titlepromo only october 2005
package5 inch DVD in plastic sleeve with front and back inserts.
track listing
1.Lighten Up (Video) — Morcheeba03:08
2.Signals (Video) — Elle Van03:14
3.Don`t Say You Love Me (Video) — Erasure03:41
4.Angel City (Video) — Helicopter Girl03:55
5,6.Kickin Ass (Video) — Merchant of Menace03:19
7.Saturdays (Video) — Cut Copy03:06
8,9.Someone Call the Doctor (Video) — Red Rhythm03:43
10.Ride the Pain (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) (Video) — Juliet04:04
11,12.First Day (Video) — Timo Maas03:00
13.Cool (Video) — Gwen Stefani04:25
14.Only (Richard X Edit) (Video) — Nine Inch Nails04:29
15.Come To Me (Video) — Tina Cousins03:47
16.I Like the Way (Video) — BodyRockers03:19
17.Say Hello (Original Club Edit) (Video) — Deep Dish03:34
18.Too Funky (Video) — Frederick Ford04:04
19.Sunshine (Video) — Georgie Porgie04:04
20.Natural (Video) — Infusion03:33
21.No Strings (Video) — Lola03:46
22,23.Move Your Dead Bones (Video) — Dr. Reanimator03:19
24.Promise You Made (Video) — Kate Ryan03:26
25.And She Said... (Video) — Lucas Prata04:01
26.(I Need A) Vacation (Friscia and Lamboy Tribal Mix) (Video) — Paul Lekakis05:47
27.Without You (Hex Hector Radio Mix) (Video) — Sean Ensign05:21
28,29.Into My Soul (Video) — Gabin04:38
30.Violet Heart (Video) — John Daminato06:40
31.Together In Electric Dreams (Video) — Jason Prince03:48
32.33.Is It Love? (Video) — Mickey Oliver04:43
34,35.Feel It (Video) — DJ Jean03:48
36.Bells Of Tiananmen (Video) — Jamaster A03:46
37.The Other Side (Video) — Paul Van Dyk04:10
38.Adagio For Strings (Video) — Tiesto03:26
39.Where Love Lives (Video) — Alison Limerick03:46
40.WorkOut (Junior NYC Radio) (Video) — RuPaul04:35
41,42.We Belong Together (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix) (Video) — Mariah Carey03:33
43,44.Don`t Cha (Ralphi`s Hot Freak 12 Vox Edit) (Video) — The Pussycat Dolls04:13
45.Love On My Mind (Video) — Freemasons02:58
46,47.Why`d You Lie To Me (MASH Master Edit) (Video) — Anastacia03:49
48,49.Mesmerised (Freemason`s Radio Edit) (Video) — Faith Evans03:21
catalog numbernone
label 2005
countryUnited States United States
added to catalogApril 23, 2009

Compilation disc includes Only video. Video has been edited to sync with the Richard X Edit remix of Only. Edit was done by members of the Promo Only team.

rarity classC