CD-size jewelcase, black/clear / Pretty Hate Machine
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
pretty hate machineArgentina edition, significant color variation on discCD848 358-21989ArgentinaB
pretty hate machineAU first pressing.CD7567-91834-21989AustraliaC
pretty hate machineAU second pressing.CDIND 9183421989AustraliaD
pretty hate machineAustrian release. Disc paint similar to black-sided UK release.CD2613141989AustriaB
pretty hate machineBrazil edition. Unusual disc paint.CD042284835821989BrazilB
pretty hate machineCanadian re-release. Nothing logo appears, no TVTCD069490374-21989CanadaC
pretty hate machineCanadian re-release with Nothing and TVT logos.CD069490374-21989CanadaD
pretty hate machineCanadian BMG release. Full-color disc paint.CD069490374-2 (D 128951)1989CanadaD
pretty hate machineCanadian CRC release.CDTVCD-26101989CanadaB
pretty hate machineCanadian CRC release, no `made in Canada` text on back.CDTVCD-26101989CanadaB
pretty hate machineCanadian first pressing.CDTVTD-26101989CanadaC
pretty hate machineUnauthorized item, believed origin FranceCDCID 848 358-21989FranceNA
pretty hate machineJapanese first pressing, black/red/blue obiCDAMCY-3451989JapanC
pretty hate machineJapanese second pressing, white/white obiCDMVCP-171989JapanD
pretty hate machineJapanese fourth release, white/black obiCDUICY-61591989JapanC
pretty hate machineRussian release, believed to be official.CD1989RussiaB
pretty hate machineSwitzerland edition.CD2613141989SwitzerlandC
pretty hate machineTaiwan edition, with obi-strip.CDINTD 918341989TaiwanC
pretty hate machineUK release. Disc paint, blue sides. BIEM/MCPS text on disc.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomD
pretty hate machineUK release, black disc paint sides, no Made in France text on disc.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomD
pretty hate machineUK release. Disc paint, blue sides. BIEM/STEMRA text on disc.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomB
pretty hate machineUS first pressing. Address on back matches address on disc.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesD
pretty hate machineUS first pressing, in longbox packaging.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesB
pretty hate machineUS release with unusual more-info insert.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesC
pretty hate machineUS CRC edition, CRC printed on disc.CDTVTD 26101989United StatesD
pretty hate machineUS CRC edition, variations on back insert and disc.CDTVTD 26101989United StatesC
pretty hate machineArgentina edition. Full color translucent disc paint.CD848 358-21989ArgentinaE
pretty hate machineJapanese third release. blue/white obiCDUICY-24811989JapanC
pretty hate machineUK release. Full-color disc paint, pink/black center with blue edges.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomD
pretty hate machineUK release. Full-color disc paint, pink/blue center with black sides.CDCID 9973 848 358-21989United KingdomD
pretty hate machineUS first pressing. Address on back does not match address on disc.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesD
pretty hate machineUS first pressing with `Printed in Canada` logos on packaging.CDTVT 2610-21989United StatesD
pretty hate machineUS CRC edition, no CRC text on disc.CDTVTD 26101989United StatesD
pretty hate machineJapanese SHM re-release.SHM-CDUICY 250331989JapanD
pretty hate machineGerman releaseCD7567-91834-21994GermanyC
pretty hate machineUK Reissue Misprint; Disk art has a pink and black (instead of pink and blue)CDCID 9973 848 358-21996United KingdomC
pretty hate machineUS re-release from 2011, very similar to original TVT version.CDB0015767-022011United StatesE
CD-size jewelcase, black/clear / Further Down the Spiral
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
piggyContains two versions of piggy and one hurt. labeled Halo 10CDPRCD 59231994United StatesB
further down the spiralAustralian second edition, detail type difference on back.CDIND 9581121995AustraliaD
further down the spiralCanadian CRC release. Atlantic logo present.CDA2 958111995CanadaA
further down the spiralCanadian re-release. MCA label appears on back.CDINTDM-958111995CanadaD
