bandnine inch nails
titleleft in awe
package12 inch green translucent vinyl record in two-color protective inner sleeve, contained in full-color glossy embossed cardsleeve.
track listing
a1.The Frail (Live)
a2.Something I Can Never Have (Live)
a3.Piggy (Live)
a4.La Mer (Live)
a5.Adrift and At Peace (Live)
a6.The Fragile (Live)
b1.The Fragile (Reprise) (Live)
b2.Right Where It Belongs (Live)
b3.Non-Entity (Live)
b4.Hurt (Live)
b5.Even Deeper (Live)
catalog numberIA325016-2
upc8 54256 49526 0
label 2007
countryBulgaria Bulgaria
added to catalogMay 29, 2008

Unauthorized production containing tracks from the 2006 Bridge School Benefit concert. Also includes "Even Deeper" from the 2000 CRC sessions.

rarity classNA