mixvinyl 12SPRO 79509.795101992United StatesC
megadethsymphony of destruction1/4" analog reel with regular and edited gristle mixothernone1992United StatesS
kmfdmangstEU edition includes all tracks from the LIGHT single including TR remixCDRR 8987 21993European UnionD
curvemissing link epUS four-track promo includes TR remix.CDDPRO-141161993United StatesC
curveblackerthreetrackerTR production credit on "Missing Link"CDanxcd421993United KingdomD
curveblackerthreetrackertwoContains "Screaming Bird Mix" of "Missing Link" by TR.CDanxcds421993United KingdomD
megadethsweating bulletsBlue vinyl 12 includes extended Gristle Mixvinyl 127243 8 80506 6 11993United KingdomD
kmfdmlightUS remix disc includes NIN remix of `Light`CDTVT 87121994United StatesD
kmfdmlightUS Cassette edition. Includes `Fat Back Dub` remix by Nine Inch Nails.cassTVT 8712-41994United StatesD
david bowiethe hearts filthy lessonGerman shaped CD, contains Alt Mix by TRCD74321 31807 21995GermanyC
david bowiethe hearts filthy lessoncontainsCD7243 8 38518 2 91995United StatesD
david bowiethe hearts filthy lessoncontains "Alt Mix" by Reznor, Ogilvie with VrennaCDDPRO-110051995United StatesD
david bowiethe hearts filthy lessonUK vinyl release. Contains `Alt Mix`vinyl 12LC 03161995United KingdomD
david bowiethe hearts filthy lessonJP single with obi. Includes Alt Mix by TRCDBVCA88061995JapanD
david bowiei`m afraid of americansUS CD release.CD7243 8 38618 2 81997United StatesD
david bowiei`m afraid of americansUS four-track promo edition.CDDPRO-127491997United StatesD
david bowiei`m afraid of americansUS vinyl release.vinyl 127243 8 38618 1 11997United StatesD
12 roundspleasant smellRemixes by TR and "the nothing collective." Hole punch in barcodeCDINTDM-950231998United StatesD
12 roundspleasant smellUS promo vinyl. Jacket sticker has "inch" spelled wrongvinyl 12INT8P-63691998United StatesD
puff daddy and the familyvictory remixesEU edition includes NIN remix as track 2.CD74321 56459 21998European UnionD
puff daddy and the familyvictory remixesNine Inch Nails Remix version of Victory included as track 2.CD78612-79164-21998United StatesD
puff daddy and the familyvictory remixesUS vinyl edition contains NIN remix.vinyl 1278612-79164-11998United StatesD
puff daddy and the familyvictory remixesUS promo vinyl, contains two NIN remixes.vinyl 12BBDP-91581998United StatesD
puff daddy and the familyvictory rock remixradio edit and instrumental version of Victory NIN RemixCDBBPCD-91581998United StatesD
killing jokewardance: the remixesContains `NIN Remix` but believed to be just Charlie ClouserCDBFLCD 321998United KingdomC
butthole surferswooden song epUS promo release includesCDDPRO 792991998United StatesC
david bowieseven #1UK part one of `Seven` set. No actual TR content on this part.CD7243 8 96928 2 22000United KingdomD
david bowieseven #2UK part two of `Seven` set. Includes NIN remix of Americans, videoCD7243 8 96928 0 82000United KingdomD
david bowieseven #3UK part three of `Seven` set. No actual TR content on this part.CD7243 8 96929 2 12000United KingdomD
n.e.r.d.lapdance (radio edit)Lapdance promo includes TR-produced radio editCDnone2001United StatesD
n.e.r.d.lapdance trent reznor remixSingle track promo includes uncensored Lapdance remixCDnone2001United StatesS
compilationspin thisContains TR`s remix ofCD7243 8 11447 2 52001United StatesD
peter gabrielgrowing upcontains "Trent Reznor Remix" version of Growing UpCD07243 5 47148 2 52003European UnionC
david bowieearthling (remastered)US BMG edition.CDCK 92098 (D152538)2004United StatesD
david bowieearthling (remastered)includes V1 mix ofCDCK920982004United StatesE
david bowieearthlingJapanese deluxe edition includes two NIN remixes of Americans.CDMHCP-1342-32004JapanD
david bowieexcerpts from outsideJapanese deluxe edition includes Hearts Filthy Lesson remix.CDMHCP 1340-12004JapanD
u2sometimes you can`t make it on your ownEU DVD edition, includes TR Vertigo remix.DVD987 037-42005European UnionC
u2sometimes you cant make it on your ownJapanese CD release. Includes Vertigo remix by TRCDUICI-50192005JapanC
u2sometimes you cant make it on your ownUK DVD release. Includes Vertigo remix by TRDVDCIDV 886/987 011-62005United KingdomC
u2vertigoUK vinyl release. Includes Vertigo remix by TRvinyl 1212 IS 886 / 987 025-22005United KingdomD
kmfdmextra, volume 2US release, volume two. Includes TR`s Fat Back dub version of LIGHT.CDMET5572008United StatesD
u2artificial horizonUS remix disc includes TR`s remix of Vertigo.CDu2.com52010United StatesD
u2artificial horizonUS remix vinyl includes Vertigo remix.vinyl 12u2.comV52010United StatesD
telepathedestroyerUS promo edition, accompanied by press sheet.CDnone2012United StatesC
telepathedestroyerUS vinyl edition, limited to 500 copies.vinyl 12FEDERAL PRISM 0012012United StatesB
danny elfmantrueDigital single remixed by Trent ReznorDigital (MP3, FLAC, WAV)none2021United StatesE