further down the spiralCanadian CRC re-release.CDINTSD 958111995CanadaA
further down the spiralTaiwan first release with full-size obi-strip.CDINTD 958111995TaiwanC
further down the spiralTaiwan second release. Item itself is US re-release.CDINTD 958111995TaiwanC
further down the spiralUS first pressing, entire item has a severe blue tintCD95811-21995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS first pressing, discolored spineCD95811-21995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS first pressing, sealed.CD95811-21995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS second pressing. Atlantic Records logos removed from back panel.CDINTDM-958111995United StatesE
further down the spiralUS CRC edition. Atlantic logo removed from back panel.CDINTDM-958111995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS second pressing, promo-stickered and sealed.CDINTDM-958111995United StatesC
further down the spiralUS second pressing. Discolored spine.CDINTDM-958111995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS BMG first pressing with discolored spine.CDINTDM-95811 (D 114836)1995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS BMG second pressing.CDINTDM-95811 (D 114836)1995United StatesD
further down the spiralUS BMG first pressing.CDINTDM-95811 (D 114836)1995United StatesD
hurtContains six versions of Hurt. Labeled Halo 10CDPRCD 61791995United StatesB
further down the spiralAustralian first pressingCD65449581121995AustraliaD
further down the spiralAustralian second edition. All artwork much darker than other editionsCDIND 9581121995AustraliaD
further down the spiralUS first pressing.CD95811-21995United StatesD
CD-size jewelcase, black/clear / Unauthorized
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
nine inch nailspurest feelingUnofficial item. Demo reel recorded at the Right Track, ClevelandCDEagle 0021988GermanyNA
nine inch nailstime to suckUnauthorized recordings from 1990 and 1991.CDMTM 0261991United StatesNA
nine inch nailsdemos and remixesUnauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes, etc.CDBMCD131992United StatesNA
nine inch nailsdemos and remixesUnauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes, etc. Disc variation.CDBMCD131992United StatesNA
nine inch nailssolid gold hellUnauthorized recordings from 1991.CDCM0121993ItalyNA
nine inch nailshole in your headUnauthorized recording, Hollywood Palace 1994/04/27.CDHR 5918-41994ItalyNA
nine inch nailsmud pigsUnauthorized Woodstock recording.CDLLRCD 2471994GermanyNA
nine inch nailsnails in my headUnauthorized recording from 1994/11/04.CDFlashback 02.95.02541994United StatesNA
nine inch nailsnothing is nextUnauthorized recording from Woodstock 1994.CDmeteor fm 11051994GermanyNA
nine inch nailsreznor sharpUnauthorized issue of the Woodstock 1994 performance.CDHR 5977-91994ItalyNA
nine inch nailsglamour deathUnauthorized recording from 1995/09/16.CDnone1995United StatesNA
nine inch nailsinterviewUnauthorized release, contains recorded interviews.CDCBAK40691995United KingdomNA
nine inch nailswelcome to the hatemachineUnauthorized release includes Purest Feeling demos.CDNMF 0228-41995United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 3Unofficial mega-mix collection of random official releases.CDRN 031997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsultra rare traxUnauthorized collection of b-sides, singles, etc.CDNIN 0011997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsultra rare trax vol.2Unauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes, etc.CDNIN 0022001United StatesNA
nine inch nailsjack`s wasted lifeUnauthorized mix combined with soundbytes from Fight Club.CDnone2002ItalyNA
nine inch nailslive at universal cityUnauthorized recording from Universal City CA, 2005/12/10.CDCD-0808012842008United KingdomNA
CD-size jewelcase, black/clear / Items With Official Tracks
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
compilationcertain damage volume 22Compilation disc from CMJ includes Down In It.CDCMJ CD-0221989United StatesC
compilationmca cd sampler #14Canadian compilation from 8/90 includes HLAHCDMCAD-90551990CanadaC
