C / Broken
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
brokenAustralian re-release. Text variation and different stickerCDIND9221321992AustraliaC
brokenCanadian CRC release.CDINTD 922131992CanadaC
brokenGerman edition, in jewelcase. Generic label-centric artwork.CD74321 12044 21992GermanyC
brokenJapanese first pressing, EastWest logos on obi, digipak and discCDAMCY-4751992JapanC
brokenMexican imported item. US second pressing with country-specific stickerCDINTD-922131992MexicoC
brokenTaiwan release with red-orange large obi.CDINTD 922131992TaiwanC
brokenTurkish release.CDIMCD 8004 514 147-21992TurkeyC
brokenUS first pressing with 3 inch disc, in longbox packageCD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG first pressing with digipak printing errorsCD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG third pressing.CDINTD-92213 (D100145)1992United StatesC
brokenHolland edition. Similar to UK, Made in Holland appears on shellcassICM 8004 514 147-41992HollandC
brokenIndonesian edition. No UPC codecassHA 2126 7 92213-41992IndonesiaC
brokenThailand issue white cassette.cass7 92213-41992ThailandC
brokenUK cassette editioncassICM 8004 514 147-41992United KingdomC
brokenUS cassette edition, holepunch through insert. Sealed.cass0 7567-92213-4 61992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG white cassette. No TVT logo on cassette shell.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG white cassette, TVT logos on cassette shell.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS CRC release, clear cassette.cassA4 922131992United StatesC
brokenUS vinyl promo editionvinyl 12DMD 19031992United StatesC
brokenUS first pressing with 3-inch disc.CD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenBrazil issue single vinyl, all eight tracks.vinyl 12756792213-1 670.83111992BrazilC
brokenUK 12 inch vinyl with accompanying 7 inch NIN-label vinyl.vinyl 12ILPM 8004 514 147-11992United KingdomC
brokenUK 12 inch vinyl with accompanying 7 inch silver-label vinyl.vinyl 12ILPM 8004 514 147-11992United KingdomC
happiness in slaveryUS promo vinyl contains PK Slavery Mix, exclusive to this release.vinyl 12DMD 19411992United StatesC
physical/suckUK 7-inch, normally found accompanying UK Broken 12-inch.vinyl 7IS 552 864 498-71992United KingdomC
brokenJapanese first pressing. MMG logos on obi, digipak, and disc.CDAMCY-4751992JapanC
C / Items With Official Tracks
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
compilationcertain damage volume 22Compilation disc from CMJ includes Down In It.CDCMJ CD-0221989United StatesC
compilationmca cd sampler #14Canadian compilation from 8/90 includes HLAHCDMCAD-90551990CanadaC
compilationtvt records 1990 samplerTVT sampler includes `Sin`.cassnone1990United StatesC
compilationhitmakersCompilation from 1990 includes HLAH.CDnone1990United StatesC
compilationlollapaloozaincludes Head Like a HoleCDPRO-CD-49261991United StatesC
nine inch nailswishUS promo video from 1992 contains Wish.VHSnone1992United StatesC
compilationisland selectCompilation cassette includes Wish.cassnone1993United KingdomC
nine inch nailscloserAtlantic Records VHS promo contains Closer video.VHSnone1994United StatesC
nine inch nailsmarch of the pigsBetelgeuse issue VHS includes March of the Pigs.VHSnone1994United StatesC
compilationoperation liberationFrench compilation disc includes MOTP (clean version)CDhors commerce 43511994FranceC
compilationpromo invendavelBrazillian compilation CD includes Closer.CDCDP16941994BrazilC
compilationtip sheet issue #57UK sampler includes Closer.CDnone1994United KingdomC
soundtrackwoodstock 94US promo edition, sealed with hole-punchCD31454 0289 2 IN011994United StatesC
soundtrackwoodstock 94Phillipines dual-cassette edition in unusual case.cass540 322-41994PhilippinesC
nine inch nailsseven song compilationSeven-video Producers Post compilationVHSnone1994United StatesC
compilationcut backJapanese compilation includes March of the Pigs.CDAMCY-7591994JapanC
compilationexplicit musicUK Compilation includes Burn.CDSAM 15081995United KingdomC
compilationobdurateAU release. Contains `March Of The Pigs` liveCD95483328521995AustraliaC
nine inch nailswishUS promo video from 1995 contains Wish.VHSnone1995United StatesC
nine inch nailsthe perfect drugPromotional VHS includes The Perfect Drug.VHSnone1997United StatesC
compilationthe perfect drug/tourniquetUK 7vinyl 7INSJB 955521997United KingdomC
compilationautumn samplerUK sampler includes The Day The World Went Away.CDUNICD31999United KingdomC
compilationget u on, vol 98Japanese compilation disc includes TDTWWA.CDICD-2501999JapanC
compilationget u on, vol 99Japanese compilation disc includes TDTWWACDICD-2531999JapanC
compilationget u on, vol 103Japanese compliation includes We`re In This TogetherCDICD-2632000JapanC
compilationmotor music october 2000Motor Music compilation includes remix of StarfuckersCDnone2000GermanyC
compilationwea 2001 volume threeUS three-disc set includes Deep.CDWEA/3-012001United StatesC
