artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
nine inch nailspurest feelingUnofficial item. Demo reel recorded at the Right Track, ClevelandCDEagle 0021988GermanyNA
nine inch nailsreznor sharpUnauthorized issue of the Woodstock 1994 performance.CDHR 5977-91994ItalyNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 1Unofficial item. Beatmatched remixCDBMCD 401997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 2Unofficial item. Beatmatched remix; one track of unknown originCDBMCD 471997United StatesNA
nine inch nailslee pull-off nailsLive bootleg from Austria 1991. Witty sayings etched into vinylvinyl 7none1991United StatesNA
nine inch nailsremixedQuestionable authenticity - german pressing of a remix collection.CDDPRO 01853-991995GermanyNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 2Unofficial continuous-mix disc. Content identical to other BMCD 47.CDBMCD 471997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsdead soulsUnofficial item with tracks from random official releases. Blue vinylvinyl 12DMD 19711999United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 3Unofficial mega-mix collection of random official releases.CDRN 031997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsmaybe just once / purest feelingUnauthorized 7-inch vinyl containing two unreleased NIN tracks.vinyl 7862-CLP1936-72007United StatesNA
nine inch nailsgreatest hitsUnauthorized Russian production of a greatest hits compilation.CD16389-1/22008RussiaNA
nine inch nailsleft in aweUnauthorized production of 2006 Bridge School live tracks.vinyl 12IA325016-22007BulgariaNA
nine inch nailsright where he belongsUnauthorized production of 2006 Bridge School live tracks.vinyl 12IA325015-22007BulgariaNA
nine inch nailsdead soulsUnofficial item with random tracks from official releases. Green vinylvinyl 12DMD 19711999United KingdomNA
nine inch nailspurest feelingUnofficial item, different label. Demo reel from 1988CDHAWK0261988ItalyNA
nine inch nailsdamagedUnauthorized boxset contains all three versions of WITT.CDnone2000United StatesNA
nine inch nailssuckUnauthorized item contains two tracks.CDhalo 001992CanadaNA
compilationthe perfect drug/tourniquetUnauthorized combination box includes interview disc and vinyl single.boxnone1997United StatesNA
nine inch nailscoming down fastUnauthorized recording from Atlanta, 1994.CDKTS3031994ItalyNA
nine inch nailsfilthy fuckin` pigsUnauthorized recording from 1995/10/8, Raleigh NC.CDBLZD1171995United StatesNA
nine inch nailsglamour deathUnauthorized recording from 1995/09/16.CDnone1995United StatesNA
nine inch nailshellboundUnauthorized recording of the Woodstock 94 performance.CDBMCD241994United StatesNA
nine inch nailsrusty nailsUnauthorized beatmatched remix disc. Different artwork version.CDBMCD 401997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsdemos and remixesUnauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes, etc.CDBMCD131992United StatesNA
nine inch nailsultra rare trax vol.2Unauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes, etc.CDNIN 0022001United StatesNA
nine inch nailsblue liesUnauthorized recording from Toronto, 1995/09/20CDMOONRAKER 0741996CanadaNA
nine inch nailsmissiletwisterUnauthorized recording from Melbourne FL 1990/07/01.CDTOR 0201990United StatesNA
nine inch nailsdemos and remixesUnauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes. Swindle Records version.CDBMCD131992United StatesNA
nine inch nailsdemos and remixesUnauthorized collection of b-sides, remixes, etc. Disc variation.CDBMCD131992United StatesNA
nine inch nailslive at universal cityUnauthorized recording from Universal City CA, 2005/12/10.CDCD-0808012842008United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsrusty nails 2Unauthorized mix, alternate packaging and artwork.CDnone1997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsjack`s wasted lifeUnauthorized mix combined with soundbytes from Fight Club.CDnone2002ItalyNA
nine inch nailsmp3 collectionUnauthorized Russian collection of albums in MP3 format.CDnone2005RussiaNA
nine inch nailsultra rare traxUnauthorized collection of b-sides, singles, etc.CDNIN 0011997United StatesNA
nine inch nailsfragile sydneyUnauthorized live recordings from Austria, Glastonbury UK and AUCDW.B. 034/0352001AustraliaNA
nine inch nailsthe perfect drugUkraine unauthorized compilation of TDS/TF era material.CDnone2001UkraineNA
nine inch nailsdisturbedUnauthorized release, contains telephone interviews.CDdist0011994United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsinterviewUnauthorized release, contains recorded interviews.CDCBAK40691995United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsmaximum nine inch nailsUnauthorized interview disc.CDABCD 0261999United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsthe best ofUkraine unauthorized greatest-hits collection.CDnone2008UkraineNA
nine inch nailsfamiliar stingUnauthorized recording from Seattle 1994/04/19CDak0421994United StatesNA
nine inch nailshanging like jesus on this crossUnauthorized recording from Pittsburgh 1994/11/28CDbooth 003/0041994United StatesNA
nine inch nailsnothing is nextUnauthorized recording from Woodstock 1994.CDmeteor fm 11051994GermanyNA
nine inch nailswelcome to the hatemachineUnauthorized release includes Purest Feeling demos.CDNMF 0228-41995United KingdomNA
nine inch nailsmud pigsUnauthorized Woodstock recording.CDLLRCD 2471994GermanyNA
nine inch nailschildren of the nightUnauthorized recording of the 1995/10/08 show with D. Bowie.CDKTS 4981995United StatesNA
nine inch nailscrucifixionUnauthorized recording contains Purest Feeling plus other tracks.CDnone1999United StatesNA
nine inch nailshammar hardUnauthorized recording from Dallas TX 1990/06/26CDHR6018-31995GermanyNA
nine inch nailsnails in my headUnauthorized recording from 1994/11/04.CDFlashback 02.95.02541994United StatesNA
nine inch nailsshow up or throw upUnauthorized recording from 1988/10/31 and 1991/08/01.CDHURR0101991United StatesNA
nine inch nailsslavesUnauthorized recording from New Orleans, 1991/07/12.CDHAWK0031991ItalyNA
nine inch nailssolid gold hellUnauthorized recordings from 1991.CDCM0121993ItalyNA
nine inch nailstime to suckUnauthorized recordings from 1990 and 1991.CDMTM 0261991United StatesNA
nine inch nailshole in your headUnauthorized recording, Hollywood Palace 1994/04/27.CDHR 5918-41994ItalyNA
nine inch nailsyou can`t stop usUnauthorized recording from Atlanta 1995/10/09CDYCSU-4361995ArgentinaNA
nine inch nailsstrobe lightUnauthorized release. Based on the April Fools joke from 2009Digital (MP3, FLAC, WAV)N/A2019United StatesNA