Things Falling Apart
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
into the voidGerman one-track promo edition. Catalog number etched on discCD00095 50965 763 012000GermanyA
things falling apartCanadian release. Titles on back uncensored.CD06949074422000CanadaD
things falling apartTaiwan edition. Large obi-strip wrapped around US edition.CD490 744-22000TaiwanD
things falling apartEU edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490 744-22000European UnionD
things falling apartAustralian edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490 744-22000AustraliaD
things falling apartFrench edition, consists of EU package with French-language sticker.CD490 744-22000FranceD
things falling apartMalaysian issue with origin sticker on front. Censored titles on back.CD490 744-22000MalaysiaD
things falling apartMalaysian edition. EU edition with import stickers.CD490 744-22000MalaysiaD
things falling apartThailand-issue cassette version, black line on insertcass490 744-42000ThailandB
things falling apartTurkish release in clear case, holographic sticker on cassettecass490 744-42000TurkeyC
things falling apartMalaysian edition. Titles censored on insert.cass490 744-42000MalaysiaC
things falling apartThailand cassette with no marks on insert.cass490 744-42000ThailandC
things falling apartIndonesian cassette edition. Titles censored on insertcass490 744-4 (2107)2000IndonesiaC
things falling apartIndonesian cassette edition, sealed.cass490 744-4 (2107)2000IndonesiaC
things falling apartArgentina edition. Titles uncensored on back panel.CD490744-22000ArgentinaD
things falling apartPolish cassette edition.cass490744-42000PolandC
into the voidRelease exclusive to AU; official item but no halo numberCD497 244-21999AustraliaC
things falling apartUS 12x2 releasevinyl 126949074412000United StatesD
things falling apartUS release. Titles censored on back panel.CD6949074422000United StatesE
things falling apartUS release, sealed + stickered. Titles censored on back panel.CD6949074422000United StatesE
things falling apartUS release, promo stickered and punched.CD6949074422000United StatesD
things falling apartUS promo-punched edition with sticker on case.CD6949074422000United StatesD
things falling apartUK release, with Island 2009 sticker on front of case.CDCID 8102 490 744-22000United KingdomD
things falling apartUK edition.CDCID 8102/490 744-22000United KingdomD
things falling apartKorean issue. Titles uncensored on back panel.CDDS 8151 / 490 744-22000KoreaD
into the voidTwo-track US release with radio edit. Art identical to WITT #2CDINT5P-67541999United StatesB
starsuckers, inc.Three-track US promo with unique artworkCDINTR-10079-22000United StatesC
starsuckers, inc.Three-track US promo with unique artwork. Printing error on discCDINTR-10079-22000United StatesA
things falling apartJapanese first pressing.CDUICS-10082000JapanD
things falling apartJapanese first pressing, promo version.CDUICS-10082000JapanC
things falling apartJapanese re-release. SealedCDUICY 61632000JapanE
starsuckers, inc.German promo edition in cardsleeve.CDnone2000GermanyA
things falling apartUK promo with insert.CDnone2000United KingdomC
things falling apartUS advance promo edition with no artwork.CDnone2000United StatesB
things falling apartGerman promo release, with Radar Fruhwarnsystem sticker on frontCDnone2000GermanyB