with teeth era / The Hand That Feeds
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
box#1192 (of 2000) Intended to hold 9" singles from With Teeth boxNIN9X042005United KingdomC
collectedCollection of stuffDVDINTR-11414-92005United StatesD
the hand that feedsAustralian full-color promo with picture of TR on discCDNone2005AustraliaB
the hand that feedsEU single-track slimline promo.CDNINCDP12005European UnionC
the hand that feedsEU single-track slimline promo with German text and different URLCDNINCDP12005European UnionC
the hand that feedsFrench promotional single-track cardsleeve edition.CD10699 LC 003092005FranceB
the hand that feedsFrench promo edition. Media believed to be CD-R.CDnone2005FranceB
the hand that feedsHungary-issue four-track digipak.CD6024988150452005HungaryC
the hand that feedsMexican issue 1-track promo, cardsleeve packagingCDCDP 2016272005MexicoC
the hand that feedsPolish country-specific-stickered release. Item is EU 4-track.CD6024988150452005PolandC
the hand that feedsPolish country-specific stickered release. Item is EU cardsleeve.CD6024988150522005PolandC
the hand that feedsPolish single-track promo in slimline case with no insert.CDNone2005PolandA
the hand that feedsUK edition, promo-stickered.CDCID888/988 166-72005United KingdomC
the hand that feedsUK single-track slimline promoCDCIDDJ8882005United KingdomD
the hand that feedsUS issue 1-track promo of LP versionCDINTR-11381-22005United StatesC
the hand that feedsContains four THTF mixes by DFA, three exclusive to this releaseCDnone2005United StatesA
the hand that feedsUK DVD edition, sealed and promo-stickered.DVDCIDV888/988 166-82005United KingdomC
the hand that feedsEU two-track vinyl, Photek mixesvinyl 12NINVP12005European UnionB
the hand that feedsUS 12 inch edition with Photek remixesvinyl 12B0005127-112005United StatesD
the hand that feedsUS 12 inch edition with DFA remixesvinyl 12B0005129-112005United StatesD
the hand that feedsUS promo vinyl.vinyl 12INTR-11411-12005United StatesD
the hand that feedsUS three-track vinyl, DFA mixesvinyl 12INTR-11474-12005United StatesD
the hand that feedsTHTF vinyl given out at `listening party` WT eventsvinyl 7INTR-11401-72005United StatesC
the hand that feedsMisprint version of THTF vinyl given out at listening-party events.vinyl 7INTR-11401-72005United StatesB
the hand that feedsTHTF one-sided promovinyl 99 IS 888 DJ2005United KingdomC
the hand that feedsUK 9-inch edition, sealed by importer. Stored in WT storage box.vinyl 99IS888/988 150-72005United KingdomD
the hand that feedsUK 9-inch editionvinyl 99IS888/988 150-72005United KingdomD
the hand that feedsThe Hand That Feeds Promo CD (Numbered, Watermarked)CDnone2005United StatesB
the hand that feedsDanish 1-track promo issued by Universal MusicCDnone2005DenmarkS
the hand that feedsFull color vinyl picture disc, `home` on side twovinyl 10HALO_18 V22005United StatesD
the hand that feedsEU 4-track versionCD6024988150452005European UnionD
the hand that feedstwo-track transparent edge cardsleeveCD6024988150522005European UnionD
the hand that feedssealed, two-track transparent edge cardsleeveCD6024988150522005European UnionD
the hand that feedsUK CD versionCDCID888/988 166-72005United KingdomD
the hand that feedsUK DVD versionDVDCIDV888/988 166-82005United KingdomD
with teeth era / With Teeth
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
nin samplerUS WT 5-track sampler, watermarked and numberedCDnone2005United StatesA
with teethArgentina promo-stamed edition.CD98814392005ArgentinaB
with teethAustralian edition, green disc paint.CD98814392005AustraliaD
with teethAustralian edition, black disc paint.CD98814392005AustraliaD
with teethBrazil edition. Includes `Home`CD602498814392005BrazilB
with teethCanadian editionCDB0004553022005CanadaD
with teethColumbian edition.CD988 143 92005ColumbiaB
with teethEU edition. Sticker on outer wrap. Black disc. Includes HomeCD06024988143902005European UnionD
with teethEU edition. Disc is dark green.CD06024988143902005European UnionD
with teethHong Kong edition, includes Home.CD06024988143902005Hong KongB
with teethIndonesian CD release.CD06024988143902005IndonesiaC
with teethJapanese promo edition.CDUICS-10952005JapanC
with teethJapanese second release.CDUICY-916692005JapanD
with teethKorean second pressing.CDDS9032 / 988 143-92005KoreaD
with teethMalaysian second edition. Disc tray still on TR`s face.CD98814392005MalaysiaD
with teethPhilippines edition. Very glossy package; odd font on disc.CD0602498814392005PhilippinesB
with teethRussian release with info sticker on backCD26005662005RussiaD
with teethRussian edition with detail differences.CD26005662005RussiaD
with teethRussian edition with Rolling Stone obi-strip.CD26005662005RussiaB
