titleextra, volume 2
package5 inch CD x2 in clear double-disc jewelcase with front and back inserts, booklet, and Metropolis Records insert. Sticker on outer wrap.
track listing
1.Help Us / Save Us / Take Us Away (Wiener Mix)04:18
2.Help Us / Save Us / Take Us Away (Jager Mix)05:25
3.Help Us / Save Us / Take Us Away (Meister Mix)05:20
4.Help Us / Save Us / Take Us Away (Oktoberfest Mix)05:14
5.Bargeld (Cashflow Mix)06:21
6.Sucks (No Shit Radio Mix)04:01
7.Sucks (P-O-T-A-T-O Mix)03:43
8.Sucks (Goodbye Barb Mix)05:21
9.Sucks (12 Inch Mix)04:01
10.More `N` Faster04:21
11.A Drug Against War (Single Mix)03:43
12.A Drug Against War (Overdose Mix)05:28
13.A Drug Against War (Hookah Mix)03:36
14.Blood (Single Mix)04:01
1.Light (Cellulite Radio Mix)03:50
2.Light (Aerobic Mix)05:44
3.Light (Rubber Gloves Dub Mix)05:26
4.Light (Fat Back Dub by Nine Inch Nails)07:30
5.Light (Vengeance Mix)05:40
6.Light (Complete Orgasm Mix)04:59
7.Light (Diet Mix)06:01
8.Light (Lighthouse Mix)05:06
9.Light (White Cotton Balls Mix)05:11
10.Trust (Never Mix)04:37
11.Glory (War & Slavery Mix)03:48
12.Lust (Chem-Lust Mix)05:28
13.Glory (Exploitation Mix)04:02
catalog numberMET557
upc7 82388 05572 7
labelKMFDM / Metropolis 2008
countryUnited States United States

US release, volume two. Includes TR`s Fat Back dub version of LIGHT.

rarity classD