compilation / Items With Official Tracks
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
compilationcertain damage volume 22Compilation disc from CMJ includes Down In It.CDCMJ CD-0221989United StatesC
compilationtvt records nms 10 samplerUS 1989 sampler includes Down In It and HLAHcassTVT 31001989United StatesB
compilationmca cd sampler #14Canadian compilation from 8/90 includes HLAHCDMCAD-90551990CanadaC
compilationsound decisionsCompilation disc includes HLAH (Slate) mix.CDA 220911990United StatesD
compilationtvt records 1990 samplerTVT sampler includes `Sin`.cassnone1990United StatesC
compilationmca 12" samplerCanadian 4 track compilation; includes Get Down Make Lovevinyl 12MCA-91051990CanadaB
compilationhitmakersCompilation from 1990 includes HLAH.CDnone1990United StatesC
compilationlollapaloozaincludes Head Like a HoleCDPRO-CD-49261991United StatesC
compilationtvt sampler summer 1991TVT sampler includes exclusive live version of Suckcassnone1991United StatesB
compilationvolume twoUK music magazine + CD compilation.CDV2CD1991United KingdomD
compilationyou get what you deserve: a tvt samplerCanadian comp includes Sin and HLAH (Copper)CDTVTD-90871991CanadaB
compilationyou get what you deserve: a tvt samplerUS compilation includes both HLAH and Sin.cassTVTC-90871991United StatesB
compilationhot wired monstertruxGerman compilation disc includes `Wish`CD9548-31811-21993GermanyD
compilationisland selectCompilation cassette includes Wish.cassnone1993United KingdomC
compilationisland:a universal languageContains `Wish.`CDPRCD-6777-21993United StatesD
compilationoperation liberationFrench compilation disc includes MOTP (clean version)CDhors commerce 43511994FranceC
compilationpromo invendavelBrazillian compilation CD includes Closer.CDCDP16941994BrazilC
compilationtip sheet issue #57UK sampler includes Closer.CDnone1994United KingdomC
compilationwoodstock 94US LaserDisc, Woodstock 94 performancesLaserDisc1994United StatesD
compilationwoodstock 94US VHS edition.VHS800 633 367-31994United StatesD
compilationwoodstock 94US cassette edition.cass31454 0289 41994United StatesD
compilationcut backJapanese compilation includes March of the Pigs.CDAMCY-7591994JapanC
compilationwoodstock 94Japanese promo edition.CDPOCM 1100/11994JapanB
compilationexplicit musicUK Compilation includes Burn.CDSAM 15081995United KingdomC
compilationobdurateAU release. Contains `March Of The Pigs` liveCD95483328521995AustraliaC
compilationretrospective 2includes "burn"CDMCAM 021996United KingdomD
compilationthe perfect drug/tourniquetUK 7vinyl 7INSJB 955521997United KingdomC
compilationthe perfect drug/tourniquetUK 7-inch single, imported by Hot Topic with detail insert.vinyl 7INSJB 955521997United KingdomD
compilationthe art of darknessCanadian compilation includes `closer`CDUMSD 810861998CanadaE
compilationthe oliver stone connectionCompilation disc includes Burn.CDHIPD2-401141998United StatesD
compilationtriple j hottest 100 volume 5Compilation disc includes The Perfect DrugCD7243 4 96048 2 71998AustraliaD
compilationsanctuary: 26 gothic anthemsJapanese compilation contains The Perfect Drug.CDMVCE-30031-21998JapanD
compilationautumn samplerUK sampler includes The Day The World Went Away.CDUNICD31999United KingdomC
compilationget u on, vol 98Japanese compilation disc includes TDTWWA.CDICD-2501999JapanC
compilationget u on, vol 99Japanese compilation disc includes TDTWWACDICD-2531999JapanC
compilationindustrial strength machine musicUS compilation disc. Contains live version of `Gave Up` exclusive to tCDR2 759331999United StatesD
compilationwe're in this together / coma whiteUS VHS contains We`re In This Together video.VHSnone1999United StatesB
compilationbig day out 2000two-disc compilation of Big Day Out 2000 performancesCDBDO2000CD2000AustraliaD
compilationget u on, vol 103Japanese compliation includes We`re In This TogetherCDICD-2632000JapanC
compilationmanchester unitedUK compilation disc includes Just Like You Imagined.CDVTCD 350 7243 8 49888 2 12000United KingdomD
compilationmanchester unitedUK promo edition contains Just Like You Imagined.CDVTCD3502000United KingdomD
compilationmotor music october 2000Motor Music compilation includes remix of StarfuckersCDnone2000GermanyC
compilationuniversal 2000includes We`re In This Together (Radio Edit)CDUNI20002000United KingdomB
compilationwea 2001 volume threeUS three-disc set includes Deep.CDWEA/3-012001United StatesC
compilationgolddisc 4415Compilation from distribution house includes Hurt x2.CD44152001United StatesD
compilationnu rock traxx volume 27US compilation includes Deep.CDNRT0010272001United StatesD
compilationuniversal music cd sampler 2001 no. 1Chinese sampler includes Slipping AwayCDY2001-12001ChinaD
