titlenu rock traxx volume 27
package5 inch CD in clear plastic sleeve with inserts.
track listing
1.Rock Show — Blink 18202:49
2.Schism — Tool06:43
3.Be Like That [American Pie Edit] — 3 Doors Down03:57
4.You Wouldn`t Believe — 31103:40
5.Deep — Nine Inch Nails03:35
6.Rexall — Dave Navarro03:40
7.Soul Singing — The Black Crowes03:54
8.Whereever You Will Go — The Calling03:31
9.Benign — Oleander04:11
10.Reasons Why — Brand New Immortals03:42
11.Are You With Me? — Color04:04
12.Deep Down & Dirty — Stereo MCs03:35
13.Threesome — Fenix TX02:34
14.Smooth Criminal — Alien Ant Farm03:29
15.Algebra — Soul Hooligan03:46
16.Waiting For The Sun — Powderfinger03:52
17.Stoned — The Bicycle Thief04:07
18.When It All Comes Down — Unspun03:57
catalog numberNRT001027
label 2001
countryUnited States United States
added to catalogNov. 9, 2012

US compilation includes Deep.

rarity classD