artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
saul williamsthe inevitable rise and liberation of niggy tardust!192k MP3 edition. Available briefly as a free download.Digital (MP3, FLAC, WAV)none2007United StatesE
soundtrackcall of duty: black ops ii256k M4A format distrbution via iTunes.M4Anone2012United StatesE
saul williamsthe inevitable rise and liberation of niggy tardust!320k mp3 download edition.Digital (MP3, FLAC, WAV)none2007United StatesE
marilyn mansonantichrist superstarAU edition.CDINTD-900861996AustraliaD
pantera3 vulgar videos from hellAppearance by intoxicated TR "exploit this however you want"DVDR2 9716112006United StatesE
marilyn mansonsweet dreamsAustralian four-track CD includes TR production.CDIND 955041995AustraliaD
winkherehearBlack Bomb credited TR asCDCK 678501998United StatesD
marilyn mansontourniquetCD 2 of two-part UK single. Produced by TRCDINDX-955521997United KingdomD
jakalopepretty lifeCanadian single-track promo CD.CDnone2004CanadaD
1000 homo djssupernautCanadian white cassette edition.cassWAXCS81331990CanadaC
pigfacegubCassette edition with contributions from TRcassINV 0091990CanadaC
compilationexhibit c: ohio`s undercurrentCleveland compilation disc includes TR contributionCD104244-C1988United StatesB
healthisn't everyoneCollaboration between Health + NINWAVLVR0203092021United StatesE
compilationside traxCollection of Ministry sideprojects includes Supernaut.CDRCD 106902004United StatesE
compilationnothing changesCollection of artists from Nothing Records. No actual TR contentCDINT5P-64501998United StatesC
pigface90-96Collection of live Pigface performances. TR appears on Suck.DVDUN10692003United StatesD
marilyn mansonget your gunnContains "Mother Inferior Got Ger Gunn" remix by TRCDINTDM-959021994United StatesD
el-pflyentology epContains four versions of Flyentology.CDnone2007United StatesC
machines of loving graceburn like brilliant trashCredits indicate item wasCDMR0036-21992United StatesD
danny elfmannative intelligenceDigital Single; Collaboration with Trent ReznorDigital (MP3, FLAC, WAV)none2022United StatesE
rushbeyond the lighted stageDocumentary includes commentary from TR.DVDZoe 01143-1130-92010United StatesE
marilyn mansonlunchboxDown In The Park produced by TR, other stuff by ClouserCDINTDM-958061995United StatesD
compilation17 ways to suckDownload-only collection of Suck remixes from PigfaceDigital (MP3, FLAC, WAV)SUCK-DLD.zip2008United StatesE
1000 homo djssupernautEU edition with copyright date of 1992. Purple artwork.CDCDDVN5M1990FranceD
zack de la rochawe want it allEU single contains We Want It All, produced by TR.CDSAMPCS 14505 12004European UnionD
zack de la rochawe want it allEU single contains We Want It All, produced by TR.CDSAMPCS 14505 12004European UnionD
david bowiesevenEU six-track includes video for I`m Afraid of Americans.CD7243 8 96931 0 22000European UnionD
saul williamsthe inevitable rise and liberation of niggy tardust!FLAC edition of download.FLACnone2007United StatesE
ministrygreatest fitsIncludes Supernaut.CD9-48115-22001United StatesE
compilationshinya tsukamoto complete collectionIncludes video of TR collaboration on MTV spot.LaserDiscTSL-0008-111995JapanB
queens of the stone ageera vulgarisJP edition includes TR contribution on title track.CDUICS-11412007JapanE
jakalopeit dreamsJapanese promo edition, includes country-specific booklet.CDPCCY 017412005JapanD
jakalopeborn4Japanese version with two extra tracks.CDPCCY 017822006JapanD
compilationblackbox (limited edition)Limited `metal box` version includes TR on SupernautCDnone1994United StatesC
queens of the stone ageera vulgaris (tour edition)Malaysian `tour edition` includes TR appearance on title track.CD518960586022007MalaysiaD
