bandnine inch nails
titleghosts i-iv
package12 inch vinyl x4 in protective white sleeves contained in two-fold color cardsleeve. Sticker on outer wrap.
track listing
1a-1.1 Ghosts I
1a-2.2 Ghosts I
1a-3.3 Ghosts I
1a-4.4 Ghosts I
1a-5.5 Ghosts I
1b-1.6 Ghosts I
1b-2.7 Ghosts I
1b-3.8 Ghosts I
1b-4.9 Ghosts I
2a-1.10 Ghosts II
2a-2.11 Ghosts II
2a-3.12 Ghosts II
2a-4.13 Ghosts II
2a-5.14 Ghosts II
2b-1.15 Ghosts II
2b-2.16 Ghosts II
2b-3.17 Ghosts II
2b-4.18 Ghosts II
3a-1.19 Ghosts III
3a-2.20 Ghosts III
3a-3.21 Ghosts III
3a-4.22 Ghosts III
3a-5.23 Ghosts III
3b-1.24 Ghosts III
3b-2.25 Ghosts III
3b-3.26 Ghosts III
3b-4.27 Ghosts III
4a-1.28 Ghosts IV
4a-2.29 Ghosts IV
4a-3.30 Ghosts IV
4a-4.31 Ghosts IV
4a-5.32 Ghosts IV
4b-1.33 Ghosts IV
4b-2.34 Ghosts IV
4b-3.35 Ghosts IV
4b-4.36 Ghosts IV
catalog numberhalo twenty six v
upc7 66929 90871 0
labelThe Null Corporation 2008
countryUnited States United States
release dateApril 8, 2008
added to catalogApril 11, 2008

US 4x vinyl release. Mfg by RED Distribution.

rarity classC
The Null Corporation