bandnine inch nails
package5 inch CD in digipak with Japanese language booklet and obi-strip. Promo text printed on disc.
track listing
1.Gave Up (remixed by Coil with Danny Hyde)05:24
2.Wish (Remixed by J.G. Thirlwell)09:10
3.Happiness In Slavery (Remixed by T. Reznor and Chris Vrenna with P.K.)06:09
4.Throw This Away (assembled by T. Reznor and Chris Vrenna with Butch Vig)04:13
5.Fist Fuck (Remixed by J.G. Thirlwell)07:20
6.Screaming Slave (Reznor/Vrenna/Kennedy/Beavan/Brumbach/Flanagan)08:00
catalog numberMVCP-20002
labelInterscope / MCA Victor Japan / TVT / nothing 1992
countryJapan Japan
added to catalogJune 2, 2008

Japanese re-release, promo edition.

discogs ref4658303
rarity classB
InterscopeMCA Victor JapanTVTnothing