package5 inch CD in clear jewelcase with black tray, front and back inserts.
track listing
1.What Did I Get Myself Into — Kyle Raibko03:00
2.Be Yourself — Audioslave04:35
3.The Hand That Feeds — Nine Inch Nails03:34
4.Love In A Trashcan — Raveonettes02:49
5.Krafty (Radio Edit) — New Order03:44
6.It`s The Nighttime — Josh Rouse04:01
7.An Honest Mistake (Clean-Amended) — Bravery03:38
8.Jerk It Out (New Brauer Mix) — Caesars03:03
9.California — Glorious04:04
10.Piggy Bank (Amended) — 50 Cent04:13
11.Just A Lil Bit — 50 Cent03:52
12.U Already Know (Remix) — 11204:05
13.We Belong Together) — Mariah Carey03:14
14.Err Time — Nelly04:07
15.Icy (Clean) — Gucci Maine04:52
16.Give Me That (Clean) — Webbie04:19
17.Rocked Away (Clean) — Rasheeda03:21
18.Intoxicated (Radio) — ODB03:51
catalog numberCRW-8512
label 2005
countryUnited States United States
added to catalogJuly 17, 2012

US radio promo compilation includes The Hand That Feeds.

rarity classC