package5 inch CD in clear jewelcase with black tray, front and back inserts.
track listing
1.C24 — Clint Mansell00:43
2.Doom — Clint Mansell03:14
3.Olduvai/Facing Demons — Clint Mansell03:46
4.Searching — Clint Mansell03:40
5.Sibling Rivalry — Clint Mansell02:25
6.The Lab — Clint Mansell04:39
7.Taking Control — Clint Mansell01:53
8.Mac Attack! — Clint Mansell02:16
9.Resurrection — Clint Mansell01:55
10.BFG! — Clint Mansell01:08
11.Destroyed — Clint Mansell02:29
12.Infirmary — Clint Mansell03:25
13.Experiment: Stahl — Clint Mansell02:46
14.Containment Breach — Clint Mansell01:52
15.Superhumans and Monsters — Clint Mansell02:14
16.Kill Em All — Clint Mansell02:19
17.let God Sort Em Out — Clint Mansell02:07
18.Mass Onslaught — Clint Mansell02:20
19.First Person Shooter — Clint Mansell04:47
20.Semper Fi — Clint Mansell02:50
21.Go To Hell — Clint Mansell04:12
22.You Know What You Are? (Clint Mansell Remix) — Nine Inch Nails03:11
catalog numberVSD 6702
upc4 005939 670221
labelVarese Sarabande 2005
countryGermany Germany
added to catalogFeb. 21, 2010

German edition.

rarity classD
Varese Sarabande