titletetsuo complete box
package5 inch CD x3 in heavy cardsleeves with protective cloth jackets, contained in heavy cardboard box with extensive booklet. Obi-strip on reclosable bag; info sticker on bag.
track listing
a1.DH — Chu Ishikawa04:45
a2.TD — Chu Ishikawa05:06
a3.SK — Chu Ishikawa04:43
a4.CL — Chu Ishikawa04:27
a5.MP — Chu Ishikawa03:31
a6.LS — Chu Ishikawa11:10
a7.ML — Chu Ishikawa03:30
a8.NW — Chu Ishikawa07:45
a9.MG — Chu Ishikawa09:02
b1.CI — Chu Ishikawa00:29
b2.BF1 — Chu Ishikawa05:15
b3.CB — Chu Ishikawa00:19
b4.EH — Chu Ishikawa05:53
b5.EB — Chu Ishikawa01:01
b6.ST — Chu Ishikawa02:27
b7.RP I — Chu Ishikawa07:05
b8.SC1 — Chu Ishikawa03:25
b9.SC2 — Chu Ishikawa03:15
b10.BL — Chu Ishikawa00:35
b11.SS — Chu Ishikawa00:21
b12.LB — Chu Ishikawa00:28
b13.GT — Chu Ishikawa00:58
b14.SF — Chu Ishikawa02:22
b15.DP — Chu Ishikawa00:41
b16.DR — Chu Ishikawa01:24
b17.KN — Chu Ishikawa00:46
b18.RP II — Chu Ishikawa01:39
b19.BF2 — Chu Ishikawa05:21
b20.Iron Music (Original Mix by Chu Ishikawa) — Chu Ishikawa24:22
c1.SCLA — Chu Ishikawa01:01
c2.Sparky — Chu Ishikawa04:08
c3.Sand I — Chu Ishikawa02:00
c4.Shizuka I — Chu Ishikawa00:57
c5.Double I — Chu Ishikawa02:58
c6.Run — Chu Ishikawa01:24
c7.Shizuka II — Chu Ishikawa02:11
c8.Born I — Chu Ishikawa00:51
c9.Born II — Chu Ishikawa00:58
c10.Re Born — Chu Ishikawa01:00
c11.Depth — Chu Ishikawa04:24
c12.Zinc — Chu Ishikawa01:46
c13.Block — Chu Ishikawa02:48
c14.Regeneration — Chu Ishikawa01:22
c15.Double II — Chu Ishikawa01:20
c16.Sand II — Chu Ishikawa03:26
c17.Theme for Tetsuo the Bullet Man — Nine Inch Nails05:34
catalog numberSICP2903~5
upc4 547366 056884
labelSony Music Japan 2010
countryJapan Japan
release dateNov. 3, 2010
added to catalogNov. 28, 2010

Japanese three-disc collection of music from Tetsuo films. Includes NIN theme for The Bullet Man. Discs have paint in patterns, but are primarily engraved with information.

rarity classD
Sony Music Japan