package5 inch DVD x2 in black plastic case with full-color insert in outer clear sleeve.
track listing
a1.7 Words (Live)
a2.War Ich Nicht (Live)
a3.Tonight`s the Night (Little Sisters) (Live)
a4.The Image of Red Cut In Half (Live)
a5.Hips, Tits, Lips, Power (Live)
a6.Lash / Herb / Taxi (Live)
a7.Suck (Live)
a8.Alles Ist Mein (Live)
a9.Bushmaster Bushmaster (Live)
a10.Auto Hag (Live)
a11.Weightless (Live)
a12.Blood and Sand (Live)
a13.Point Blank (Live)
a14.Tapeworm (Live)
a15.T.F.W.O. (Live)
a16.Careering (Live)
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b1.Insemination (Live)
b2.Asphole (Live)
b3.Murder Inc. (Live)
b4.Ten Ground and Down (Live)
b5.Divebomber (Live)
b6.You Own You Own (Live)
b7.Suck (Live)
b8.Think (Live)
b9.Satellite (Live)
b10.Auto Hag (Live)
b11.Seven Words (Live)
b12.Ignition Times Four (Live)
b13.Dirtbox Tennessee (Live)
b14.Murder Inc. (Live)
b15.Flowers Of Romance (Live)
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catalog numberUN1069
upc6 37642 10699 1
labelinvisible 2003
countryUnited States United States
added to catalogFeb. 20, 2008

Collection of live Pigface performances. TR appears on Suck.

rarity classD