bandnine inch nails
titleghosts i-iv
package12 inch vinyl x4 in protective white sleeves contained in two-fold color cardsleeve. Sticker attached to front of cardsleeve. Sealed
track listing
1a-1.1 Ghosts I
1a-2.2 Ghosts I
1a-3.3 Ghosts I
1a-4.4 Ghosts I
1a-5.5 Ghosts I
1b-1.6 Ghosts I
1b-2.7 Ghosts I
1b-3.8 Ghosts I
1b-4.9 Ghosts I
2a-1.10 Ghosts II
2a-2.11 Ghosts II
2a-3.12 Ghosts II
2a-4.13 Ghosts II
2a-5.14 Ghosts II
2b-1.15 Ghosts II
2b-2.16 Ghosts II
2b-3.17 Ghosts II
2b-4.18 Ghosts II
3a-1.19 Ghosts III
3a-2.20 Ghosts III
3a-3.21 Ghosts III
3a-4.22 Ghosts III
3a-5.23 Ghosts III
3b-1.24 Ghosts III
3b-2.25 Ghosts III
3b-3.26 Ghosts III
3b-4.27 Ghosts III
4a-1.28 Ghosts IV
4a-2.29 Ghosts IV
4a-3.30 Ghosts IV
4a-4.31 Ghosts IV
4a-5.32 Ghosts IV
4b-1.33 Ghosts IV
4b-2.34 Ghosts IV
4b-3.35 Ghosts IV
4b-4.36 Ghosts IV
catalog numberhalo twenty six v
upc7 66929 90871 0
labelThe Null Corporation 2008
countryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
release dateApril 8, 2008
added to catalogMay 20, 2008

UK 4x vinyl release. Mfg by Pinnacle Records. Unlike US vinyl, there is no writing on the spine of the cardsleeve.

rarity classC
The Null Corporation