bandnine inch nails
package5 inch CD in clear jewelcase with clear tray, front and back inserts.
track listing
1.Intro — [No Artist]
2.Terrible Lie (Live)
3.Sin (Live)
4.March of the Pigs (Live)
5.Something I Can Never Have (Live)
6.Closer (Live)
7.Reptile (Live)
8.Wish (Live)
9.Suck (Live)
10.Burn (Live)
11.The Only Time (Live)
12.Down In It (Live)
13.Dead Souls (Live)
14.Help Me I Am In Hell (Live)
catalog numberBMCD24
labelBlue Moon 1994
countryUnited States United States
added to catalogJan. 23, 2010

Unauthorized recording of the Woodstock 94 performance. The last two tracks of the set, Happiness In Slavery and Head Like a Hole, are not present on this recording.

rarity classNA
Blue Moon