Atlantic / Broken
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
brokenAustralian first pressing, in digipakCD75679221321992AustraliaB
brokenCanadian first digipak pressing, 99-tracks.CD92213-21992CanadaB
brokenJapanese first pressing, EastWest logos on obi, digipak and discCDAMCY-4751992JapanC
brokenJapanese first pressing, promo edition.CDAMCY-4751992JapanA
brokenUS first pressing of 99-track version, text differences on digipak andCD7 92213-21992United StatesD
brokenUS 99-track version (without 3-inch disc) in sealed longbox.CD7 92213-21992United StatesB
brokenUS first pressing with 3 inch disc, in longbox packageCD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG first pressing with digipak printing errorsCD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS CRC release.CDA2 922131992United StatesD
brokenCanadian first pressing, black cassette.cass79 221341992CanadaB
brokenThailand clear cassettecass7 92213-41992ThailandB
brokenUS cassette edition, holepunch through insert. Sealed.cass0 7567-92213-4 61992United StatesC
brokenUS clear cassette, TVT logos removed from shell.cass7 92213-41992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG white cassette. No TVT logo on cassette shell.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG white cassette, TVT logos on cassette shell.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG clear cassette.cass7 92213-4 (C 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS vinyl promo editionvinyl 12DMD 19031992United StatesC
happiness in slaveryUS one-track promoCDPRCD 47951992United StatesB
happiness in slaveryUS two-track Happiness in Slavery promoCDPRCD 48271992United StatesB
physicalUS `Physical` single-track promo-release.CDPRCD 48911992United StatesA
wishUS one-track promo. Full-color disc paintCDPRCD 4893-21992United StatesA
brokenUS first pressing of 99-track version.CD7 92213-21992United StatesD
brokenUS first pressing with 3-inch disc.CD7 92213-21992United StatesC
brokenUS BMG edition, 99-track first pressing.CD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenUS BMG edition, first pressing with minor text differences.CD7 92213-2 (D 100145)1992United StatesD
brokenCanadian cassette second pressing, clear cassettecass79 22134 CR1992CanadaD
brokenUS first pressing, clear cassette.cass7 92213-41992United StatesD
brokenBrazil issue single vinyl, all eight tracks.vinyl 12756792213-1 670.83111992BrazilD
brokenBrazil promo issue single vinyl, all eight tracksvinyl 12756792213-1 670.83111992BrazilA
wishUS promo vinyl, same content both sides.vinyl 12DMD 19471992United StatesA
brokenJapanese first pressing. MMG logos on obi, digipak, and disc.CDAMCY-4751992JapanC
Atlantic / The Downward Spiral
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
the downward spiralAustralian first pressing.CD654492346-21994AustraliaC
the downward spiralCanadian CRC release.CDA2 923461994CanadaD
the downward spiralCanadian first-pressing.CDCD 923461994CanadaB
the downward spiralJapanese first pressingCDAMCY-6741994JapanC
the downward spiralKorean first pressing. Mono white disc paint similar to US edition.CD92346-21994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release. Discolored side panel. Disc paint full-color brown.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release, side panels colored correctly.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release, no bar code. Side panels colored correctly.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralKorean re-release. Code of SRCD-5349 printed on disc.CDIND-923462 BMGMD-43601994KoreaB
the downward spiralMalaysian edition in standard-size jewelcase, no slipcase.CD7654492346-21994MalaysiaC
the downward spiralSouth African release in jewelcaseCDSTARCD 64981994South AfricaC
the downward spiralCanadian cassette, first pressing.cass79 234641994CanadaC
the downward spiralThailand issue cassette.cass7 92346-41994ThailandB
the downward spiralUS first pressing, sticker on outer slipcase.cass92346-41994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS BMG edition, white cassette, no outer sleevecassC 1027671994United StatesC
the downward spiralUS promo 12vinyl 12PR 55091994United StatesB
the downward spiralUS promo edition with press sheetvinyl 12PR 55091994United StatesC
the downward spiralUS Promo with white insertcass92346-4 SR1994United StatesA
the downward spiralJapanese promo of The Downward SpiralCDAMCY-6741994JapanB
the downward spiralUS first pressing.. Sticker missing from outer cardsleeveCD92346-21994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS first pressing. Sticker on outer cardsleeveCD92346-21994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS BMG re-release. Catalog number INTD-92346 appears on disc.CD92346-2 (D102767)1994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS BMG first pressing.CD92346-2 (D102767)1994United StatesD
the downward spiralUS first pressing with cardsleevecass92346-41994United StatesD
Atlantic / Films and Soundtracks
artisttitlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
soundtracknatural born killersCanadian version. Inside of booklet b/w instead of color.CDCD 924601994CanadaD
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese first pressing, promo editionCDAMCY-7711994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersJapanese first pressing.CDAMCY-7711994JapanC
soundtracknatural born killersUS promo edition.CD92460-21994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersUS In-Store Play Sampler (Promo)CDPRCD 58951994United StatesB
soundtracknatural born killersCanadian edition, black cassette.cass79 246041994CanadaC
soundtracknatural born killersGerman edition, clear cassette.cass6544-92460-4 CA 4911994GermanyC
soundtracknatural born killersUS first pressing, clear cassette.cass92460-41994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersUS BMG white cassette edition.cass92460-4 C 1059941994United StatesD
soundtrackselections from natural born killersUS four-track promotional release.CDPRCD-59001994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowAustralian edition.CD75678251921994AustraliaD
soundtrackthe crowCanadian version. Includes Dead SoulsCDCD 825191994CanadaD
soundtrackthe crowGerman edition with sticker on front of jewelcase.CD7567-82519-2 CA 8511994GermanyD
soundtrackthe crowJapanese edition, includes Dead Souls.CDAMCY-7221994JapanD
soundtrackthe crowUS promo edition, promo text on insert and disc.CD82519-21994United StatesC
soundtrackthe crowUS edition, sealed and stickered.CD82519-21994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowUS BMG edition. Contains Dead SoulsCD82519-2 (D 103173)1994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowCanadian cassette edition.cass78 251941994CanadaD
soundtrackthe crowUS cassette edition.cass82519-41994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowUS promo cassette.cass82519-41994United StatesC
soundtrackthe crowUS BMG white cassette.cassC 1031731994United StatesD
soundtrackthe crowUS release. Contains Dead SoulsCD82519-21994United StatesE
soundtrackthe crowUS Cassette version. Sealedcass82519-41994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersUS first pressing. Contains Burn, productionCD92460-21994United StatesD
soundtracknatural born killersAustralian Cassette Releasecass65449246041994AustraliaD
soundtrackthe crow2019 Record Store Day Edition; Limited to 8000vinyl 12RCV1 825192019United StatesB
soundtrackthe crow2020 "Rocktober" Edition, Ltd. to 4500; no Rocktober Hype stickervinyl 12R1 825192020United StatesC
soundtrackthe crow2020 "Rocktober" Edition, Ltd. to 4500; with Rocktober Hype stickervinyl 12R1 825192020United StatesC