packageThree 5 inch CDs in black jewelcases with inserts, stored together with extensive book in custom thick cardboard case
track listing
1.Supernaut (Trent Reznor Vocal Version) — 1000 Homo DJs06:39
2.No Devotion (LP Version) — Revolting Cocks06:54
3.Beers, Steers & Queers (12 Version) — Revolting Cocks05:50
4.Addiction (LP Version) — Sister Machine Gun04:17
5.Violent Peace (LP Version) — Excessive Force04:45
6.Enyove (12 Version) — The Young Gods02:03
7.I Will Refuse (12 Version) — Pailhead04:20
8.Faster Than Light (LP Version) — Lead Into Gold05:42
9.Digital Tension Dementia (LP Version) — Front Line Assembly04:49
10.Your God Is Dead (LP Version) — Mussolini Headkick03:52
11.Now Is The Time (LP Version) — Greater Than One05:23
12.Shit For Brains (LP Version) — Pig04:40
13.Cop Out (LP Version) — Hope And Kirk07:00
14.Atomic Dog (LP Version) — Wreck04:03
15.Elephant`s Graveyard (12 Version) — Strike Under02:58
16.Stowaway — Chris Connelly03:52
17.Come Down Here — Chris Connelly05:07
18.Love`s Secret Domain — Coil03:54
19.The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II) — Coil05:56
20.The Hacker — ClockDVA07:24
21.The Virus — KMFDM05:39
22.Godlike — KMFDM06:37
23.Everyday (Is Halloween) — Ministry06:24
24.Rigor Mortis — A Split Second04:55
25.Butterfly Potion — Foetus03:16
26.Father Don`t Cry — Doubting Thomas05:19
27.Nothing Stays — Cyberaktif05:26
28.Words (Of The Dying) — Controlled Bleeding06:27
29.Compulsion — In the Nursery04:00
30.Rubber Glove Seduction (12` Version) — PTP05:25
31.No Name, No Slogan (12` Version) — Acid Horse05:57
32.What Time Is Love? (12 Version) — The KLF05:26
33.Silicon Jesus (Duality Mix) — Psykosonik05:37
34.Cuz It`s Hot (12` Version) — My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult10:17
35.Do You Fear (For Your Child) (LP Version) — My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult05:36
36.Geburt Einer Nation (LP Version) — Laibach04:23
37.God O.D. (EP Version) — Meat Beat Manifesto07:36
38.Mindblower (EP Version) — Fred03:25
39.I.C. Water (LP Version) — Psychic TV08:42
40.Me & My Ding Dong (LP Version) — Pankow04:37
41.The Name Game (7 Version) — Divine04:20
catalog numberTVT 7727-2
upc0 16581 72272 9
labelTVT / Wax Trax 1994
countryUnited States United States

US standard version. TR vocals on Supernaut (clean)

rarity classD
TVTWax Trax