bandnine inch nails
titleghosts i-iv
package5 inch CD x2 in custom digipak with booklet, Japanese language insert and obi-strip. Also includes additional CD in white paper jacket.
track listing
a1.1 Ghosts I00:00
a2.2 Ghosts I00:00
a3.3 Ghosts I00:00
a4.4 Ghosts I00:00
a5.5 Ghosts I00:00
a6.6 Ghosts I00:00
a7.7 Ghosts I00:00
a8.8 Ghosts I00:00
a9.9 Ghosts I00:00
a10.10 Ghosts II00:00
a11.11 Ghosts II00:00
a12.12 Ghosts II00:00
a13.13 Ghosts II00:00
a14.14 Ghosts II00:00
a15.15 Ghosts II00:00
a16.16 Ghosts II00:00
a17.17 Ghosts II00:00
a18.18 Ghosts II00:00
b1.19 Ghosts III00:00
b2.20 Ghosts III00:00
b3.21 Ghosts III00:00
b4.22 Ghosts III00:00
b5.23 Ghosts III00:00
b6.24 Ghosts III00:00
b7.25 Ghosts III00:00
b8.26 Ghosts III00:00
b9.27 Ghosts III00:00
b10.28 Ghosts IV00:00
b11.29 Ghosts IV00:00
b12.30 Ghosts IV00:00
b13.31 Ghosts IV00:00
b14.32 Ghosts IV00:00
b15.33 Ghosts IV00:00
b16.34 Ghosts IV00:00
b17.35 Ghosts IV00:00
b18.36 Ghosts IV00:00
c1.Discussion Part 100:00
c2.Discussion Part 200:00
c3.Discussion Part 300:00
c4.Discussion Part 400:00
catalog numberhalo 26cdj (HSE-60003)
upc4 582214 503103
labelThe Null Corporation 2008
countryJapan Japan
release dateApril 8, 2008
added to catalogSept. 14, 2022

Japanese Promo version. All 3 discs have "Sample" sticker on them. Includes third disc containing discussion about the material. Digipak, discs and main booklet are identical to the Japanese retail version.

rarity classC
The Null Corporation