titleblackbox (limited edition)
package5 inch CD x3 in glossy black jewelcases with black inserts; full color detail insert in each jewelcase. Also includes extensive book, large fold-out poster, two logo coasters, a logo patch, and a TVT/Wax Trax more-info insert contained in a galvanized punched-steel box. Padding at bottom of box is audio tape from studio outtakes.
track listing
1.Supernaut (Trent Reznor Vocal Version) — 1000 Homo DJs06:39
2.No Devotion (LP Version) — Revolting Cocks06:54
3.Beers, Steers & Queers (12 Version) — Revolting Cocks05:50
4.Addiction (LP Version) — Sister Machine Gun04:17
5.Violent Peace (LP Version) — Excessive Force04:45
6.Enyove (12 Version) — The Young Gods02:03
7.I Will Refuse (12 Version) — Pailhead04:20
8.Faster Than Light (LP Version) — Lead Into Gold05:42
9.Digital Tension Dementia (LP Version) — Front Line Assembly04:49
10.Your God Is Dead (LP Version) — Mussolini Headkick03:52
11.Now Is The Time (LP Version) — Greater Than One05:23
12.Shit For Brains (LP Version) — Pig04:40
13.Cop Out (LP Version) — Hope And Kirk07:00
14.Atomic Dog (LP Version) — Wreck04:03
15.Elephant`s Graveyard (12 Version) — Strike Under02:58
16.Stowaway — Chris Connelly03:52
17.Come Down Here — Chris Connelly05:07
18.Love`s Secret Domain — Coil03:54
19.The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II) — Coil05:56
20.The Hacker — ClockDVA07:24
21.The Virus — KMFDM05:39
22.Godlike — KMFDM06:37
23.Everyday (Is Halloween) — Ministry06:24
24.Rigor Mortis — A Split Second04:55
25.Butterfly Potion — Foetus03:16
26.Father Don`t Cry — Doubting Thomas05:19
27.Nothing Stays — Cyberaktif05:26
28.Words (Of The Dying) — Controlled Bleeding06:27
29.Compulsion — In the Nursery04:00
30.Rubber Glove Seduction (12` Version) — PTP05:25
31.No Name, No Slogan (12 Version) — Acid Horse05:57
32.What Time Is Love? (12 Version) — The KLF05:26
33.Silicon Jesus (Duality Mix) — Psykosonik05:37
34.Cuz It`s Hot (12` Version) — My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult10:17
35.Do You Fear (For Your Child) (LP Version) — My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult05:36
36.Geburt Einer Nation (LP Version) — Laibach04:23
37.God O.D. (EP Version) — Meat Beat Manifesto07:36
38.Mindblower (EP Version) — Fred03:25
39.I.C. Water (LP Version) — Psychic TV08:42
40.Me & My Ding Dong (LP Version) — Pankow04:37
41.The Name Game (7 Version) — Divine04:20
catalog numbernone
labelTVT / Wax Trax 1994
countryUnited States United States
added to catalogDec. 1, 2008

Limited to 10,000 copies. Item is missing nylon mesh bag and numbered tag. Audio content and booklet identical to standard Blackbox release.

rarity classC
TVTWax Trax