bandnine inch nails
titlethe fragile
package5 inch CD x2 in tri-fold custom dual digipak packaging, lyric/artwork booklet.
track listing
a1.Somewhat Damaged04:31
a2.The Day the World Went Away04:33
a3.The Frail01:54
a4.The Wretched05:25
a5.We`re In This Together07:16
a6.The Fragile04:35
a7.Just Like You Imagined03:49
a8.Even Deeper05:47
a10.No, You Don`t03:35
a11.La Mer04:37
a12.The Great Below05:17
b1.The Way Out Is Through04:17
b2.Into the Void04:49
b3.Where Is Everybody?05:40
b4.The Mark Has Been Made05:15
b6.Starfuckers, Inc.05:00
b8.I`m Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally04:13
b9.The Big Come Down04:12
b10.Underneath It All02:46
b11.Ripe (With Decay)06:34
catalog number0694904732 (D231447)
labelInterscope / nothing 1999
countryUnited States United States
release dateSept. 21, 1999
added to catalogSept. 6, 2007

BMG edition of standard US issue. BMG detail is printed on digipak, not stickered.

rarity classD