compilationmotor music promo-cd januar 2002German label promo includes live TDTWWA version, from Still.CDnone2002GermanyC
compilationplay dMexican compilation includes two NIN tracks.CDCDP 02005-22002MexicoD
compilationuniversal music cd sampler 2002 no. 3Chinese sampler includes Head Like a HoleCDY2002-32002ChinaD
compilation115US compilation includes The Hand That Feeds.CDnone2005United StatesD
compilationinterscope geffen a/m quality compilationUS two-CD promo set includes `Only` as the lead track.CDnone2005United StatesD
compilationisland records sampler summer 05UK compilation disc includes EDIETS.CDSUMMER05CD2005United KingdomC
compilationumvd now playing may/june 2005Compilation disc includes THTF.CDUMVDNPL5052005United StatesD
compilationchartbreakersUS radio promo compilation includes THTFCDCRW-85122005United StatesC
compilationisland records kerrang awards 2005includesCDKERRANGCD12005European UnionC
compilationjerry bruckheimer bad boys hockey 2005Promotional CD for a pro/am hockey tournament. Contains THTFCDnone2005United StatesC
compilationkerrang! best of 2005Compilation disc includes The Hand That FeedsCDnone2005United KingdomD
compilationpromo only // alternative club august 05Compilation includes THTF DFA mix.CDnone2005United StatesD
compilationpromo only // alternative club may 05Compilation includes THTF Photek Straight Mix.CDnone2005United StatesD
compilationpromo only // alternative club october 05Compilation includes Only Richard X remix.CDnone2005United StatesD
compilationpromo only hot video september 2005Compilation DVD includes original Only video.DVDnone2005United StatesC
compilationpromo only october 2005Compilation disc includes Only (Richard X Edit) VideoDVDnone2005United StatesC
compilationpromo only september 2005Compilation DVD includes original Only video.DVDnone2005United StatesC
compilationrock kaleidoscopeContains video for `Only`DVDINTR-11522-92005United StatesD
compilationrockzone 4Spanish compilation includes THTF.CDnone2005SpainC
compilationuniversal international rock big 4Japanese sampler contains OnlyCDnone2005JapanD
compilationuniversal new release september 05Universal compilation includes Only video and audioCDnone2005ThailandD
compilationweekly showreel 11/05UK video compilation includes THTF.DVD11/052005United KingdomD
compilationblacktop guerillasCanadian compilation includes EDIETS + Only videoCDUMCF-05626-22006United StatesD
compilationmi hombre es troubleMixtape-type compilation includes Right Where It BelongsCDnone2006United StatesC
compilationthe dfa remixes, chapter twoEU promo edition includes DFA THTF remix.CDDFAEMIDJ 2160CD2006European UnionD
compilationnarm 2007 samplerUS compilation includes Survivalism.CDUNARM-HIT072007United StatesD
compilationlanzamientos abril 2007Mexican comiplation includes Survivalism.CDCDP 2019362007MexicoD
compilationpromo only // alternative club august 07Compilation includes Capital G Phones 666 RPM mixCDnone2007United StatesD
compilationpromo only june 2007Compilation DVD includes Survivalism video.DVDnone2007United StatesC
compilationthe sound of high definitionUS compilation includes The Hand That Feeds.HD-DVDS07/184792007United StatesD
compilationuniversal new release may 2007Thailand compilation includes Survivalism.CDnone2007ThailandD
compilationd-side 47European promo includes `Discipline`CDDSICD00472008European UnionD
compilationhostess sampler july - august 08Japanese promo sampler includes Echoplex.CDnone2008JapanD
compilationhostess sampler may - june 08Japanese promo sampler includes DisciplineCDnone2008JapanD
compilationhostess sampler november - december 08Japanese promo sampler includes DisciplineCDnone2008JapanD
compilationlights in the sky over north america 2008 tour samplerPromotional tracks collection distributed by direct download.MP3seed five2008United StatesE
compilationplaylist your wayUniversal Music Hits CD (never released)CDB000000-022008United StatesS
compilationnin/ja tour samplerPromotional tracks collection distributed by bittorrent.FLACseed six2009United StatesE
compilationnin/ja tour samplerPromotional tracks collection distributed by bittorrent.M4Aseed six2009United StatesE
compilationnin/ja tour samplerPromotional tracks collection distributed by download from six2009United StatesE
compilationnin/ja tour samplerPromotional tracks collection distributed by bittorrent.WAVseed six2009United StatesE
compilationthe bridge school collection, vol. 4Live collection includes TR performances of Hurt and the Fragile.M4Anone2009United StatesE
compilation(ahk-toong bay-bi) coveredCollection of U2 covers,NIN ver of Zoo StationCDnone2011United KingdomD