bandtrent reznor and atticus ross
titlevietnam war soundtrack
track listing
1-1.Less Likely00:00
1-2.Four Enclosed Walls00:00
1-3.The Forever Rain00:00
1-5.Other Ways To Get To The Same Place00:00
1-6.Torn Polaroid00:00
1-7.Before Dawn00:00
1-8.What Comes Back00:00
1-9.Justified Response00:00
1-10.Counting Ticks00:00
1-11.A World Away00:00
1-12.The Right Things00:00
1-13.Passing the Point00:00
1-14.Strangers in the Lockstep00:00
1-15.Before and After Faith00:00
1-16.The Same Dream00:00
catalog numberNull 06 / B0027042-02
upc6 02557 77531 0
labelThe Null Corporation / Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) 2017
countryUnited States United States
release dateSept. 15, 2017
added to catalogAug. 5, 2022

2xCD Release
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross composed the soundtrack to ken burns and Lynn Novick├Ás epic masterpiece, the Vietnam War, which tells the story of one of the most consequential, divisive and controversial events in American history.

discogs ref10875807
rarity classE
The Null CorporationUniversal Music Enterprises (UMe)