compilationsound decisionsCompilation disc includes HLAH (Slate) mix.CDA 220911990United StatesD
compilationhitmakersCompilation from 1990 includes HLAH.CDnone1990United StatesC
compilationlollapaloozaincludes Head Like a HoleCDPRO-CD-49261991United StatesC
compilationyou get what you deserve: a tvt samplerCanadian comp includes Sin and HLAH (Copper)CDTVTD-90871991CanadaB
compilationhot wired monstertruxGerman compilation disc includes `Wish`CD9548-31811-21993GermanyD
compilationcut backJapanese compilation includes March of the Pigs.CDAMCY-7591994JapanC
id softwarequakeUS retail PC version, in jewelcase.CD04-117951996United StatesD
id softwarequakeUS Macintosh edition contains all NIN-created audioCD63011996United StatesD
compilationretrospective 2includes "burn"CDMCAM 021996United KingdomD
compilationmotor music october 2000Motor Music compilation includes remix of StarfuckersCDnone2000GermanyC
compilationgolddisc 4415Compilation from distribution house includes Hurt x2.CD44152001United StatesD
compilationmotor music promo-cd januar 2002German label promo includes live TDTWWA version, from Still.CDnone2002GermanyC
compilationumvd now playing may/june 2005Compilation disc includes THTF.CDUMVDNPL5052005United StatesD
compilationchartbreakersUS radio promo compilation includes THTFCDCRW-85122005United StatesC
compilationjerry bruckheimer bad boys hockey 2005Promotional CD for a pro/am hockey tournament. Contains THTFCDnone2005United StatesC
dfathe dfa remixes, chapter twoUS promo edition, eight tracks. Includes DFA THTF remix.CDnone2006United StatesD
compilation(ahk-toong bay-bi) coveredCollection of U2 covers,NIN ver of Zoo StationCDnone2011United KingdomD
CD-size jewelcase, black/clear / Contributions
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
the innocentlivin` in the streetPre-NIN band credits Trent Reznor with keyboards.CD731001985United StatesC
compilationexhibit c: ohio`s undercurrentCleveland compilation disc includes TR contributionCD104244-C1988United StatesB
compilationkiller blowTR presence on track by hot tin roofCDJCP666B1988United StatesA
exotic birdsequalibriumuncredited production. or somethingCDD2709551990United StatesD
1000 homo djssupernautEU edition with copyright date of 1992. Purple artwork.CDCDDVN5M1990FranceD
1000 homo djssupernautTR vocals on Supernaut (distorted)CDTVT 81331990United StatesD
revolting cocksbeers, steers + queers (remixes)TR credited as "additional cock."CDWAXCDS 91491991CanadaD
crunch-o-maticcaution do not playTR credited for `additional data`.CD848 139 21991United StatesD
machines of loving graceburn like brilliant trashCredits indicate item wasCDMR0036-21992United StatesD
tori amosunder the pinkUS edition, TR vocals on Past the Mission.CD82567-21994United StatesD
marilyn mansonget your gunnContains "Mother Inferior Got Ger Gunn" remix by TRCDINTDM-959021994United StatesD
tribute to black sabbathnativity in blackTR vocals on Supernaut (distorted)CDCK 663351994United StatesD
tori amosunder the pinkUS BMG edition. Includes TR vocals on Past the MissionCD82567-21994United StatesD
marilyn mansonlunchboxDown In The Park produced by TR, other stuff by ClouserCDINTDM-958061995United StatesD
prickprickTR production & engineering on four tracksCD92395-21995United StatesD
marilyn mansonsmells like childrenProduced by Trent ReznorCDINTD-926411995United StatesD
prickprickUS Promo CDCD92395-21995United StatesC
marilyn mansonthe beautiful peopleUS two-track promo produced by TR.CDINT5P-60521996United StatesD
twoi am a pigUS one-track promo edition.CDINT5P-62901998United StatesD
el-pflyentology radio singleUS promo contains two radio edits of Flyentology.CDDJX135cdp2007United StatesC
puscifer`c` is for... e.p.Puscifer EP includes TR writing credit on `Potions`CDnone2010United StatesD
CD-size jewelcase, black/clear / Films and Soundtracks
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
soundtrackthe young americansFrench edition includes Gave Up remix by CoilCD74321 16533 21993FranceD
soundtrackthe young americansUK edition includes Gave Up remix by Coil.CDCID 8019 518 472-21993United KingdomD
nine inch nailsburnSingle-track promo in jewelcase with back insertCDPRCD58681994United StatesB
