CD-size jewelcase, clear/clear / Things Falling Apart
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
things falling apartAustralian edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490 744-22000AustraliaD
things falling apartCanadian release. Titles on back uncensored.CD06949074422000CanadaD
things falling apartEU edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490 744-22000European UnionD
things falling apartFrench edition, consists of EU package with French-language sticker.CD490 744-22000FranceD
things falling apartKorean issue. Titles uncensored on back panel.CDDS 8151 / 490 744-22000KoreaD
things falling apartMalaysian issue with origin sticker on front. Censored titles on back.CD490 744-22000MalaysiaD
things falling apartMalaysian edition. EU edition with import stickers.CD490 744-22000MalaysiaD
things falling apartUK release, with Island 2009 sticker on front of case.CDCID 8102 490 744-22000United KingdomD
things falling apartUK edition.CDCID 8102/490 744-22000United KingdomD
things falling apartUS release, promo stickered and punched.CD6949074422000United StatesD
things falling apartUS promo-punched edition with sticker on case.CD6949074422000United StatesD
things falling apartGerman promo release, with Radar Fruhwarnsystem sticker on frontCDnone2000GermanyB
things falling apartArgentina edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490744-22000ArgentinaD
things falling apartJapanese first pressing.CDUICS-10082000JapanD
things falling apartJapanese first pressing, promo version.CDUICS-10082000JapanC
things falling apartTaiwan edition. Large obi-strip wrapped around US edition.CD490 744-22000TaiwanD
things falling apartUS release. Titles censored on back panel.CD6949074422000United StatesE
things falling apartUS release, sealed + stickered. Titles censored on back panel.CD6949074422000United StatesE
things falling apartJapanese re-release. SealedCDUICY 61632000JapanE
CD-size jewelcase, clear/clear / Unauthorized
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
nine inch nailspurest feelingUnofficial item, different label. Demo reel from 1988CDHAWK0261988ItalyNA
nine inch nailsmissiletwisterUnauthorized recording from Melbourne FL 1990/07/01.CDTOR 0201990United StatesNA
nine inch nailsshow up or throw upUnauthorized recording from 1988/10/31 and 1991/08/01.CDHURR0101991United StatesNA
nine inch nailsslavesUnauthorized recording from New Orleans, 1991/07/12.CDHAWK0031991ItalyNA
nine inch nailsdemos and remixesUnauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes. Swindle Records version.CDBMCD131992United StatesNA
nine inch nailssuckUnauthorized item contains two tracks.CDhalo 001992CanadaNA
nine inch nailscoming down fastUnauthorized recording from Atlanta, 1994.CDKTS3031994ItalyNA
nine inch nailsfamiliar stingUnauthorized recording from Seattle 1994/04/19CDak0421994United StatesNA
nine inch nailshellboundUnauthorized recording of the Woodstock 94 performance.CDBMCD241994United StatesNA
nine inch nailschildren of the nightUnauthorized recording of the 1995/10/08 show with D. Bowie.CDKTS 4981995United StatesNA
nine inch nailsfilthy fuckin` pigsUnauthorized recording from 1995/10/8, Raleigh NC.CDBLZD1171995United StatesNA
nine inch nailshammar hardUnauthorized recording from Dallas TX 1990/06/26CDHR6018-31995GermanyNA
nine inch nailsremixedQuestionable authenticity - german pressing of a remix collection.CDDPRO 01853-991995GermanyNA
nine inch nailsyou can`t stop usUnauthorized recording from Atlanta 1995/10/09CDYCSU-4361995ArgentinaNA
nine inch nailsblue liesUnauthorized recording from Toronto, 1995/09/20CDMOONRAKER 0741996CanadaNA
nine inch nailsrusty nailsUnauthorized beatmatched remix disc. Different artwork version.CDBMCD 401997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 1Unofficial item. Beatmatched remixCDBMCD 401997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 2Unofficial item. Beatmatched remix; one track of unknown originCDBMCD 471997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 2Unofficial continuous-mix disc. Content identical to other BMCD 47.CDBMCD 471997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 2Unauthorized mix, alternate packaging and artwork.CDnone1997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsmaximum nine inch nailsUnauthorized interview disc.CDABCD 0261999United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsfragile sydneyUnauthorized live recordings from Austria, Glastonbury UK and AUCDW.B. 034/0352001AustraliaNA
nine inch nailsthe perfect drugUkraine unauthorized compilation of TDS/TF era material.CDnone2001UkraineNA
nine inch nailsmp3 collectionUnauthorized Russian collection of albums in MP3 format.CDnone2005RussiaNA
nine inch nailsthe best ofUkraine unauthorized greatest-hits collection.CDnone2008UkraineNA
CD-size jewelcase, clear/clear / Items With Official Tracks
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
compilationobdurateAU release. Contains `March Of The Pigs` liveCD95483328521995AustraliaC
compilationthe art of darknessCanadian compilation includes `closer`CDUMSD 810861998CanadaE
compilationindustrial strength machine musicUS compilation disc. Contains live version of `Gave Up` exclusive to tCDR2 759331999United StatesD
compilationmanchester unitedUK compilation disc includes Just Like You Imagined.CDVTCD 350 7243 8 49888 2 12000United KingdomD
compilationuniversal music cd sampler 2001 no. 1Chinese sampler includes Slipping AwayCDY2001-12001ChinaD
compilationuniversal music cd sampler 2002 no. 3Chinese sampler includes Head Like a HoleCDY2002-32002ChinaD
the suicide girlsblack heart retrospectiveUS compilation includes `The Wretched.`CD86722-22005United StatesD
compilationkerrang! best of 2005Compilation disc includes The Hand That FeedsCDnone2005United KingdomD
compilationmi hombre es troubleMixtape-type compilation includes Right Where It BelongsCDnone2006United StatesC
dfathe dfa remixes, chapter twoIncludes DFA remix of "The Hand That Feeds"CD094637122822/ASW 712282006United StatesE
compilationlanzamientos abril 2007Mexican comiplation includes Survivalism.CDCDP 2019362007MexicoD
compilationuniversal new release may 2007Thailand compilation includes Survivalism.CDnone2007ThailandD
telefon tel avivremixes compiledContains TTA remix of Even DeeperCDHEFTY0612007United StatesE
compilationhostess sampler july - august 08Japanese promo sampler includes Echoplex.CDnone2008JapanD
compilationhostess sampler may - june 08Japanese promo sampler includes DisciplineCDnone2008JapanD