bandnine inch nails
titleand all that could have been
package5 inch CD x2 with paper inserts in protective plastic sleeves.
track listing
a1.Terrible Lie (Live)04:59
a2.Sin (Live)04:15
a3.March of the Pigs (Live)04:13
a4.Piggy (Live)04:51
a5.The Frail (Live)01:41
a6.The Wretched (Live)05:24
a7.Gave Up (Live)04:14
a8.The Great Below (Live)05:07
a9.The Mark Has Been Made (Live)03:45
a10.Wish (Live)03:40
a11.Suck (Live)04:13
a12.Closer (Live)05:38
a13.Head Like a Hole (Live)04:54
a14.The Day the World Went Away (Live)06:29
a15.Starfuckers, Inc. (Live)05:30
a16.Hurt (Live)04:59
b1.Something I Can Never Have06:39
b2.Adrift and At Peace02:52
b3.The Fragile05:12
b4.The Becoming04:30
b5.Gone, Still02:36
b6.The Day the World Went Away05:17
b7.And All That Could Have Been06:14
b8.The Persistence Of Loss04:03
b9.Leaving Hope05:57
catalog numbernone
labelIsland / nothing 2002
countryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
added to catalogApril 29, 2010

UK promo set for AATCHB deluxe edition. Assuming these were distributed as a set rather than individually, based on Still being a solo release in the US only.

rarity classB