bandnine inch nails
titleand all that could have been snippets
package5 inch CD in clear jewelcase with black tray, back insert only.
track listing
1.Terrible Lie (Live)
2.Sin (Live)
3.March of the Pigs (Live)
4.Piggy (Live)
5.The Frail (Live)
6.The Wretched (Live)
7.Gave Up (Live)
8.The Great Below (Live)
9.The Mark Has Been Made (Live)
10.Wish (Live)
11.Suck (Live)
12.Closer (Live)
13.Head Like a Hole (Live)
14.The Day the World Went Away (Live)
15.Starfuckers, Inc. (Live)
16.Hurt (Live)
17.Something I Can Never Have (Live)
18.Adrift and At Peace (Live)
19.The Fragile (Live)
20.The Becoming (Live)
21.Gone, Still (Live)
22.The Day the World Went Away (Live)
23.And All That Could Have Been (Live)
24.The Persistence of Loss (Live)
25.Leaving Hope (Live)
catalog numberUMCF-4635-2
labelUniversal / nothing 2001
countryCanada Canada
added to catalogDec. 6, 2009

Canadian promo includes previews of 25 tracks from both AATCHB and Still.

rarity classA