with teethThailand issue. Digipak disc tray in correct location.CD988 143-92005ThailandD
with teethThailand promo edition. Text on inner disc ring; tray on TR`s face.CD988 143-92005ThailandB
with teethTurkish release.CD06024988143902005TurkeyC
with teethUkraine edition from Moon Records.CDMR-1196-22005UkraineC
with teethUK standard release.CDCID 8155 / 988 144 02005United KingdomD
with teethUK edition with Special Edition sticker on front and more-info insert.CDCID 8155 / 988 144-02005United KingdomD
with teethUS BMG release, black disc.CDB0004553-02 (D 161536)2005United StatesC
with teethUS BMG edition, sealed.DualDiscB0004553-82 (D161844)2005United StatesD
with teethIndonesian cassette edition.cass26552005IndonesiaC
with teethIndonesian cassette edition, sealed with varying details.cass26552005IndonesiaC
with teethJapanese promotional cassette.cassUICS-10952005JapanA
with teethJapanese first pressing.CDUICS-10952005JapanD
with teethJapanese promo edition of single-disc releaseCDUICS-10952005JapanC
with teethSimilar to US version, but glossy packagingCD98814392005ArgentinaD
with teethMost likely fake, but a very nicely done fake.CDHX 08672005ChinaNA
with teethKorean issue, believed to be official.CDDS9032 / 988 143-92005KoreaC
with teethMalasyian edition, digipak disc tray positioned over TR`s face.CD98814392005MalaysiaC
with teethMexican edition, very glossy packaging. Includes `Home`CD98814392005MexicoC
with teethTaiwan issue, very glossy packaging.CD06024988143902005TaiwanD
with teethThailand issue. Digipak disc tray placed over TR`s face.CD988 143-92005ThailandC
with teethStandard US CD releaseCDB0004553-022005United StatesE
with teethCD+DVD `Tour Edition.`CD+DVD-A6024988243752005European UnionE
with teethUS dualdisc, CD / DVD-A + surroundDualDiscB0004553-822005United StatesE
with teethsealed, malaysian cassette, includes `home`cass98822242005MalaysiaC
with teethUS vinyl, includes `Home`vinyl 12B0004553-012005United StatesD
with teethJapanese CD+DVD `tour edition` release.CD+DVD-AUICS-90392005JapanE
with teethJapanese third release.CDUICO-96992005JapanD
the downward spiral + with teethArgentina pairing of TDS and WT, 2008 date.CD53260802008ArgentinaD
the downward spiral + with teethEU pairing of TDS and WT.CD06007532608072010European UnionE
the downward spiral + with teethIndonesia pairing of TDS and WT.CD532 608-02010IndonesiaD
the downward spiral + with teethMalaysia pairing of TDS and WT.CD06007532608072010MalaysiaD
the downward spiral + with teethTaiwan pairing of TDS and WT.CD06007532608072010TaiwanE
with teethApple Music exclusive containing Instrumental only versions of the albumFLACnone2015United StatesE
with teeth2019 Definitive Editionvinyl 12B0025681-012019United StatesE
with teeth era / Only
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
onlyAustralian two-track promo.CDnone2005AustraliaB
onlyEU black-disc version, three tracks plus video.CD6024988375732005European UnionE
onlyEU two-track promo in slimline case. Full-color disc paint.CDNINCDP22005European UnionC
onlyEU one-track promo in slimline case. Full-color disc paint.CDNINCDP22005European UnionC
onlyPolish country-specific-stickered release. Item is EU black 4-track.CD0602498375732005PolandC
onlyPolish two-track promo in slimline case with no insertCDNone2005PolandB
onlyUK 3-track with promotional stickers and informationCDCID903/988 376-02005United KingdomC
onlyUK one-track promo edition.CDnone2005United KingdomC
onlyUK one-track promo edition with different disc detail and stickersCDnone2005United KingdomC
onlyUK one-track promo with Island Records info stickers on back.CDnone2005United KingdomC
onlyUS two-track promo release; standard track and radio editCDINTR-11468-22005United StatesC
onlyUS one-track promo release, radio edit onlyCDINTR-11468-22005United StatesC
onlyCounterfeit copy of ELP/Richard X remix promo. AvoidCDcounterfeit2005United StatesNA
onlyMark on sticker indicates promotional item, apparentlyvinyl 12B0005465-112005United StatesD
onlyStandard US 12-inch single releasevinyl 12B0005465-112005United StatesD
onlyone-sided Only vinyl promovinyl 99IS903 DJ2005United KingdomC
only remixesFive-track promo CD; three tracks exclusive to this releaseCDnone2005United StatesA
onlyEU grey disc version, three tracks plus video.CD6024988375732005European UnionC
onlyEU grey disc version, sealedCD6024988375732005European UnionC
onlyEU black disc version, sealedCD6024988375732005European UnionE
onlyUK 3-track version, two-color disc paint.CDCID903/988 376-02005United KingdomD
onlyEU DVD single versionDVDCIDV903/988 376-12005United KingdomC
only9 inch UK vinyl, sealed by importer and stored in WT storage box.vinyl 99IS903/988 376-22005United KingdomD
