bandnine inch nails
titleghosts i-iv
package5 inch stickered CD x2 in envelope with insert.
track listing
a1.1 Ghosts I02:48
a2.2 Ghosts I03:16
a3.3 Ghosts I03:51
a4.4 Ghosts I02:13
a5.5 Ghosts I02:51
a6.6 Ghosts I04:18
a7.7 Ghosts I02:00
a8.8 Ghosts I02:56
a9.9 Ghosts I02:46
a10.10 Ghosts II02:42
a11.11 Ghosts II02:17
a12.12 Ghosts II02:17
a13.13 Ghosts II03:13
a14.14 Ghosts II03:05
a15.15 Ghosts II01:53
a16.16 Ghosts II02:30
a17.17 Ghosts II02:13
a18.18 Ghosts II05:22
b1.19 Ghosts III02:11
b2.20 Ghosts III03:39
b3.21 Ghosts III02:54
b4.22 Ghosts III02:31
b5.23 Ghosts III02:43
b6.24 Ghosts III02:39
b7.25 Ghosts III01:58
b8.26 Ghosts III02:25
b9.27 Ghosts III02:51
b10.28 Ghosts IV05:22
b11.29 Ghosts IV02:54
b12.30 Ghosts IV02:58
b13.31 Ghosts IV02:25
b14.32 Ghosts IV04:25
b15.33 Ghosts IV04:01
b16.34 Ghosts IV05:52
b17.35 Ghosts IV03:29
b18.36 Ghosts IV02:19
catalog numbernone
labelShock 2008
countryAustralia Australia
added to catalogMay 20, 2009

Australian Ghosts promo on label-specific CDRs. Australian release date included on stickers.

rarity classA