titlenothing changes
package5 inch CD in full-color cardsleeve.
track listing
1.Tequila Fish — Squarepusher06:04
2.Vose In — Autechre05:21
3.Acid Again (Dub Again Remix) — Meat Beat Manifesto06:01
4.Undoneson — Plaid04:12
5.Cheesy (Amen Remix) — Plug04:54
6.Think What You`re Doing — The Bowling Green05:56
7.Book Of Shadows — Meat Beat Manifesto05:42
8.Corc — Autechre05:50
9.Abla Eedio (Freemix) — Plaid04:49
10.Massif (Stay Strong) — Squarepusher06:26
11.Drum `n` Bass For Papa — Plug07:19
12.The Road Is A Grey Ribbon — The Bowling Green05:58
catalog numberINT5P-6450
labelInterscope / nothing 1998
countryUnited States United States

Collection of artists from Nothing Records. No actual TR content, but he probably had something to do with something regarding this item.

rarity classC