exotic birdsl`oiseauPre-NIN band credits TR with contributions.vinyl 12none1986United StatesC
the innocentlivin` in the streetPre-NIN band credits Trent Reznor with keyboards.CD731001985United StatesC
the innocentlivin` in the streetPre-NIN band credits Trent Reznor with keyboards.vinyl 12ST 731001985United StatesC
the innocentlivin` in the streetPre-NIN band features TR on keyboards, covercass4XT 731001985United StatesB
slam bamboowhite lies / cry like a babyPre-NIN project features TR on keyboards, covervinyl 7JHVH-21987United StatesS
marilyn mansonsmells like childrenProduced by Trent ReznorCDINTD-926411995United StatesD
twovoyeursPromo version of US commercial release.CDINTD-901551998United StatesD
marilyn mansonthe horrible peoplePromo vinyl with two remixesvinyl 12INT8P-61881997United StatesD
puscifer`c` is for... e.p.Puscifer EP includes TR writing credit on `Potions`CDnone2010United StatesD
soundtrackcall of duty: black ops iiRussian CDs included with local COD:BO2 package.CD33349491R22012RussiaB
el-pi`ll sleep when you`re deadTR and Atticus Ross appear on "Flyentology"CDdjx137cd2007United StatesE
a perfect circleemotiveTR authoring credit on `Passive`. Limited holographic cover edition.CD7243 8 66687 2 12004United StatesD
revolting cocksbeers, steers + queers (remixes)TR credited as "additional cock."CDWAXCDS 91491991CanadaD
crunch-o-maticcaution do not playTR credited for `additional data`.CD848 139 21991United StatesD
jakalopeit dreamsTR credited with production and songwriting on several tracksCDORNG006CD2004CanadaD
lucky pierrecommuniqueTR credits in pre-NIN band.vinyl 12BR-1101988United StatesC
marilyn mansonportrait of an american familyTR listed as Executive ProducerCDINTD-923441994United StatesD
compilationkiller blowTR presence on track by hot tin roofCDJCP666B1988United StatesA
prickprickTR production & engineering on four tracksCD92395-21995United StatesD
tribute to black sabbathnativity in blackTR vocals on Supernaut (distorted)CDCK 663351994United StatesD
1000 homo djssupernautTR vocals on Supernaut (distorted)CDTVT 81331990United StatesD
a perfect circlepassiveTwo-track promo of track co-authored by TR.CD7087 6 19082 2 02004United StatesD
marilyn mansonantichrist superstarUK Simply Vinyl release.vinyl 12SVLP-0551996United KingdomD
el-pthe overly dramatic truth / smithereensUK six-track promo includes a Flyentology remix.CDnone2007United KingdomC
el-pflyentologyUK six-track promo, different sticker.CDDJX136UK2007United KingdomC
el-pflyentologyUK six-track promo.CDDJX136UK2007United KingdomC
marilyn mansonsmells like childrenUK vinyl release.vinyl 12SVLP-2081995United KingdomD
tobaccohot wet & sassyUS 12 inch Cornetto Vinyl Editionvinyl 12GI-3662020United StatesE
tobaccohot wet & sassyUS 12 inch Standard Black Vinyl Editionvinyl 12N/A2020United StatesE
prickprickUS 12 inch vinyl; limited edition clear red vinylvinyl 12B0026353-012017United StatesC
healthdisco4US 12" Releasevinyl 12LVR026692022United StatesE
1000 homo djssupernautUS 12" vinyl releasevinyl 12CLO 23332021United StatesE
jubileein with the out crowdUS 4-track EP, TR drum programming on track #2.CDBH 0272008United StatesD
healthisn't everyoneUS 7" vinyl release; Collaboration between Health + NIN, Limited to 2000 copiesvinyl 7LVR021452021United StatesC
tori amosunder the pinkUS BMG edition. Includes TR vocals on Past the MissionCD82567-21994United StatesD
tobaccohot wet & sassyUS CD ReleaseCDN/A2020United StatesE
tobaccohot wet & sassyUS Cassette ReleasecassN/A2020United StatesE
prickprickUS Promo CDCD92395-21995United StatesC
tobaccobabysitterUS Single Digital Release (MP3/WAV/FLAC)Digital (MP3, FLAC, WAV)N/A2020United StatesE
prickprickUS cassette edition with contributions from TRcass92395-41995United StatesC
