titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
fixedAU re-release, in jewel caseCDIND9609321992AustraliaD
fixedAustralian first pressing.CD75679609321992AustraliaB
fixedCanadian first pressing, black cassettecass79 609341992CanadaB
fixedCanadian first pressing.CD96093-21992CanadaB
fixedCanadian second edition black cassette.cassINTC-960931992CanadaD
fixedCanadian second pressing.CD06949609321992CanadaC
fixedCanadian third release, clear cassettecass79 609341992CanadaB
fixedFrench version with `MCPS` text on disc.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992FranceD
fixedFrench version with `STEMRA` text on disc.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992FranceD
fixedFrench version with distortion on front cover art.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992FranceD
fixedGerman version, in jewel caseCD74321 12633 21992GermanyC
fixedHolland release, similar to UK editioncassICM 8005 / 514 321-41992HollandC
fixedIndonesian cassette edition.cassIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992IndonesiaC
fixedJapanese first pressing. EastWest on obi, digipak, and discCDAMCY-5251992JapanC
fixedJapanese first pressing. MMG logo on obi, digipak, and discCDAMCY-5251992JapanC
fixedJapanese first pressing. MMG on obi and disc, EastWest on digipakCDAMCY-5251992JapanC
fixedJapanese promo edition of first pressing.CDAMCY-5251992JapanA
fixedJapanese re-release, promo edition.CDMVCP-200021992JapanB
fixedJapanese re-release.CDMVCP-200021992JapanD
fixedKorean edition, clear jewelcase.CDINTD 96093 BMGMD-45131992KoreaC
fixedPhilippines edition. No bar code.cassINC 9609321992PhilippinesB
fixedRussian release, no real origin detail.CDB01031992RussiaNA
fixedTaiwan edition with obi strip.CDINTD 960931992TaiwanC
fixedTaiwan edition, different obi strip and different detail on item.CDINTD 960931992TaiwanB
fixedTaiwan second pressing. Item is French digipak, not AU jewelcaseCDINTD 960931992TaiwanD
fixedThree-track vinyl promo with logo on black labels.vinyl 1212 IS 563 DJ1992United KingdomA
fixedTurkish release, consists of UK edition, Turkish stickers on outer wraCDIMCD 8005 514 321-21992TurkeyC
fixedUK 12-inch vinyl testpressing.vinyl 12ILPM 80051992United KingdomA
fixedUK cassette edition.cassICM 8005 / 514 321-41992United KingdomC
fixedUK cassette; promocassILPM3005 / ICM80051992United KingdomS
deadly sinUK combination pack includes Sin and Fixed.CDNI1151992United KingdomB
fixedUK digipak edition.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992United KingdomE
fixedUK edition with Ferret & Spanner promo sticker.CDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992United KingdomA
fixedUK edition, promo-stickeredCDIMCD 8005 / 514 321-21992United KingdomA
fixedUK vinyl editionvinyl 12ILPM 8005 514 321-11992United KingdomC
fixedUS black cassette.cass96093-41992United StatesC
fixedUS cassette edition, promo-punched.cass96093-41992United StatesC
fixedUS first pressing, sealed and stickered.CD96093-21992United StatesB
fixedUS limited first pressingCD96093-21992United StatesC
fixedUS re-releaseCD06949609321992United StatesE
fixedUkranian release, questionable authenticity.cass514321-41992UkraineNA