compilationmotor music promo-cd januar 2002German label promo includes live TDTWWA version, from Still.CDnone2002GermanyC
compilationisland records sampler summer 05UK compilation disc includes EDIETS.CDSUMMER05CD2005United KingdomC
compilationchartbreakersUS radio promo compilation includes THTFCDCRW-85122005United StatesC
compilationisland records kerrang awards 2005includesCDKERRANGCD12005European UnionC
compilationjerry bruckheimer bad boys hockey 2005Promotional CD for a pro/am hockey tournament. Contains THTFCDnone2005United StatesC
compilationpromo only hot video september 2005Compilation DVD includes original Only video.DVDnone2005United StatesC
compilationpromo only october 2005Compilation disc includes Only (Richard X Edit) VideoDVDnone2005United StatesC
compilationpromo only september 2005Compilation DVD includes original Only video.DVDnone2005United StatesC
gamesharkpsp media managerUS package includes Collected DVD.CDnone2005United StatesC
compilationrockzone 4Spanish compilation includes THTF.CDnone2005SpainC
compilationmi hombre es troubleMixtape-type compilation includes Right Where It BelongsCDnone2006United StatesC
compilationpromo only june 2007Compilation DVD includes Survivalism video.DVDnone2007United StatesC
C / Contributions
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
the innocentlivin` in the streetPre-NIN band credits Trent Reznor with keyboards.vinyl 12ST 731001985United StatesC
the innocentlivin` in the streetPre-NIN band credits Trent Reznor with keyboards.CD731001985United StatesC
exotic birdsl`oiseauPre-NIN band credits TR with contributions.vinyl 12none1986United StatesC
lucky pierrecommuniqueTR credits in pre-NIN band.vinyl 12BR-1101988United StatesC
pigfacegubCassette edition with contributions from TRcassINV 0091990CanadaC
1000 homo djssupernautCanadian white cassette edition.cassWAXCS81331990CanadaC
crunch-o-maticcaution do not playUS cassette edition, hole punch through UPC codecass848-139-41991United StatesC
pigfacewelcome to mexico assholeUS cassette includes TR vocals on Suck.cassINV 011C1991United StatesC
compilationblackbox (limited edition)Limited `metal box` version includes TR on SupernautCDnone1994United StatesC
compilationblackbox promoUS promo version. TR vocals on Supernaut (clean)CDTVT 7226-2P1994United StatesC
prickcommuniqueUS vinyl promo.vinyl 7PR 59481994United StatesC
prickprickUS cassette edition with contributions from TRcass92395-41995United StatesC
prickprickUS Promo CDCD92395-21995United StatesC
david bowiei`m afraid of americansUS promo videocassette includes a 13-minute making-of clip.VHS1242691997United StatesC
compilationnothing changesCollection of artists from Nothing Records. No actual TR contentCDINT5P-64501998United StatesC
el-pflyentologyUK six-track promo.CDDJX136UK2007United KingdomC
el-pflyentologyUK six-track promo, different sticker.CDDJX136UK2007United KingdomC
el-pflyentology epContains four versions of Flyentology.CDnone2007United StatesC
el-pflyentology radio singleUS promo contains two radio edits of Flyentology.CDDJX135cdp2007United StatesC
el-pthe overly dramatic truth / smithereensUK six-track promo includes a Flyentology remix.CDnone2007United KingdomC
prickprickUS 12 inch vinyl; limited edition clear red vinylvinyl 12B0026353-012017United StatesC
healthisn't everyoneUS 7" vinyl release; Collaboration between Health + NIN, Limited to 2000 copiesvinyl 7LVR021452021United StatesC
C / Films and Soundtracks
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese first pressing, promo editionCDAMCY-7711994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese first pressing.CDAMCY-7711994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese second release, promo edition.CDMVCP-151994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersTaiwan edition. Item itself is the standard EU edition.CDIND 924601994TaiwanC
soundtracknatural born killersCanadian edition, black cassette.cass79 246041994CanadaC
soundtracknatural born killersGerman edition, clear cassette.cass6544-92460-4 CA 4911994GermanyC
soundtracknatural born killersTurkish clear cassette.cassINC-924601994TurkeyC
soundtracknatural born killersUS promo-stamped cassette.cass92460-41994United StatesC
soundtrackthe crowUS promo edition, promo text on insert and disc.CD82519-21994United StatesC
soundtrackthe crowIndonesian edition.cassW3128 82519-41994IndonesiaC
soundtrackthe crowUS promo cassette.cass82519-41994United StatesC
soundtracklost highwayJapanese promo release with book and obi.CDMVCP 44 (INTD-90090)1996JapanC
soundtracklost highwayKorean CD edition.CDINTD-90090 BMGMD-44331996KoreaC
soundtracklost highwayRussian edition of the Lost Highway soundtrack.CD490 090-91996RussiaC
soundtracklost highwayTaiwan edition with large obi-strip.CDINTD 900901996TaiwanC
soundtracklost highwayUS stickered, hole-punched promo edition.CDINTD-900901996United StatesC
soundtracklost highwayKorean cassette edition, sealed.cassINTD-90090 BMGMM-44331996KoreaC
