The Downward Spiral
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
the downward spiralUS first pressing.. Sticker missing from outer cardsleeveCD92346-21994United StatesD
the downward spiralJapanese re-release.CDMVCP-181994JapanD
the downward spiralUS BMG re-release. Catalog number INTD-92346 appears on disc.CD92346-2 (D102767)1994United StatesD
the downward spiralJapanese first pressingCDAMCY-6741994JapanC
the downward spiralUS re-release. Atlantic records logo no longer appears on slipcase.CDINTD-923461994United StatesE
the downward spiralUS first pressing. Sticker on outer cardsleeveCD92346-21994United StatesD
the downward spiralKorean re-release. Discolored side panel. Disc paint full-color brown.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralSouth African release in jewelcaseCDSTARCD 64981994South AfricaA
the downward spiralCanadian first-pressing.CDCD 923461994CanadaB
the downward spiralJapanese fifth release.CDUICS-90821994JapanD
the downward spiralCanadian re-release.CDINTSD-923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralUK first pressing. MCPS text on disc.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomD
the downward spiralJapanese fourth release. SealedCDUICY-61601994JapanD
the downward spiralUS CRC edition.CDINTD-923461994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS BMG first pressing.CD92346-2 (D102767)1994United StatesD
the downward spiralAustralian second pressing.CDIND9234621994AustraliaD
the downward spiralUK re-release. Catalog/UPC identical to original pressing.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomD
the downward spiralGerman release. Very similar to UK release.CD74321 19348 21994GermanyB
the downward spiralTaiwan edition with large obi-stripCDINTD 923461994TaiwanC
the downward spiralKorean first pressing. Mono white disc paint similar to US edition.CD92346-21994KoreaB
the downward spiralCanadian CRC release.CDA2 923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralAustralian first pressing.CD654492346-21994AustraliaC
the downward spiralUK first pressing, STEMRA text on disc. Spine text in greyCDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomD
the downward spiralUS promo issued by the William Morris Agency.CDnone1994United StatesA
the downward spiralJapanese sixth release.CDUICY-916681994JapanD
the downward spiralKorean re-release, side panels colored correctly.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release, no bar code. Side panels colored correctly.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release. Code of SRCD-5349 printed on disc.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralUK promotional edition, sticker on back and promo text on disc.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomC
the downward spiralColumbia edition. Regular-sized jewelcase, no slipcover.CD7314522126-21994ColumbiaC
the downward spiralMalaysian edition in standard-size jewelcase, no slipcase.CD7654492346-21994MalaysiaC
the downward spiralCanadian CRC re-release.CDINTSD-923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralJapanese third release.CDUICY-24821994JapanD
the downward spiralCanadian third CRC release.CDINTSD-923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralGerman pressing. Reveresed color disc from original pressing.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994GermanyA
the downward spiralJapanese promo of The Downward SpiralCDAMCY-6741994JapanB
the downward spiralSouth African Release; First PressingCDCDINT (WF)4131994South AfricaA
the downward spiralUS CD/DVD dualdisc,. Proper halo number is `Halo 8 DVD-A`DualDiscb0003762-822004United StatesD
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)US two-disc deluxe edition SACD + surround.SACDb0003739-362004United StatesE
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)Japanese first release. Sealed (at the moment)SACDUIGY-7066/72004JapanE
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)EU deluxe-edition. Proper halo number is Halo 8 DESACD06024986472882004European UnionE
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)EU DE version with significant disc-paint variation. No slip or UPC.SACD06024986472882004European UnionE
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)US deluxe edition, inserted backwards in plastic sleeve, sealed.SACDb0003739-362004United StatesB
the downward spiralJapanese SHM edition.SHM-CDUICY-912202008JapanE
the downward spiralJapanese SHM release, promo edition.SHM-CDUICY-912202008JapanB
the downward spiralUS first pressing with cardsleevecass92346-41994United StatesD
the downward spiralUkranian release, questionable authenticity.cassCID 9042 / 522 126-41994UkraineNA
the downward spiralThailand issue cassette.cass7 92346-41994ThailandB
the downward spiralUS BMG edition, white cassette, no outer sleevecassC 1027671994United StatesC
the downward spiralUS cassette, second pressing. One end of cardsleeve closed.cassINTC-923461994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS CRC cassette, similar to second pressing.cassINTC-923461994United StatesB
the downward spiralKorean edition, black cassette.cassIND-923462 BMGMM43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralUK promo cassettecassnone1994United KingdomA
the downward spiralCanadian cassette, first pressing.cass79 234641994CanadaC
the downward spiralGerman promo cassette.cassnone1994GermanyA
the downward spiralUS first pressing, sticker on outer slipcase.cass92346-41994United StatesD
the downward spiralThailand re-release cassette.cassINC 9234641994ThailandD
the downward spiralUK cassette edition.cassICT 8012 / 522 126-41994United KingdomC
the downward spiralAustralian cassette release.cass65449234641994AustraliaC
the downward spiralUS Promo with white insertcass92346-4 SR1994United StatesA
the downward spiralFrench Promo Cassettecassnone1994FranceA
the downward spiralUS promo 12; Limited to approx. 3000vinyl 12PR 55091994United StatesB
the downward spiralUnofficial picture-disc, vinyl brightly colored.vinyl 12522 126-2-PLP1994MexicoNA
the downward spiralUK commercial 2x12vinyl 12ILPSD 8012 522 126-11994United KingdomC
the downward spiralUnofficial picture-disc, much darker coloring, thinner vinyl.vinyl 12522-126-2-PLP1994MexicoNA
the downward spiralUS retail release, issued 2008. Very similar to 1994 US promo vinyl.vinyl 12B0011697-012008United StatesD
the downward spiralUS promo edition with press sheet; Limited to approx. 3000vinyl 12PR 55091994United StatesB
the downward spiralDutch pressing of 12-inch vinylvinyl 1274321 19348 11994HollandA
the downward spiralUnauthorized purple-vinyl edition. Details copied from UK editionvinyl 12ILPSD 8012 522 126-11994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralUnofficial vinyl, claims to be testpressing for unofficial picture-disvinyl 12plp 5224261994MexicoNA
the downward spiralUnauthorized UK blue color-vinyl, single-disc.vinyl 12IS 2509 TP1994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralUnauthorized UK pink color-vinyl, single-disc.vinyl 12IS 2509 TP1994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralUnauthorized UK grey color-vinyl, single-disc.vinyl 12IS 2509 TP1994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralUnauthorized UK red color-vinyl, single-disc.vinyl 12IS 2509 TP1994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralEU authorized 12x2 picture vinyl, released in June 2010.vinyl 1206007532658192010European UnionE
the downward spiral (definitive edition)2017 US Definitive Edition 2xLPvinyl 12B0025683-01 / B0025683-01ST02 / B0025683-01 EV012017United StatesE
the downward spiralUK Vinyl Test Pressingvinyl 12ILPSD 80121994United KingdomS
the downward spiralUK Vinyl Pressed Promo Stickeredvinyl 12ILPSD 8012 522 126-11994United KingdomA
the downward spiralUK 12" Acetatevinyl 12ILPSD 80121994United KingdomS