soundtracknatural born killersAustralian edition.CD65449246021994AustraliaD
soundtracknatural born killersCanadian version. Inside of booklet b/w instead of color.CDCD 924601994CanadaD
soundtracknatural born killersCanadian re-release.CDINTD-924601994CanadaD
soundtracknatural born killersEU BMG edition, minor variances.CDIND 924601994European UnionD
soundtracknatural born killersEU edition. Unlike US edition, disc is white.CDIND 92460 492 460-21994European UnionD
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese first pressing, promo editionCDAMCY-7711994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese first pressing.CDAMCY-7711994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese second release.CDMVCP-151994JapanE
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese second release, promo edition.CDMVCP-151994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersTaiwan edition. Item itself is the standard EU edition.CDIND 924601994TaiwanC
soundtracknatural born killersUS promo edition.CD92460-21994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersUS BMG first pressing.CD92460-2 (D105994)1994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersUS BMG second pressing.CD92460-2 (D105994)1994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersUS second pressing, sealed.CDINTD-924601994United StatesE
soundtrackselections from natural born killersUS four-track promotional release.CDPRCD-59001994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowAustralian edition.CD75678251921994AustraliaD
soundtrackthe crowCanadian version. Includes Dead SoulsCDCD 825191994CanadaD
soundtrackthe crowGerman edition with sticker on front of jewelcase.CD7567-82519-2 CA 8511994GermanyD
soundtrackthe crowJapanese edition, includes Dead Souls.CDAMCY-7221994JapanD
soundtrackthe crowUS promo edition, promo text on insert and disc.CD82519-21994United StatesC
soundtrackthe crowUS edition, sealed and stickered.CD82519-21994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowUS BMG edition. Contains Dead SoulsCD82519-2 (D 103173)1994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowUS release. Contains Dead SoulsCD82519-21994United StatesE
soundtracknatural born killersGerman CD release, with unique insert.CD6544-92460-21994GermanyD
soundtracknatural born killersUS first pressing. Contains Burn, productionCD92460-21994United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayCanadian release, unusual barcode and catalog numberCDCINTD 900901996CanadaD
compilationlost highwayCanadian edition.CDINTSD-900901996CanadaD
soundtracklost highwayEU edition.CDIND-900901996European UnionD
soundtracklost highwayJapanese retail version.CDMVCP 441996JapanD
soundtracklost highwayJapanese promo release with book and obi.CDMVCP 44 (INTD-90090)1996JapanC
soundtracklost highwayKorean CD edition.CDINTD-90090 BMGMD-44331996KoreaC
soundtracklost highwayTaiwan edition with large obi-strip.CDINTD 900901996TaiwanC
soundtracklost highwayUS CRC edition.CDINTD-900901996United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayUS stickered, hole-punched promo edition.CDINTD-900901996United StatesC
soundtracklost highwayUS promo edition, cut through barcode. SealedCDINTD-900901996United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayUS BMG re-release.CDINTD-90090 (D116956)1996United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayUS edition.CDINTD-900901996United StatesD
soundtracklost highwayUS BMG edition.CDINTD-90090 (D116956)1996United StatesD
soundtrackworld travelerTR piano on score work; produced at Nothing Studios.CD9616-22000United StatesD
soundtrackdeepUS promo release. Contains "Deep" and "Deep" radio edit.CDPRCD 1637-22001United StatesC
soundtracktomb raiderSingapore edition. Includes free voucher for Burger King.CD62669-22001SingaporeC
soundtracktomb raiderSouth African release with black tray, unique disc art.CDEKCD 63042001South AfricaB
soundtracktomb raiderTaiwan edition. Warner logos on slipcase, Electra logos on itemCD7559-62669-22001TaiwanC
soundtrackdoomGerman edition.CDVSD 67022005GermanyD
CD-size jewelcase, black/clear / Bad Witch
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
bad witchUK Promo CDCDnone2018United KingdomA