crunch-o-maticcaution do not playUS cassette edition, hole punch through UPC codecass848-139-41991United StatesC
pigfacewelcome to mexico assholeUS cassette includes TR vocals on Suck.cassINV 011C1991United StatesC
1000 homo djssupernautUS clear cassette edition.cassTVT 81331990United StatesD
queens of the stone agelike clockworkUS deluxe edition, TR contribution on two tracks.vinyl 12OLE-1040-02013United StatesD
queens of the stone agelike clockworkUS edition includes TR contributions on two tracks.CDOLE-1040-22013United StatesE
pigfacethe best of pigfaceUS edition includes TR vocals on Suck.CDINV2012001United StatesD
robbie robertsonhow to become clairvoyantUS edition includes ambience from TR on `Madame X`CDFTN 178212011United StatesE
filterthe sun comes out tonightUS edition with TR quote on sticker.CD60150-13350-22013United StatesE
tori amosunder the pinkUS edition, TR vocals on Past the Mission.CD82567-21994United StatesD
twoi am a pigUS one-track promo edition.CDINT5P-62901998United StatesD
saul williamsthe inevitable rise and liberation of niggy tardust!US physical release. Produced by TR.CDFL-09062008United StatesE
revolting cocksbeers, steers + queersUS picture disc release. TR credited as "additional cock."vinyl 12WAX 70631989United StatesD
el-pflyentology radio singleUS promo contains two radio edits of Flyentology.CDDJX135cdp2007United StatesC
compilationblackbox promoUS promo version. TR vocals on Supernaut (clean)CDTVT 7226-2P1994United StatesC
david bowiei`m afraid of americansUS promo videocassette includes a 13-minute making-of clip.VHS1242691997United StatesC
marilyn mansonantichrist superstarUS red-vinyl edition, exclusively available at Hot Topic.vinyl 12B0017874-011996United StatesE
pigfacegub/spoonbreakfast/welcomeUS reissue, contains TR vocals on two versions of SuckCDUIN11142005United StatesE
ministrycover-upUS release includes (once again) Supernaut.CD020286117122008United StatesE
marilyn mansonantichrist superstarUS release, produced by TR.CDINTD-900861996United StatesE
a perfect circleemotiveUS standard release includes TR writing credit on Passive.CD7243 8 66687 2 12004United StatesE
compilationblackboxUS standard version. TR vocals on Supernaut (clean)CDTVT 7727-21994United StatesD
marilyn mansonthe beautiful peopleUS two-track promo produced by TR.CDINT5P-60521996United StatesD
prickcommuniqueUS vinyl promo.vinyl 7PR 59481994United StatesC
saul williamsthe inevitable rise and liberation of niggy tardust!US vinyl release.vinyl 12FL-09062008United StatesE
el-pi`ll sleep when you`re deadUS vinyl release. TR and Atticus Ross appear onvinyl 12djx137dlp2007United StatesE
machines of loving graceburn like brilliant trashUS vinyl release. `Reproduced` by TR.vinyl 12MR00361992United StatesD
el-pi`ll sleep when you`re deadUS watermarked promo release.CDnone2006United StatesB
the innocentlivin` in the streetUS white cassette, sealed.cass4XT 731001985United StatesB
marilyn mansonantichrist superstarUkraine edition.CD490 086-21996UkraineD
marilyn mansonportrait of an american familyUkraine edition.CD492 344-9 IND923441994UkraineD
soundtrackcall of duty: black ops iiVBR MP3 distribution via Amazon.Digital (MP3, FLAC, WAV)none2012United StatesE
twovoyeursexecutive producer: Trent ReznorCDINTD-901551998United StatesD
vincent caprettawho`s lookin back?pre-NIN project credits TR for co-engineering.vinyl 12none1988United StatesD
hanson: the moviehanson: the moviepre-NIN project with TR egineering/programmingcassJHVH-9991989United StatesA
hanson: the movieson of slampre-NIN project with TR programming creditcassJHVH-7-5-981989United StatesA
exotic birdsequilibriumuncredited production. or somethingCDD2709551990United StatesD
panterathe great southern trendkillvocals recorded at Nothing Studios; believe uncredited productionCD61908-21996United StatesE