bandnine inch nails
titleposter: los angeles, ca
package12x36 silkscreen on "clear" film
track listing
catalog numbernone
labelThe Null Corporation 2018
countryUnited States United States
release dateDec. 15, 2018
added to catalogApril 20, 2020

Poster for 2018-12-15, Los Angeles, CA, The Palladium.

Titled: Infinite Filmstrip, Endless Cycle (Consuming Man)"

Artist: Emek

Limited to: 250.

Notes from Artist:

(Consuming Man) A silkscreen printed on "clear", real film. There are 2 versions of this poster, 110 of 175 of each were sold at the show. "I've got no soul to sell......Help me get away from myself" -from the Downward Spiral, NIN

rarity classA
The Null Corporation