only9 inch UK vinyl singlevinyl 99IS903/988 376-22005United KingdomD
with teeth era / Tour Posters
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
nine inch nailslitho: fresno / reno / davis2005-03-23 Fresno, 03-24 Reno and 03-25 Davisposternone2005United StatesA
nine inch nailslitho: london club2005-03-30 and 03-31, London Astoriaposternone2005United KingdomB
nine inch nailslitho: san francisco club2005-04-27 and 04-28, San Francisco Warfieldposternone2005United StatesB
nine inch nailslitho: vegas club2005-04-30, Las Vegasposternone2005United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: denver club2005-05-03 and 05-04, Denver Fillmoreposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: chicago club2005-05-06 and 05-07, Chicago Congressposternone2005United StatesB
nine inch nailslitho: toronto club2005-05-09 and 2005-05-10, Toronto Koolhausposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: boston club2005-05-13, Bostonposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: new york city club2005-05-15 and 2005-05-16, NYC Hammersteinposternone2005United StatesB
nine inch nailslitho: philadelphia club2005-05-18 and 05-19, Philadelphia Electric Factoryposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: atlanta club2005-05-21, Atlantaposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: houston/austin club2005-05-24 Houston / 2005-05-25 Austinposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: tempe club2005-05-27 / 28, Tempeposternone2005United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: san diego club2005-05-31, San Diegoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: mexico city club2005-06-02, Mexico Cityposternone2005United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: vienna club2005-06-14, Viennaposternone2005European UnionE
nine inch nailslitho: berlin club2005-06-15, Berlin clubposternone2005GermanyB
nine inch nailslitho: paris club2005-06-22, Parisposternone2005FranceB
nine inch nailslitho: barcelona club2005-06-29, Barcelonaposternone2005European UnionE
nine inch nailslitho: london brixton2005-07-04 and 07-05, Londonposternone2005United KingdomB
nine inch nailslitho: glasgow2005-07-07, Glasgowposternone2005United KingdomC
nine inch nailslitho: birmingham2005-07-08, Birminghamposternone2005United KingdomC
nine inch nailslitho: manchester2005-07-10 and 07-11, Manchester UKposternone2005United KingdomC
nine inch nailslitho: london brixton2005-07-13 and 07-14, Londonposternone2005United KingdomC
nine inch nailslitho: australia 20052005-08, Australian datesposternone2005AustraliaC
nine inch nailslitho: san diego fall2005-09-16, San Diegoposternone2005United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: tuscon fall2005-09-17, Tusconposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: phoenix fall2005-09-19, Phoenixposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: fresno fall2005-09-20, Fresnoposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: seattle fall2005-09-23, Seattleposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: portland fall2005-09-24, Portlandposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: vancouver fall2005-09-26, Vancouverposternone2005CanadaC
nine inch nailslitho: sacramento fall2005-09-28, Sacramentoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: la bowl fall2005-10-01, Los Angelesposternone2005United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: salt lake city2005-10-04, Salt Lake Cityposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: denver fall2005-10-05, Denverposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: chicago fall2005-10-07, Chicagoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: detroit fall2005-10-08, Detroitposternone2005United StatesB
nine inch nailslitho: cleveland fall2005-10-09, Clevelandposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: st. paul fall2005-10-11, St. Paulposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: madison fall2005-10-13, Madison WIposternone2005United StatesB
nine inch nailslitho: st. louis fall2005-10-14, St. Louisposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: san antonio fall2005-10-16, San Antonioposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: dallas fall2005-10-17, Dallasposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: houston fall2005-10-19, Houstonposternone2005United StatesD
nine inch nailsposter: houston, tx2005-10-19, Houston, TXposternone2005United StatesA
nine inch nailslitho: jacksonville fall2005-10-21, Jacksonville FLposternone2005United StatesB