soundtracklost highwayPolish cassette edition.cassINC-900901996PolandC
soundtracklost highwayThailand cassette edition.cassINTC-900901996ThailandC
soundtracklost highwayUS cassette edition, sealed.cassINTC-900901996United StatesC
soundtrackdeepUS promo release. Contains "Deep" and "Deep" radio edit.CDPRCD 1637-22001United StatesC
soundtracktomb raiderJapanese promo editionCDAMCY-72662001JapanC
soundtracktomb raiderSingapore edition. Includes free voucher for Burger King.CD62669-22001SingaporeC
soundtracktomb raiderTaiwan edition. Warner logos on slipcase, Electra logos on itemCD7559-62669-22001TaiwanC
soundtracktomb raiderTaiwan three-track promo, elaborate packaging.CDnone2001TaiwanC
soundtracktomb raiderUS release with promotional text on both insert and disc.CD62665-22001United StatesC
soundtracktomb raiderIndonesian cassette edition, sealed.cass7559-62669-4 HEO 12152001IndonesiaC
soundtracktomb raiderUS cassette edition, contains Deepcass7559-62665-42001United StatesC
compilationtomb raider 6 track radio samplerGerman sampler includes Deep.CDPROP052312001GermanyC
soundtrackthe crow2020 "Rocktober" Edition, Ltd. to 4500; no Rocktober Hype stickervinyl 12R1 825192020United StatesC
soundtrackthe crow2020 "Rocktober" Edition, Ltd. to 4500; with Rocktober Hype stickervinyl 12R1 825192020United StatesC
soundtracklost highwayUS 12" Re-Release; 25th Anniversary Editionvinyl 12WW097 / B0031524-012022United StatesC
C / Tour Posters
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
nine inch nailslitho: denver club2005-05-03 and 05-04, Denver Fillmoreposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: toronto club2005-05-09 and 2005-05-10, Toronto Koolhausposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: boston club2005-05-13, Bostonposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: philadelphia club2005-05-18 and 05-19, Philadelphia Electric Factoryposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: atlanta club2005-05-21, Atlantaposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: houston/austin club2005-05-24 Houston / 2005-05-25 Austinposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: san diego club2005-05-31, San Diegoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: glasgow2005-07-07, Glasgowposternone2005United KingdomC
nine inch nailslitho: birmingham2005-07-08, Birminghamposternone2005United KingdomC
nine inch nailslitho: manchester2005-07-10 and 07-11, Manchester UKposternone2005United KingdomC
nine inch nailslitho: london brixton2005-07-13 and 07-14, Londonposternone2005United KingdomC
nine inch nailslitho: australia 20052005-08, Australian datesposternone2005AustraliaC
nine inch nailslitho: vancouver fall2005-09-26, Vancouverposternone2005CanadaC
nine inch nailslitho: sacramento fall2005-09-28, Sacramentoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: chicago fall2005-10-07, Chicagoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: san antonio fall2005-10-16, San Antonioposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: dallas fall2005-10-17, Dallasposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: nashville fall2005-10-31, Nashvilleposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: washington dc fall2005-11-02, Washington DCposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: new york city fall2005-11-03, New York Cityposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: philadelphia fall2005-11-05, Philadelphiaposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: wilkes-barre fall2005-11-06, Wilkes-Barre PAposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: boston fall2005-11-08, Bostonposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: toronto fall2005-11-10, Torontoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: oakland fall2005-11-19, Oaklandposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: reno fall2005-12-08, Renoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: 2006 north2006-02-10 North litho, Winter tour. First of fourposternone2006United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: 2006 south2006-02-26 South litho, Winter tour. Third of fourposternone2006United StatesC
nine inch nails2009 wave goodbye tour poster2009 tour poster for Wave Goodbye shows.posternone2009United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: wave goodbye 2009 los angeles2009 tour poster for Los Angeles Wave Goodbye shows.posternone2009United StatesC
nine inch nailsi can't seem to wake up 2017 tour poster2017 tour poster for I Can't Seem to Wake Up Tour.Posternone2017United StatesC
nine inch nailsi can't seem to wake up 2017: sacramento2017-10-21: tour poster for SacramentoPosternone2017United StatesC
nine inch nailsposter: las vegas 20182018-06-15: poster for Las Vegas specific showposternone2018United StatesC
nine inch nailsposter: las vegas, nv2018-11-30: Las Vegas, NV, The Jointposternone2018United StatesC
nine inch nailsposter: los angeles, ca2018-12-14: Los Angeles, CA, Palladiumposternone2018United StatesC