bandnine inch nails
package12 inch vinyl record x3 in standard sized three-panel gatefold cardsleeve with full-size two-panel insert. Large sticker on outer wrap.
track listing
a1.Gunshots By Computer (Saul Williams Remix)
a2.The Great Destroyer (ModWheelMood Remix)
a3.My Violent Heart (Pirate Robot Midget Remix)
a4.The Beginning of the End (Ladytron J-Type Overdrive Remix)
a5.Capital G (Epworth Phones 666 Revolutions Remix)
b1.The Warning (Real World Remix by Stefan Goodchild)
b2.Meet Your Master (The Faint Remix)
b3.God Given (Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert Remix)
b4.Vessel [Mix 1] (Bill Laswell Remix)
c1.Capital G (Switch Remix)
c2.Me, I`m Not (Olaf Dreijer Remix)
d1.The Good Soldier (Friend or Faux 001 remix by Sam Fog)
d2.Vessel [Mix 2] (Bill Laswell Remix)
e1.Capital G (Finite Climate Mix by Ladytron)
e2.Another Version of the Truth (Kronos Quartet Remix)
e3.In This Twilight (Fennesz Remix)
e4.Zero-Sum (Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert Remix)
catalog number0602517532939
upc6 02517 53293 9
labelInterscope 2007
countryEuropean Union European Union
added to catalogJan. 10, 2008

EU YZR vinyl release. Standard-sized cardsleeve, unlike US version. Spine indicates reference as HALO 25 V. Tracklisting different from CD version. Side B of third record is blank.

discogs ref1153181
rarity classC