bandnine inch nails
titlewith teeth
package5 inch CD and 5 inch DVD in stickered clear double-disc jewelcase with japanese insert and obi strip
track listing
a1.All the Love in the World05:15
a2.You Know What You Are?03:41
a3.The Collector03:07
a4.The Hand That Feeds03:31
a5.Love Is Not Enough03:41
a6.Every Day Is Exactly the Same04:54
a7.With Teeth05:37
a9.Getting Smaller03:35
a11.The Line Begins To Blur03:44
a12.Beside You In Time05:24
a13.Right Where It Belongs05:07
b1.All the Love in the World (DVD Surround Audio)
b2.You Know What You Are? (DVD Surround Audio)
b3.The Collector (DVD Surround Audio)
b4.The Hand That Feeds (DVD Surround Audio)
b5.Love Is Not Enough (DVD Surround Audio)
b6.Every Day Is Exactly the Same (DVD Surround Audio)
b7.With Teeth (DVD Surround Audio)
b8.Only (DVD Surround Audio)
b9.Getting Smaller (DVD Surround Audio)
b10.Sunspots (DVD Surround Audio)
b11.The Line Begins To Blur (DVD Surround Audio)
b12.Beside You In Time (DVD Surround Audio)
b13.Right Where It Belongs (DVD Surround Audio)
b14.All the Love in the World (DVD Audio)
b15.You Know What You Are? (DVD Audio)
b16.The Collector (DVD Audio)
b17.The Hand That Feeds (DVD Audio)
b18.Love Is Not Enough (DVD Audio)
b19.Every Day Is Exactly the Same (DVD Audio)
b20.With Teeth (DVD Audio)
b21.Only (DVD Audio)
b22.Getting Smaller (DVD Audio)
b23.Sunspots (DVD Audio)
b24.The Line Begins To Blur (DVD Audio)
b25.Beside You In Time (DVD Audio)
b26.Right Where It Belongs (DVD Audio)
b27.The Hand That Feeds (Video) (DVD Surround Audio)
b28.The Hand That Feeds (Video + Surround)
b29.Body Of Work (DVD Discography)
catalog numberUICS-9039
upc4 988005 400550
labelInterscope / Universal International / nothing 2005
countryJapan Japan
release dateJuly 30, 2005

Japanese tour edition release. Includes surround mixes on second disc.

rarity classE
InterscopeUniversal Internationalnothing