The Downward Spiral
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
the downward spiralAustralian second pressing.CDIND9234621994AustraliaD
the downward spiralAustralian first pressing.CD654492346-21994AustraliaC
the downward spiralAustralian cassette release.cass65449234641994AustraliaC
the downward spiralCanadian first-pressing.CDCD 923461994CanadaB
the downward spiralCanadian re-release.CDINTSD-923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralCanadian cassette, first pressing.cass79 234641994CanadaC
the downward spiralCanadian CRC release.CDA2 923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralCanadian CRC re-release.CDINTSD-923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralCanadian third CRC release.CDINTSD-923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralColumbia edition. Regular-sized jewelcase, no slipcover.CD7314522126-21994ColumbiaC
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)EU deluxe-edition. Proper halo number is Halo 8 DESACD06024986472882004European UnionE
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)EU DE version with significant disc-paint variation. No slip or UPC.SACD06024986472882004European UnionE
the downward spiralEU authorized 12x2 picture vinyl, released in June 2010.vinyl 1206007532658192010European UnionE
the downward spiralFrench Promo Cassettecassnone1994FranceA
the downward spiralGerman release. Very similar to UK release.CD74321 19348 21994GermanyB
the downward spiralGerman promo cassette.cassnone1994GermanyA
the downward spiralGerman pressing. Reveresed color disc from original pressing.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994GermanyA
the downward spiralDutch pressing of 12-inch vinylvinyl 1274321 19348 11994HollandA
the downward spiralJapanese re-release.CDMVCP-181994JapanD
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)Japanese first release. Sealed (at the moment)SACDUIGY-7066/72004JapanE
the downward spiralJapanese first pressingCDAMCY-6741994JapanC
the downward spiralJapanese fifth release.CDUICS-90821994JapanD
the downward spiralJapanese fourth release. SealedCDUICY-61601994JapanD
the downward spiralJapanese SHM edition.SHM-CDUICY-912202008JapanE
the downward spiralJapanese SHM release, promo edition.SHM-CDUICY-912202008JapanB
the downward spiralJapanese sixth release.CDUICY-916681994JapanD
the downward spiralJapanese third release.CDUICY-24821994JapanD
the downward spiralJapanese promo of The Downward SpiralCDAMCY-6741994JapanB
the downward spiralKorean re-release. Discolored side panel. Disc paint full-color brown.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean first pressing. Mono white disc paint similar to US edition.CD92346-21994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean edition, black cassette.cassIND-923462 BMGMM43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release, side panels colored correctly.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release, no bar code. Side panels colored correctly.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release. Code of SRCD-5349 printed on disc.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralMalaysian edition in standard-size jewelcase, no slipcase.CD7654492346-21994MalaysiaC
the downward spiralUnofficial picture-disc, vinyl brightly colored.vinyl 12522 126-2-PLP1994MexicoNA
the downward spiralUnofficial picture-disc, much darker coloring, thinner vinyl.vinyl 12522-126-2-PLP1994MexicoNA
the downward spiralUnofficial vinyl, claims to be testpressing for unofficial picture-disvinyl 12plp 5224261994MexicoNA
the downward spiralSouth African release in jewelcaseCDSTARCD 64981994South AfricaC
the downward spiralTaiwan edition with large obi-stripCDINTD 923461994TaiwanC
the downward spiralThailand issue cassette.cass7 92346-41994ThailandB
the downward spiralThailand re-release cassette.cassINC 9234641994ThailandD
the downward spiralUkranian release, questionable authenticity.cassCID 9042 / 522 126-41994UkraineNA
the downward spiralUK commercial 2x12vinyl 12ILPSD 8012 522 126-11994United KingdomC
the downward spiralUK first pressing. MCPS text on disc.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomD
the downward spiralUK re-release. Catalog/UPC identical to original pressing.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomD
the downward spiralUnauthorized purple-vinyl edition. Details copied from UK editionvinyl 12ILPSD 8012 522 126-11994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralUK promo cassettecassnone1994United KingdomA
the downward spiralUnauthorized UK blue color-vinyl, single-disc.vinyl 12IS 2509 TP1994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralUnauthorized UK pink color-vinyl, single-disc.vinyl 12IS 2509 TP1994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralUnauthorized UK grey color-vinyl, single-disc.vinyl 12IS 2509 TP1994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralUnauthorized UK red color-vinyl, single-disc.vinyl 12IS 2509 TP1994United KingdomNA
the downward spiralUK first pressing, STEMRA text on disc. Spine text in greyCDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomD
the downward spiralUK promotional edition, sticker on back and promo text on disc.CDCID 8012 / 522 126-21994United KingdomC
the downward spiralUK cassette edition.cassICT 8012 / 522 126-41994United KingdomC
the downward spiralUK Vinyl Test Pressingvinyl 12ILPSD 80121994United KingdomS
the downward spiralUK Vinyl Pressed Promo Stickeredvinyl 12ILPSD 8012 522 126-11994United KingdomA
the downward spiralUK 12" Acetatevinyl 12ILPSD 80121994United KingdomS
the downward spiralUS first pressing with cardsleevecass92346-41994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS first pressing.. Sticker missing from outer cardsleeveCD92346-21994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS CD/DVD dualdisc,. Proper halo number is `Halo 8 DVD-A`DualDiscb0003762-822004United StatesD
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)US two-disc deluxe edition SACD + surround.SACDb0003739-362004United StatesE
the downward spiralUS promo 12vinyl 12PR 55091994United StatesB
the downward spiralUS BMG re-release. Catalog number INTD-92346 appears on disc.CD92346-2 (D102767)1994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS re-release. Atlantic records logo no longer appears on slipcase.CDINTD-923461994United StatesE
the downward spiralUS first pressing. Sticker on outer cardsleeveCD92346-21994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS CRC edition.CDINTD-923461994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS BMG first pressing.CD92346-2 (D102767)1994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS retail release, issued 2008. Very similar to 1994 US promo vinyl.vinyl 12B0011697-012008United StatesD
the downward spiralUS promo edition with press sheetvinyl 12PR 55091994United StatesC
the downward spiralUS BMG edition, white cassette, no outer sleevecassC 1027671994United StatesC
the downward spiralUS cassette, second pressing. One end of cardsleeve closed.cassINTC-923461994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS CRC cassette, similar to second pressing.cassINTC-923461994United StatesB
the downward spiral (deluxe edition)US deluxe edition, inserted backwards in plastic sleeve, sealed.SACDb0003739-362004United StatesB
the downward spiralUS promo issued by the William Morris Agency.CDnone1994United StatesA
the downward spiralUS first pressing, sticker on outer slipcase.cass92346-41994United StatesD
the downward spiral (definitive edition)2017 US Definitive Edition 2xLPvinyl 12B0025683-01 / B0025683-01ST02 / B0025683-01 EV012017United StatesE
the downward spiralUS Promo with white insertcass92346-4 SR1994United StatesA