titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
fixedUK cassette; promocassILPM3005 / ICM80051992United KingdomS
fixedThree-track vinyl promo with logo on black labels.vinyl 1212 IS 563 DJ1992United KingdomA
fixedUK edition, promo-stickeredCDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992United KingdomA
fixedJapanese promo edition of first pressing.CDAMCY-5251992JapanA
fixedUK edition with Ferret & Spanner promo sticker.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992United KingdomA
fixedUK 12-inch vinyl testpressing.vinyl 12ILPM 80051992United KingdomA
fixedAustralian first pressing.CD75679609321992AustraliaB
fixedJapanese re-release, promo edition.CDMVCP-200021992JapanB
fixedCanadian first pressing, black cassettecass79 609341992CanadaB
fixedCanadian third release, clear cassettecass79 609341992CanadaB
fixedUS first pressing, sealed and stickered.CD96093-21992United StatesB
fixedTaiwan edition, different obi strip and different detail on item.CDINTD 960931992TaiwanB
deadly sinUK combination pack includes Sin and Fixed.CDNI1151992United KingdomB
fixedCanadian first pressing.CD96093-21992CanadaB
fixedPhilippines edition. No bar code.cassINC 9609321992PhilippinesB
fixedUS limited first pressingCD96093-21992United StatesC
fixedGerman version, in jewel caseCD74321 12633 21992GermanyC
fixedUK vinyl editionvinyl 12ILPM 8005 514 321-11992United KingdomC
fixedHolland release, similar to UK editioncassICM 8005 / 514 321-41992HollandC
fixedJapanese first pressing. MMG on obi and disc, EastWest on digipakCDAMCY-5251992JapanC
fixedUS black cassette.cass96093-41992United StatesC
fixedTaiwan edition with obi strip.CDINTD 960931992TaiwanC
fixedJapanese first pressing. EastWest on obi, digipak, and discCDAMCY-5251992JapanC
fixedJapanese first pressing. MMG logo on obi, digipak, and discCDAMCY-5251992JapanC
fixedUK cassette edition.cassICM 8005 / 514 321-41992United KingdomC
fixedKorean edition, clear jewelcase.CDINTD 96093 BMGMD-45131992KoreaC
fixedCanadian second pressing.CD06949609321992CanadaC
fixedUS cassette edition, promo-punched.cass96093-41992United StatesC
fixedTurkish release, consists of UK edition, Turkish stickers on outer wraCDIMCD 8005 514 321-21992TurkeyC
fixedIndonesian cassette edition.cassIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992IndonesiaC
fixedJapanese re-release.CDMVCP-200021992JapanD
fixedAU re-release, in jewel caseCDIND9609321992AustraliaD
fixedFrench version with `MCPS` text on disc.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992FranceD
fixedFrench version with `STEMRA` text on disc.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992FranceD
fixedCanadian second edition black cassette.cassINTC-960931992CanadaD
fixedFrench version with distortion on front cover art.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992FranceD
fixedTaiwan second pressing. Item is French digipak, not AU jewelcaseCDINTD 960931992TaiwanD
fixedUS re-releaseCD06949609321992United StatesE
fixedUK digipak edition.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992United KingdomE
fixedUkranian release, questionable authenticity.cass514321-41992UkraineNA
fixedRussian release, no real origin detail.CDB01031992RussiaNA