bandnine inch nails
titleand all that could have been
package5 inch CD in clear jewelcase with clear tray, front and back inserts.
track listing
1.Terrible Lie (Live)
2.Sin (Live)
3.March of the Pigs (Live)
4.Piggy (Live)
5.The Frail (Live)
6.The Wretched (Live)
7.Gave Up (Live)
8.The Great Below (Live)
9.The Mark Has Been Made (Live)
10.Wish (Live)
11.Suck (Live)
12.Closer (Live)
13.Head Like a Hole (Live)
14.The Day the World Went Away (Live)
15.Starfuckers, Inc. (Live)
16.Hurt (Live)
catalog numbernone
upc0 75596 26652 9
label 2002
countryRussia Russia
added to catalogMay 13, 2009

Unauthorized item believed to be of Russian origin, but country is not listed on item. No catalog number, no label. UPC code matches the US Tomb Raider soundtrack CD.

rarity classNA