Things Falling Apart
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
into the voidTwo-track US release with radio edit. Art identical to WITT #2CDINT5P-67541999United StatesB
into the voidRelease exclusive to AU; official item but no halo numberCD497 244-21999AustraliaC
starsuckers, inc.Three-track US promo with unique artworkCDINTR-10079-22000United StatesC
things falling apartUS release. Titles censored on back panel.CD6949074422000United StatesE
things falling apartUS release, sealed + stickered. Titles censored on back panel.CD6949074422000United StatesE
things falling apartJapanese first pressing.CDUICS-10082000JapanD
things falling apartArgentina edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490744-22000ArgentinaD
things falling apartTaiwan edition. Large obi-strip wrapped around US edition.CD490 744-22000TaiwanD
things falling apartJapanese first pressing, promo version.CDUICS-10082000JapanC
things falling apartCanadian release. Titles on back uncensored.CD06949074422000CanadaD
things falling apartKorean issue. Titles uncensored on back panel.CDDS 8151 / 490 744-22000KoreaD
things falling apartJapanese re-release. SealedCDUICY 61632000JapanE
into the voidGerman one-track promo edition. Catalog number etched on discCD00095 50965 763 012000GermanyA
things falling apartUK release, with Island 2009 sticker on front of case.CDCID 8102 490 744-22000United KingdomD
starsuckers, inc.German promo edition in cardsleeve.CDnone2000GermanyA
starsuckers, inc.Three-track US promo with unique artwork. Printing error on discCDINTR-10079-22000United StatesA
things falling apartUK edition.CDCID 8102/490 744-22000United KingdomD
things falling apartEU edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490 744-22000European UnionD
things falling apartAustralian edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490 744-22000AustraliaD
things falling apartUS release, promo stickered and punched.CD6949074422000United StatesD
things falling apartUK promo with insert.CDnone2000United KingdomC
things falling apartFrench edition, consists of EU package with French-language sticker.CD490 744-22000FranceD
things falling apartMalaysian issue with origin sticker on front. Censored titles on back.CD490 744-22000MalaysiaD
things falling apartUS advance promo edition with no artwork.CDnone2000United StatesB
things falling apartUS promo-punched edition with sticker on case.CD6949074422000United StatesD
things falling apartMalaysian edition. EU edition with import stickers.CD490 744-22000MalaysiaD
things falling apartGerman promo release, with Radar Fruhwarnsystem sticker on frontCDnone2000GermanyB
things falling apartThailand-issue cassette version, black line on insertcass490 744-42000ThailandB
things falling apartTurkish release in clear case, holographic sticker on cassettecass490 744-42000TurkeyC
things falling apartPolish cassette edition.cass490744-42000PolandC
things falling apartMalaysian edition. Titles censored on insert.cass490 744-42000MalaysiaC
things falling apartIndonesian cassette edition. Titles censored on insertcass490 744-4 (2107)2000IndonesiaC
things falling apartThailand cassette with no marks on insert.cass490 744-42000ThailandC
things falling apartIndonesian cassette edition, sealed.cass490 744-4 (2107)2000IndonesiaC
things falling apartUS 12x2 releasevinyl 126949074412000United StatesD