bandnine inch nails
titleand all that could have been
packageStandard PAL-format VHS videocassette in black plastic rental-style case with insert in clear outer flap. Includes two-sided folded color insert.
track listing
1.Terrible Lie (Live)
2.Sin (Live)
3.March of the Pigs (Live)
4.Piggy (Live)
5.The Frail (Live)
6.The Wretched (Live)
7.Gave Up (Live)
8.La Mer (Live)
9.The Great Below (Live)
10.The Mark Has Been Made (Live)
11.Wish (Live)
12.Complication (Live)
13.Suck (Live)
14.Closer (Live)
15.Head Like a Hole (Live)
16.Just Like You Imagined (Live)
17.Star****ers, Inc. (Live)
18.Hurt (Live)
catalog number060 965-3
upc0 44006 09653 7
labelInterscope / nothing 2002
countryEuropean Union European Union
added to catalogJune 22, 2013

EU VHS edition.

discogs ref4704462
rarity classC