nine inch nailslitho: tampa fall2005-10-22, Tampaposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: ft lauderdale fall2005-10-24, Fort Lauderdaleposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: orlando fall2005-10-25, Orlandoposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: atlanta fall2005-10-27, Atlantaposternone2005United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: nashville fall2005-10-31, Nashvilleposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: washington dc fall2005-11-02, Washington DCposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: new york city fall2005-11-03, New York Cityposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: philadelphia fall2005-11-05, Philadelphiaposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: wilkes-barre fall2005-11-06, Wilkes-Barre PAposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: boston fall2005-11-08, Bostonposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: toronto fall2005-11-10, Torontoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: montreal fall2005-11-11, Montrealposternone2005CanadaB
nine inch nailslitho: winnipeg2005-11-14, Winnipegposternone2005CanadaB
nine inch nailslitho: edmonton fall2005-11-16, Edmontonposternone2005CanadaB
nine inch nailslitho: calgary fall2005-11-17, Calgaryposternone2005CanadaB
nine inch nailslitho: oakland fall2005-11-19, Oaklandposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: reno fall2005-12-08, Renoposternone2005United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: summer dates 20062006 Summer tour dates.posternone2006United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: 2006 north2006-02-10 North litho, Winter tour. First of fourposternone2006United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: 2006 east2006-02-21 East litho, Winter tour. Second of fourposternone2006United StatesB
nine inch nailslitho: 2006 south2006-02-26 South litho, Winter tour. Third of fourposternone2006United StatesC
nine inch nailslitho: 2006 west2006-03-23 West litho, Winter tour. Fourth of fourposternone2006United StatesB
nine inch nailslitho: ridgefield2006-05-27, Ridgefield WAposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: boise2006-05-28, Boise IDposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: denver2006-05-30, Denver COposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: albuquerque2006-05-31, Albuquerque NMposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: san antonio2006-06-02, San Antonioposternone2006United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: dallas2006-06-03, Dallas TXposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: houston2006-06-04, Houston TXposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: birmingham2006-06-06, Birmingham ALposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: atlanta2006-06-07, Atlanta GAposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: raleigh2006-06-09, Raleigh NCposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: charlotte2006-06-10, Charlotte NCposternone2006United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: virginia beach2006-06-11, Virginia Beachposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: washington dc2006-06-13, Washington DCposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: camden2006-06-14, Camden NJposternone2006United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: holmdel2006-06-16, Holmdel NJposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: long island2006-06-17, Long Island NYposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: saratoga2006-06-18, Saratoga NYposternone2006United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: hartford2006-06-20, Hartford CTposternone2006United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: portland2006-06-21, Portland MEposternone2006United StatesD
nine inch nailslitho: boston2006-06-23, Mansfield MAposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: toronto2006-06-24, Toronto ONposternone2006CanadaD
nine inch nailslitho: detroit2006-06-25, Detroitposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: cleveland2006-06-27, Cleveland OHposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: columbus2006-06-28, Columbus OHposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: pittsburgh2006-06-30, Pittsburgh PAposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: chicago2006-07-01, Chicago ILposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: milwaukee2006-07-02, Milwaukee WIposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: indianapolis2006-07-03, Indianapolisposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: irvine2006-07-07, Irvine CAposternone2006United StatesE
nine inch nailslitho: mountain view2006-07-08, Mountain View CAposternone2006United StatesE