bandnine inch nails
titleghosts i-iv
package5 inch CD x2 in paper sleeves, with two-sided info sheet
track listing
a1.1 Ghosts I
a2.2 Ghosts I
a3.3 Ghosts I
a4.4 Ghosts I
a5.5 Ghosts I
a6.6 Ghosts I
a7.7 Ghosts I
a8.8 Ghosts I
a9.9 Ghosts I
a10.10 Ghosts II
a11.11 Ghosts II
a12.12 Ghosts II
a13.13 Ghosts II
a14.14 Ghosts II
a15.15 Ghosts II
a16.16 Ghosts II
a17.17 Ghosts II
a18.18 Ghosts II
b1.19 Ghosts III
b2.20 Ghosts III
b3.21 Ghosts III
b4.22 Ghosts III
b5.23 Ghosts III
b6.24 Ghosts III
b7.25 Ghosts III
b8.26 Ghosts III
b9.27 Ghosts III
b10.28 Ghosts IV
b11.29 Ghosts IV
b12.30 Ghosts IV
b13.31 Ghosts IV
b14.32 Ghosts IV
b15.33 Ghosts IV
b16.34 Ghosts IV
b17.35 Ghosts IV
b18.36 Ghosts IV
catalog numbernone
label 2008
countryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
added to catalogMay 14, 2009

Two-disc Ghosts promo package with info sheet and tracklisting. Authenticity has been debated but item is believed to be legitimate.

rarity classA