titlekiller blow
package5 inch CD in clear jewelcase with black tray, both front and back inserts
track listing
1.Logical Explanation — 14th Floor04:09
2.Return to Nowhere — Home and Garden03:33
3.Warm Jets — hot tin roof04:50
4.Angel in Red — Modzilla04:10
5.Fall — The Walk-Ins05:14
6.Without You — The Gypsy Moths04:56
7.Turnin` Brown — Max Crucial and the Krushers02:58
8.spin me `round — terrible parade03:08
9.Laughing in the Rain — In Fear of Roses02:59
10.World on Vacation — The Three-Legged Poets04:25
11.Buffaloes — The Bounty04:12
12.Something Fishy — Gunnblue04:57
13.Streetlight Queen — Sosumi02:57
14.Tango — Oroboros03:27
15.Goin` Down to the Graveyard — The Lonesome Bones03:09
16.Ballyhoo — Ballyhoo04:36
17.Letter to Lisa — The Uninspired Five03:13
18.stupid for you — indian rope burn03:48
19.You Broke My Heart, I Broke Your Face — Bluto`s Revenge02:07
catalog numberJCP666B
labelBlue Bus Records 1988
countryUnited States United States
added to catalogJuly 13, 2006

TR presence on track by hot tin roof

rarity classA
Blue Bus Records